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perfect combo
Ceramic Flower Vase JARA VASE - LARGE
Rs. 3,299
large ceramic vase HALINA VASE
Rs. 3,599
ceramic flower vase ADELINE VASE
Rs. 999
Large Ceramic Flower Vase TROY VASE - LARGE
Rs. 4,099
Dried Pampas Grass BUNNY TAIL FLOWER
Rs. 999
Rs. 599
Dried Flower DON'T FORGET ME
Rs. 499
Dried Pampas Grass Natural Brown PAMPAS GRASS
Rs. 1,999
Decorative Ceramic Jar PRIMROSE JAR
Rs. 6,499
Decorative Ceramic Temple Jar MENSA JAR
Rs. 3,899
Decorative Ceramic Ginger Jar SPECKLED JAR
Rs. 7,399
Dried Flower Bouquet ANCOR JAR
Rs. 4,599
Dried Flower Vase Combo ELIF FLOWER VASE
Rs. 2,498
Rs. 5,998
Dried Flower Vase Combo CARISSA FLOWER VASE
Rs. 3,798
Dried Flower Vase Combo YANIS FLOWER VASE
Rs. 2,598
Ceramic Table Lamp DELILAH LAMP
Rs. 14,299
Marble Table Lamp ERICA LAMP
Rs. 8,199
Ceramic Table Lamp HUMBERT LAMP
Rs. 9,299
Ceramic Table Lamp TERRAZAS LAMP
Rs. 9,799


Dried Grass & Flower

Set a holidays theme for your home decor with eclectic dried bouquets



Luxurious vases to add an aesthetic charm in home decor
Ceramic Vase Large ADINA VASE - LARGE
As low as Rs. 1,299 Regular Price Rs. 1,799
Dario Ceramic Vase Large DARIO VASE - LARGE
As low as Rs. 1,499 Regular Price Rs. 2,199
As low as Rs. 3,699 Regular Price Rs. 4,999
Large Ceramic Vase TROY VASE - MEDIUM
As low as Rs. 3,199 Regular Price Rs. 5,499

Whispering Homes × The Ateliera

Decorative antique products to add uber luxury finish in home decor
Art Panel


Antique Metal Table Lamp


Antique Bell - Decorative Objects


Wall decor Art Painting




Quality table lamps to brighten different corners in your home
ceramic table lamps for bedroom PARKER LAMP
As low as Rs. 7,899 Regular Price Rs. 8,499
Rumi Ceramic Table Lamp RUMI LAMP
As low as Rs. 6,999 Regular Price Rs. 7,499
Metal Table Lamp BUFFET LAMP
As low as Rs. 9,999 Regular Price Rs. 10,699
Ceramic Table Lamp LISMORE LAMP
As low as Rs. 6,999 Regular Price Rs. 7,699


Art Prints

Modern wall art prints to liven up dull walls
wall decor canvas art print BLUME WALL DECOR CANVAS ART PRINT
As low as Rs. 499 Regular Price
wall decor canvas art print IRENE WALL DECOR CANVAS ART PRINT
As low as Rs. 499 Regular Price
wall decor canvas art print for home decor FIRUZEH WALL DECOR CANVAS ART PRINT
As low as Rs. 499 Regular Price
wall decor canvas art print for home decor BIANCA WALL DECOR CANVAS ART PRINT
As low as Rs. 499 Regular Price



dwell dapper DWELL DAPPER
Ramesh Kumar
The Ateliera - Home Decor The Ateliera
Kamal & Noor
Suchitra Designs Suchitra Designs
Suchitra Singh
Amruta Shah



Designer cushions to add color into your home
As low as Rs. 1299 Regular Price Rs. 1499
Embroidered Cotton Cushion Covers VERDANT CUSHION COVER
As low as Rs. 999 Regular Price Rs. 1499
Embroidered Cotton Cushion Covers SAXE BLANC CUSHION COVER
As low as Rs. 999 Regular Price Rs. 1499
As low as Rs. 999 Regular Price Rs. 1499

What Are the Best Luxury Home Decor Items Online?: Shop at Whispering Homes

Step into the world of aesthetics and luxury home decor with Shop the exclusive range of modern home decor products right at your place with just a click on your mobile phone. 

From the traditional vintage theme to the trendiest modern & chic boho looks, Whispering Homes have all of them to offer.

Whispering homes is just the right destination to experience the best home decoration online shopping.

Presenting handpicked treasure of eclectic, antique home decor products, Whispering Homes introduces different trendy home decor items according to several theme decor styles.

Why Choose Whispering Homes for Top-Notch Designs and Antique Home Decor Products?

Crafted with love and care, inspired by elegance, and created into eclectic accents, Whispering Homes brings you the finest home decorative accessories online to uplift the style statement of your home decor and introduce a dash of charming vibes into the ambience. 

