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What are the best luxury home decor items online at Whispering Homes?

Step into the world of aesthetics and luxury home decor with Shop the exclusive range of home decor products right at your place with just a click on your mobile phone. From the traditional vintage theme to the trendiest modern & chic boho looks, Whispering Homes have all of them to offer. Whispering Homes is just the right destination to experience the best online shopping for decorative home decor items. Presenting handpicked treasure of eclectic home decor products, Whispering Homes introduces different trendy home decor items according to several theme decor styles.

Why choose Whispering Homes for top-notch designs and home styling products?

Crafted with love and care, inspired by elegance, and created into eclectic accents. Whispering Homes brings you the finest decorative accents to uplift the style statement of your home decor and introduce a dash of charming vibes into the ambiance. It's time to experiment with your home styling and indulge in more vivid accenting. Revamp your style statement and make an impactful mark among your visitors. Whispering Homes offer unique designer silhouettes boasting eye-soothing combinations of artwork and color shades. The ultimate fashion destination for any home decor item online. Don't miss a chance to grab the high in style designer and decorative home decor pieces from Whispering Homes.

What are the different decor categories Whispering Homes offer?

You can never get enough of all the exclusive home decor items brought to you by Whispering Homes. We've always got something to surprise you with. Regularly updated collections of product designs, silhouettes, art, and crafts. Let's have a look at what different categories of home decor items you can browse through on Whispering Homes.



    Explore our range of vases by your style and taste. Exhibit your personality through our exclusive handcrafted ceramic vases collection. Gorgeous ceramic vases have an eye-catching modern flair and add to the aesthetics of your home decor. Featuring eye-pleasing designs and intrigue detailings, the vase collection has a lot to offer lovers of minimalism and serenity. Their whimsical shapes and peaceful colors are ideal to liven up the empty corners of your living space. Display your favorite botanicals in the living room or dining room to add a touch of exclusivity and a hint of color into the interior palette. You can choose from an array of different series vases like Inspired series, orange series, vintage vases, modern vases, and nordic vases.


    Crafted with an uber-luxury finish, modern desk planters showcase magnificent artwork and radiate soothing subtle shades. Ideal accents to display any plants, or botanicals and celebrate your love for greenery and close to nature home decor theme. Compact in easily, desk planters are versatile enough to display in any corner of the house. Apart from displaying favorite blooms, you can also use them as stationary holders on your study tables and desks.


    With modern simplicity make a bold statement in your home decor by incorporating unique decorative objects. Specially designed to uplift your home decor with leaps and bounds, and accentuate the furnishing. Unique decorative objects will add new visual interest and catch the curious glances of your visitors. Adorn in sets to create a striking focal point in the living room, bedroom, and hall. Make a style statement and style the house of your dreams with these latest unconventional decorative objects.


    Our exclusive temple and ginger jar collection presents bold and contemporary home styling. Ideal accents that are functional as well as decorative. Temple and ginger jars are the best home decor items to express your love for modern art and crafts through your accenting. Adorn on cabinet tops, dining tables, and mantles to add an eye-pleasing touch to the ambiance of your living space. It's always fun to upgrade your color palette and what better option you would get other than temple and ginger jars. Beautiful ceramic silhouettes exhibit a blend of soothing colors that elevate the home decor and infuses cheerful positivity.


    Add intriguing charm and subtle character to your home decor using decorative human face figurines. Perfect to add an artistic and sculptural flair into the ambiance, human face figurines are perfect home decor items to instil visually-gripping interest and uniqueness into the home decor theme. Human face figurines are handcrafted with high-quality ceramics and showcase fine detailing work done on the silhouettes. Inspired by ancient motifs and personality, face figurine home decor items provide you with a chance to put an eclectic essence of history into the interior palette.


    Make your home decor glow in style with designer candle holders. Carefully combining versatility with value, decorative candle holders impose handmade detailings inspired by various modern and medieval architectural designs. Step outside the conventional way of styling home and drum up a dose of drama with eye-catching candle holder home decor items. Perfect to add a touch of elegance and chic serenity, decorative candle holders make ideal gifting options also. Adorn any of your favorite candles on these magnificent candle holders to host a formal event or any casual dinner party.


