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The Makeover Your Home Needs for This Eid

Home decoration is something that holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Whether it is that you want a new theme for your home or a complete makeover, it is always exciting to find out new things to make your home look perfect and beautiful! When the festive air is all around us, it becomes difficult for us to resist ourselves and hence, we often end up changing the outlook of our home. Though every time it is not possible to get through the entire process of makeover, it is sometimes about changing the little corners of your home that relieves us and makes us feel happy about it!

Eid is that festival of the year that everyone waits for and holds their excitement all throughout the year! If you can be all decked up for Eid with your new attires and new look, why will your home not be in the same way? A well decorated home during any festival instills a sense of charm and warmth in the ambience around the home and brings in happiness and hope with good luck and positivity! It makes you feel happy and confident about the way you are living life, the way you are working and managing everything!

If you are thinking about having a complete makeover of your home but then again if your budget is stopping you, then do not worry! You can just change the look of the corners and certain spaces that will make your entire home glow with beauty and grace. Whispering Homes has got the best home décor products that will make you awestruck with its beauty and elegance! With the help from Whispering Homes, you can turn up your home in the classiest way and make your Eid worthwhile! 

The best type of decoration lies in simplicity. Simple decorations during Eid go a long way and that is exactly what makes your home look different and unique than the rest of the homes in your locality!

The collection of home décor products in Whispering Homes is one of the best because of one reason: you can have them at your home during all times of the year! There is no need for you to remove the decorations once your festival is over, but it is important for you to get them done, so that your home looks new and beautiful, just like you!

Starting from kitchenware to décor products for the hallways and living room décor essentials, you can get everything at one place with just a few clicks and scrolls in Whispering Homes! You do not have to visit different stores in search of different items. You can sit comfortably in your home and explore the website to get the best suited Eid décor items for your home!

Utensils & Kitchenware Items That One Will Need at Their Home for Eid

Since Eid is all about blessings and good food, having classy crockery pieces and a utensil collection is mandatory! Brass and Kansa are the two main important utensil materials that are used for any special occasion and it is nearly impossible to go without these kitchenware items during this time!

Kadhai, frying pan, sauce pan, ghee pots, bowls, plates, glasses and spoons of brass and Kansa are usually used for cooking the delicacies because of the luxurious and royal feel! The way the food is served on the Kansa thalis and brass glasses shows the royal etiquette during Eid! The way the food will be displayed on the dining tables for the guests to have a piece of it, the grace and glory of your kitchen and dining table is increased manifold because of the royal look and sheer elegance of the crockery pieces! 

Since Whispering Homes is the abode of these kitchenware and utensils that will enhance the beauty of your home, you can also opt for the different glass crockery sets and pieces that will enhance your dining table look even more! Apart from decorations, this is also one of the ways in which you can change the outlook of your home – by including attractive items on the dining table, because there is nothing that can cross the graceful and elegant vibes when it comes to the collection of Whispering Homes kitchenware items combined with the glory of your festival!

Types of Lights and Lamps Needed for Home Decoration During Eid

The different types of lights and lamps that are available in the store of Whispering Homes, especially during the sale of Eid, will win your heart and make you go awestruck with their sheer elegance and aesthetic vibes! 

Some of the Common Types of Eid Decoration Lights Are

  • Table Lamps – The different sizes of the table lamps make your home look stunning and ravishing all throughout the year and not just during the festive season! The ceramic, glass, marble, wooden table lamps with shades are each of unique design and shape that is sure to make you fall in love with them. You can place them in the little corners of your home for the whole home to be lit up with beauty!
  • Floor Lamps – The tall and sleek designer floor lamps are the most suitable for decorating the hallways, stairways, outdoor balconies and the entrance of your home. For giving life to the corners of your home, these floor lamps make the vibes cheerful and aesthetic! By not taking up much space on the floor, it creates an impactful ambience that makes you feel like the perfect feel of any festival!
  • Candles – The different scented candles from Whispering Homes creates a magical and ravishing effect in your home! The beautiful candles & candle holders help you in enhancing the beauty of the room just by standing straight and strong. You can place them on the side tables or dining tables to make it the main attraction of the room interior décor!

Apart from the lights and lamps, you can also have wall décor items like wall plates and vases for giving a life to the otherwise empty walls of your room. The wall paintings, abstract wall art and the different types of wall decor items from Whispering Homes create a stunning impact on the Eid decoration of your home! You can use dried flowers and pampas grass for decorating the vases of your home to make them look top-notch. Dried Flowers have a longer lifespan and the true essence of the original flowers. You can make lovely and beautiful flower arrangements with the help of these colorful flowers to make your home look unique in the neighbourhood!

Home Décor Shopping From Whispering Homes for Eid Decoration

As already mentioned, whether it is that you want to grab the wall décor items like wall plates, lights and lamps, dried flowers or the brass, Kansa and glass kitchenware items, you can get everything under one website – just within a few clicks and scrolls. Whispering Homes provide you the best quality premium home décor products, tagged with a flat 10% discount and offer in the Eid sale! Send gifts to your loved ones from our website in any part of India and it will be delivered within a waiting period of just one week. 

Get ready to deck up your home with the prettiest home décor items and lights in this festive season to have the best aesthetic vibes coming your way! With good wishes and warmth from the family of Whispering Homes, we wish you a truckload of happiness and good health with a classy Eid this year!