It's time to experiment with your home styling and indulge in more vivid accenting. Revamp your style statement and make an impactful mark among your visitors. 

Whispering homes offer unique designer silhouettes boasting eye-soothing combinations of artwork and colour shades. 

The ultimate fashion destination for any home decor item online. Don't miss a chance to grab the high in style designer and decorative home decor pieces from whispering homes. 

What Are the Different Luxury Home Decor Categories Whispering Homes Offer?

You can never get enough of all the exclusive home decor items brought to you by whispering homes.

We've always got something to surprise you with. Regularly updated collections of product designs, silhouettes, art, and crafts. 

Let's look at what different categories of home decor items you can browse through on whispering homes. 

#1. Vases

Explore our range of vases by your style and taste. Exhibit your personality through our exclusive handcrafted ceramic vases collection. 

Gorgeous ceramic vases have an eye-catching modern flair and add to the aesthetics of your home decor. Featuring eye-pleasing designs and intrigue detailings, the vase collection has a lot to offer lovers of minimalism and serenity. 

Their whimsical shapes and peaceful colours are ideal for livening up the empty corners of your living space. 

Display your favourite botanicals in the living room or dining room to add a touch of exclusivity and a hint of colour into the interior palette. 

You can choose from an array of different series vases like Inspired series, orange series, vintage vases, modern vases, and nordic vases

#2. Desk Planters

Crafted with an uber-luxury finish, modern desk planters showcase magnificent artwork and radiate soothing, subtle shades. 

Ideal accents to display any plants or botanicals and celebrate your love for greenery and close to nature home decor theme.

Compact in easily, desk planters are versatile enough to display in any corner of the house. Apart from displaying favourite blooms, you can also use them as stationary holders on your study tables and desks. 

#3. Decorative Objects

With modern simplicity, make a bold statement in your home decor by incorporating unique decorative objects. Specially designed to uplift your home decor with leaps and bounds and accentuate the furnishing, our home decor online collection is sure to win your heart.

Unique decorative objects will add new visual interest and catch the curious glances of your visitors. Adorn in sets to create a striking focal point in the living room, bedroom, and hall. 

Make a style statement and style the house of your dreams with these latest unconventional decorative objects. 

#4. Temple and Ginger Jars

Our exclusive temple and ginger jar collection presents bold and contemporary home styling. Ideal accents that are functional as well as decorative. 

Temple and ginger jars are the best home decor items to express your love for modern art and crafts through your accenting. 

Adorn on cabinet tops, dining tables, and mantles to add an eye-pleasing touch to the ambience of your living space.

It's always fun to upgrade your colour palette, and what better option you would get other than temple and ginger jars. 

Beautiful ceramic silhouettes exhibit a blend of soothing colours that elevate the home decor and infuses cheerful positivity. 

#5. Face Figurines

Add intriguing charm and subtle character to your home decor using decorative human face figurines

Perfect to add an artistic and sculptural flair into the ambience, human face figurines are perfect home decor items to instil visually-gripping interest and uniqueness into the home decor theme. 

Human face figurines are handcrafted with high-quality ceramics and showcase fine detailing work done on the silhouettes. 

Inspired by ancient motifs and personality, our face figurine home decor items online provide you with a chance to put an eclectic essence of history into the interior palette. 

#6. Candle Holders

Make your home decor glow in style with designer candle holders. Carefully combining versatility with value, decorative candle holders impose handmade detailings inspired by various modern and medieval architectural designs. 

Step outside the conventional way of styling home and drum up a dose of drama with eye-catching candle holder home decor items. 

Perfect to add a touch of elegance and chic serenity, and decorative candle holders make ideal gifting options also. 

Adorn any of your favourite candles on these magnificent candle holders to host a formal event or any casual dinner party. 

#7. Dried Flowers

Gorgeous and vibrant dried flower collection provides you with the finest hand-picked blooms to add the joy of colours and freshness into your home decor. 

Perfect dried flowers tied into a bunch look deliriously rich in any space. Ideal home decor items to create a sense of wanderlust and introduce close to nature vibes into the ambience of home decor. 

Full of radiance, dried flowers radiate soothing and neutral colour shades that are versatile enough to be blended with any theme palette and uplift the style quotient of your living space. 

Perfect vase filler options, decorative dried flowers are long-lasting and colourful decorative items to introduce into your interior palette.

#8. Dry Grass

Grab handpicked dry grass to add perfect texture and vibrancy to the home decor. Delicate and soft plumes radiating fluorescence through their wavy texture are just the right home decor items to incorporate in vases and fill in the empty corners near entrances, on hallways, or staircases.

Long-lasting and versatile pampas and dry grass can be used as fillers for your flower arrangements, or you can also tie them in a bunch to display in tall floor vases.

Without much ado, buy home decor online from our finest home decor online India collection.