Handwoven Grass Wall Basket

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When it comes to wall décor, everyone thinks about the silhouette paintings, making a photo gallery or having some other wall décor accents for their home. If you want to do something different for your home by decorating it with unique and elegant stuff, then this is just the right thing for you – handwoven wall basket! Introducing all new and ravishing looking sea grass wall plates décor from the store of Whispering Homes, these décor accents have secured a new place in the hearts of all the people because of its good look, intricate detail and the way they fit into any corner of your home – making it look beautiful as ever!

Becoming a part of the trend that you simply cannot miss out, these handwoven wall baskets have a charm of their own! The multicolored and uniquely designed sabai grass wall décor baskets are the best fit for any type of home décor. Whether you have a modern home, minimalist or a Bohemian home décor, these wall plates will be the right fit in your designer home without any doubt!

The different sizes of the handwoven basket make it suitable for you to get the appropriate one for your home décor. The best part about these wall décor accents is that they are completely handwoven and that is where it gets the beauty from! The chic designer and intricate detail of the work done by the craftsmen using nothing but their hands, is something that will instantly sway you away from the moment you set your eyes on it!

Does the wall basket make a good gift for your loved ones on their special day?

The decorative wall hanging baskets make an excellent gift for your loved ones on their special occasion! They can have this thing placed on any corner of their wall to give it a visual treat. You can place this décor accent on the walls of your living room, bedroom or even the hallways for the perfect picturesque view of the whole thing. The wall baskets create a vibe into the ambience that cannot be denied and makes the entire room look graceful with its beauty and authenticity.

The fun fact about these wall baskets is that you can never find the same type of this at any other place! These are all unique and different, which makes your home look different in the décor aspect.

People who have a knack for decorating their homes and want to have something offbeat from the rest, would absolutely love to receive gifts of this kind! The wall plate will carry your love and affection towards that person and make them instantly the happiest person upon having this little beauty in their hands.

Types of Decorative Wall Plates online available in Whispering Homes:

Shopping anything from Whispering Homes will give you the liberty to choose your favorite item from the pool of options available. Similarly, for wall plates as well, you get to see and explore the different designer ones of various sizes and then, get the one for your home that will be the best suited!

Here are some of the bestselling items from the exclusive store of Whispering Homes that is all ready to set its presence in your home, only to create a ravishing and starling effect on the entire home! Check them out for details!

  • Waseme wall hanging basket – The soft texture of the handwoven Sabai grass of the Waseme wall plate décor is an excellent way to add visual treats to the eyes in your home ambience! If you have a Boho interior, then this wall basket will be the perfect pair with the other décor accents of your home. With the combined hues of black and beige, the detailed design of this handwoven item is extraordinarily beautiful! Being soothing to the eyes, this blends well with the existing interior color palette of your home. It is one of the most ideal pieces of wall décor to adorn on the walls of your living room, bedroom, hallways or even by the side of your entrance.
  • Maze handwoven wall basket – Depicting the beautiful spiral using two shades of colors, yellow and green, in a round shape forming maze like structure, this intricate handwoven wall basket is something that you simply cannot miss out! This Sabai grass wall basket looks intriguing as a home décor and catches the immediate attention of the people coming over to your place, without any doubt. The vibrant shades of summer hues elevate the look of the entire room by being a part of your interior color palette. Bring life to the walls of your balcony or living room, where this particular item can standalone as the primary focus of the space!

Naming some of the best items from our store will surely not do justice to the entire collection of the sabai grass handwoven wall baskets that we have in store! So, do not wait a minute longer but instead explore the collection from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is pay a visit to choose and the product will be delivered to you within a short waiting span of one week in any part of India. The delicate packing of the item will leave you spellbound as much as the product will!

Being eco-friendly and sustainable décor products, it is time you have a touch of natural and aesthetic vibes into your home décor and elevate the ambience of the place. The intricate detail of each of the handwoven wall plates is something that is rare and unique! So, hop on and find startling things for your home and get your home ready with pretty ornaments!