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Discover the latest in decor and lighting with our exciting new arrivals! Elevate your living space with our curated selection of stylish accents, including vases, dried flowers, jars, and luxury lamps & lighting fixtures. Explore our curated selection today and create a space that reflects your unique taste and personality.

Be inspired by our Bestsellers

It might not be a new year or any new festival for which you would want to change the interior of your home. Including new décor accents or renovating your home does not need any special reason! You can have the best set of things at your home without even a major reason. Changing your home interiors often will make your mind stay happy and satisfied. The plus point being, you are not going to feel monotonous at your own home!

Home décor accents are something that you simply cannot do without and these are the things that define your personality and liking. You can decorate your home with dried plants and flowers and people will have the idea that you are a nature lover! Home decorations come into the picture when words fail to describe the things you like. So, when you are thinking about changing the interiors of your home, why not go for things that are new in the market? Yes, you understood it right! The new arrivals from the store of Whispering Homes are enough to transform your home into something new and extraordinary!

The best part about the new arrivals is that the different types of home décor products are no less than a freshly baked cake right from the oven! You can make your home shine the brightest using different types of items that will suit your home and change the look of it. Whether you are looking for the simple décor accents like table lamps and wall lights or some extravagant things like stylish floor lamps, classic lanterns and even embroidered cushion covers, you can find everything in the new arrivals section of Whispering Homes!

If you are someone who has a knack for decorating their homes with unique things and new stuff, then Whispering Homes is just the right spot for you! Making you feel excited and happening just at the thought of changing the interior of your home, there is no way that you can resist yourself from buying the pretty and amazing stuff from the new arrivals here! So, without keeping yourself waiting for long, all you need to do is check out the live and great new arrivals section of the Whispering Homes and you cannot help but fall in love with the great home décor things!

Exciting and happening new arrivals of the Whispering Homes

Whether you want to decorate your living room, bedroom or even the hallways of your home, the products in the new arrivals will just transform your home into something beautiful and elegant that will also leave you surprised in a good way! Since the home décor industry is changing every second, keeping our store updated is one of the most important things. You can often pay a visit to the website to check out the new and exclusive things to make your home the first one to get a hand on them!

To make your shopping easier and comfortable, Whispering Homes has a dedicated section of new arrivals that will help you to grab the exclusive things in a better way! If you are new to our website, here is a small list from the new arrivals list that will make your choices easier and simpler!

  • Dried Flowers & Grasses – Colorful dried flowers, grasses and even bouquets have been a major part of any household and there is no style that will not suit these décor products! The flowers have a thing of their own that will make your home feel closely connected to nature. Though they are artificially preserved and made, you will not be able to spot any difference between the two! The aroma, look and the cutting shape of these dried plants and flowers is nothing less than the original ones.

  • Lamp Shades & Lanterns – Starting from the classic and vintage lanterns to the modern lamp shades, you can find everything here that has the power to turn your home into something magical and beautiful! You cannot understand the beauty of the lamp shades and lanterns until you lay your eyes on them. Radiating the perfect and the subtle glow of the lamps and lanterns, your home will be filled with some charismatic feels and trendy vibes!

  • Hanging Wall Baskets – Embroidered and mace wall baskets have a thing of their own, which you would definitely not believe if you do not see it! The beautifully crafted wall baskets are a thing of pure beauty and it is one of the most sophisticated ways of decorating your home. Whether you want to deck up the walls of your living room or bedroom, the mace wall hangings are always there for you! Also, no matter what type of home décor you have, they are just suitable for any kind of interior style.

  • Cushion Covers – Beautifully stitched cushion covers with a touch of handmade texture and style is what you need to take your home to the top notch level of decoration! They are serene and peaceful to look at and by creating a sense of comfort and coziness, the cushion covers in the new arrivals is just the perfect piece of home décor that your home might be missing right now!

  • Apart from the above mentioned products, you can get hold of the newly included scented candles along with fresh flower bouquets, sustainable cane products, desk décor items and many more. To name a few of them out from the list, you simply cannot miss having these at your home! Adding an extra pinch of shine and glow to your home, Whispering Homes is always set to make your home décor stand out from all the rest!

    Experiencing the real beauty of home décor products with Whispering Homes

    Inspiration and motivation from the outside world leads us to discover new things and innovative home décor products that will not just rule the market, but your home as well! Arranging eye catching and attractive home décor accents at your place is going to make your home look and feel wholesome. Your unheard needs of décor items will be catered by Whispering Homes to give a whole new and different look to your home! For being undoubtedly unique, grab a piece of eternal beauty from the new arrivals section.

    Whether it is that you want to build your own home or present them to your friends and relatives, you can always find something out from the store of Whispering Homes! So, get ready and all set to make your home look the jolliest and prettiest with the décor accents from Whispering Homes only to find out that your home looks indeed the best!