    Voila! We work for fabrics also! Choose from a wide range of designer cushion covers to accentuate your sitting arrangements and make a difference by introducing a dash of handmade artwork into your home decor. Decorative cushion covers are the best home decor items to add a nice pop of color and eye-pleasing visual interest into the living space. Mix-match with your sofa sets and chair sets to create a cozy personalized space that is full of charm and positive vibes.

  • KIDS

    Made from sustainable and premium quality material. Our kid's collection is curated with lots of love and care. Keeping in mind the sensitive approach for kids we have developed an exquisite range that includes kids' bed sheets, curtains, cushions, quilts, and height charts. All these components will liven up the room of your junior and provide sheer comfort. Apart from all these comforting things, you can also get quirky wall art, height charts, storage boxes, and even soft toys to enhance the ambiance of your kid’s surroundings. Each piece is beautiful and adds to the style quotient of the kid's room in your home decor.


    To satisfy your green fingers and channel the gardener energy, our handpicked collection of home & garden range is perfect to set up a nice botanical display in your living space. You can use quality pots & planters to display your favorite botanicals both indoors as well as outdoors. The importance of greenery is known to everyone and that is why we bring our exclusive garden range to the customers. Easy to handle and portable water cans are also available to provide a one-stop gardening solution. The different sizes, designs, and durable material make these absolute crowd-pleasers.


    We aim to become a one-stop destination to cover different areas of home decor and provide the best quality decor products. The furniture collection on our website is created to impress and leave a mark. The table and chair range fascinate and help you revamp your living space with a dash of modernity. The use of trusted quality material and trending designs adds an attractive touch to your home decor. We bring the most essential furniture items with the best quality material and that too within budget-friendly ranges.



    Gorgeous and vibrant dried flower collection provides you with the finest hand-picked blooms to add the joy of colors and freshness into your home decor. Perfect dried flowers, tied into a bunch look deliriously rich in any space. Ideal home decor items to create a sense of wanderlust and introduce close to nature vibes into the ambiance of home decor. Full of radiance, dried flowers radiate soothing and neutral color shades that are versatile enough to be blended with any theme palette and uplift the style quotient of your living space. Perfect vase filler options, decorative dried flowers are long-lasting and colorful decorative items to introduce into your interior palette.


    Grab handpicked dry grass to add perfect texture and vibrancy to the home decor. Delicate and soft plumes radiating fluorescence through their wavy texture are just the right home decor items to incorporate in vases and fill in the empty corners near entrances, on hallways, or staircases. Long-lasting and versatile pampas and dry grass can be used as fillers for your flower arrangements or you can also tie them in a bunch to display in tall floor vases.


    Soulful bouquets and boutonnieres comprise the flower bunch collection. Made of quality dried flowers, each piece is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. The classic concept of bouquets is now presented with a modern touch that can give a nice rejuvenating touch to any home decor. Special boutonnieres are created to enhance the look of a wedding function by elevating the look when placed on the lapels of the coat. This eye-catching flower bunch range provides a huge variety to choose from.


Why should furnishing have all the attention! Think out of the box and design the walls of your house too. Let your walls speak for yourself and infuse dramatic vibes into the ambiance of your living space. Wall art is the best home decor item to fill in the empty spaces and add a visually interesting touch to any room of your house. Depict stories, emotions, and thoughts through designer wall art like vases and paintings. Impart artistic and positive vibes through decorative wall art and make sure to dazzle up your living space. Uplift the style statement of your home decor and make a mark!


    Quirky wall decor accents give an extra edgy look to the walls of your home decor. Crafted with trusted material and delivering the best decorative looks ever. You cannot resist decorating your walls with our handpicked collection of wall accents that include wall paintings, wall vases, handwoven wall baskets, wall mirrors, and decorative wall plates. Each of these items is perfect to add an uber luxury finish to your home decor.


    Beautiful art prints illustrating vector art forms in the form of line vector art and color vector art. Perfect customized item to use as a gift for your friends and family. The artistic finish and clean strokes add a realistic touch to each piece. We bet you will instantly fall in love with its beauty.


    Brining the latest trend and talk of the town in the decor industry, our personalized map art category is here to win your heart. The bliss of customizing your favorite accent is wonderful. You can add special dates and places to reminisce your memory related to that location on each map art. The customer star map and custom street map - both are unique in their own way.


Light up your living space with chic and luxurious touch by adorning the choicest decorative lamps. Indulge into modern and sophisticated accenting through a variety of lamps offered in different materials like ceramics, metals, and marbles. Customize your interiors using these eye-pleasing home decor items and set the mood lighting of your home decor. Lamps are very advantageous and promise to bring functionality to your space and tranquillity to your lifestyle. Decorative table & floor lamps are ideal options to choose from for lighting as well as decorating purposes.


    Enjoy the soft ambient lighting of classic lanterns in your home decor using the new modern avatar. Made of quality material that goes well with an array of interiors. Perfect to display in a set to enhance the glory of your home decor. These lighting accents not only illuminate your space but also add an intriguing interest to the interiors.


    Tall oil lamps to add a dramatic look at your living space. Rejuvenate the patios, hallways, and garden area in your home decor by installing these in a set or separately. Aesthetic matte finish and basic black color of these oil lamps make these a versatile accent to pick for your space. Easy to install and portable, these lamps are ideal to make a mark.

    Tall oil lamps add a dramatic look to your living space. Rejuvenate the patios, hallways, and garden areas in your home decor by installing these in a set or separately. The aesthetic matte finish and basic black color of these oil lamps make these a versatile accent to pick for your space. Easy to install and portable, these lamps are ideal to make a mark.


    Conventional wall lights with a modern decorative touch. Perfect to add a luxury finish to your home decor and elevate the whole ambiance of any living space. You can incorporate these in any room of your home. These go well with different theme decor and interior palettes. Perfect to make a chic style statement through the lighting of your space.



    Carefully made out of premium material, the crockery collection is here to charm up the kitchen decor of your living space. The newest collection of crockery sets and single items include plates, bowls, platters, trays and thaali. Each item is handmade using precision. Sophisticated enough to blend in with any theme decor or color palette. Our handpicked crockery works well with an array of dining set-ups.


    Comfortable drinkware collection that consists of glasses, kulhars, cups, mugs, bottles, etc. and makes up most of your crockery collection at home. Keeping in mind the quality and trendy designs in this category we bring you the most exciting drinkware items that will elevate the whole look of your kitchen decor and rejuvenate the dining table set-up.


    Aesthetic kitchenware collection to impress your guests and make a chic style statement. Kitchen utility items and cookware range is made of quality material like ceramics, brass, and copper. Durable enough to last long and serve your purpose of purchasing them. Easy to use and ideal to infuse a stylish decorative touch to your kitchen and dining table.


Our gifts category provides you with endless gifting solutions that you can easily buy from this website. You can explore different gift categories by occasion and pick your favorite ones for your loved ones. Special combo products and corporate gifting range are curated with a thoughtful process and keeping the marketing trends in mind.

Where to get pocket-friendly prices for online home decor items?

Decorating your dream home should never put a burden on your pocket and allow you to take your favorite designer pieces at affordable prices. Whispering Homes ensure that you come across the best home decor items online and choose from the finest supreme quality decorative products. Buy your favorite designer home decor items at affordable prices and also enjoy various special edition offers available on different occasions. Providing the customers with utmost precision and high-quality luxury home decor items has always been a Whispering Homes' motto. Whispering Homes make sure that prices are within range and the delivered products meet the expectation of customers.

Why is Whispering Homes the best online shop for home decor gifts?

It's always a task to choose unique and stylish gifts for your loved ones. Well, with Whispering Homes you don't have to worry much. Supreme quality home decor items embossed with trendy designs and artwork, Whispering Homes presents you with the finest decorative home decor products online. Innovative and boasting a sense of individuality, each home decor item is curated with love and care. You can never go wrong with any of the decor accents offered on Whispering Homes when it's time to choose gifting items. Celebrate the mutual love for luxury living and home styling with your loved ones by gifting eye-pleasing memorable pieces of art from Make any occasion and celebration a little extra special by gifting serene pieces of home decor items as a memorable memento of your love.