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Bring home the greenery to have a touch of nature indoors and let the decorative versatility be in every nook and corner!

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Blooms to make your heart happy! Eclectic mix of quality dried grasses and flowers to add a nice splash of color in your home decor. Perfect to set-up customized botanical display or use as fillers for DIY bouquets.


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Classy Dried Plants and Botanicals for Decorating Your Home

We know how much people love to have plants and flowers in their homes and some would even love to create a mini garden for maintaining and helping them grow! However, sometimes it is not possible to build a garden when you live in an apartment or in a small home with no outdoor space. For times like that, your love for plants and botanicals will not be subdued. You will be able to create a space for your love and make it look the prettiest as always!

Dried plants and flowers are something that looks, smells and feels like the original ones but is actually not. They are preserved and compressed from the original ones to make them long lasting. The best thing about the dried flowers and plants is that they retain their original properties in an explicit way that will make you wonder about its authenticity! As elegant as they are, decorating your home with these items is one of the best things to do.

Your love for nature and plants will have its existence in your home, even when you do not have space for building a garden. You can create a mini indoor garden in your balcony or in the living room, if you wish to! The dried flower bouquets when kept in any corner of your room, illuminates the whole space with good vibes and positive energy. Making an excellent gift for people on their special occasions, the dried bouquets have a different aura that fills your heart with warmth and love!

The natural pampas grass and the artificial dried flowers are the perfect match for each other when it comes to decoration! They fit any style of home interior décor and because of the colorful flowers and grasses, they blend in perfectly with your room background. For making it look more aesthetic, you can have the designer planters and pots from the store of Whispering Homes and make your decoration with the dried flowers and plants become the best in the home!

What type of dried flowers and plants can you get for your interior home decoration?

Visiting the page of Whispering Homes, you will get to know about the whole lot of different types of dried flowers and plants that are available in the store. Whether it is that you want roses, sunflower, strawberry fruit flowers or dry grasses like the rice grass, fern grass, you can get everything right here just with a single click!

The different types of dried flowers and plants are tied together to form beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements that change the whole charisma of the room! When these flower bouquets are paired with designer and decorative flower vases, they are beautiful to look at. You can place this vase in your living room, hallways or even in your bedroom for the aesthetic vibes and cheerful energy! For wedding occasions, you can get boutonnieres made from the colorful dried flowers in all its charm and glory to make your squad look the best in them. Being an excellent gift for people on their birthdays, anniversaries or on any success celebration, the dried flower and grass arrangements will make their hearts content and happy, without any doubt!

Tips for taking care of the dried flowers and grasses

Since the original flowers are compressed and pressed to form the dry flowers, they are delicate in nature. You need to take care of it so that they have a longer lifespan. There are some simple tips that you already know, but here it is again for you to have a look at it!

  • Do not water the plants and flowers. Dry flowers do not need watering at all. So, keep it away from windows while it is raining so that the color of the flowers is retained.

  • Clean it with a soft dry cotton cloth for removing the dust. Gently use the cloth for cleaning them. Rigorously cleaning it might lead to your artificial flowers losing the essence of it.

  • Keep it away from direct sunlight. The rays of the sunlight over the days will hamper the color and smell of the flowers and make them fade away. Avoid keeping it right by the window side to make it last longer.

Whispering Homes and its collection of dried flowers and grasses

When it comes to having the perfect dry flower bouquets and grasses for the decoration of your home, you will be surprised to check out the collection of Whispering Homes! With a variety of flowers and grasses, you get to choose from the ocean of options available and get the ones that will fit the interior décor of your home perfectly. With discounts and offers, you get to bag these ones at an affordable rate that will undoubtedly leave you surprised!

Get ready to adorn the corners of your home with classy and beautiful dried flower bouquets and natural pampas grass for the best yet elegant and simple home décor! When you are confused with different things to choose from, we say go for the artificial flowers!


Q.1 Are dried flowers and grasses good for gifting people?

Ans: Dried flower bouquets and arrangements with natural pampas grass tied together is an excellent gifting idea for people who are fond of flowers and want to have a touch of them in their interior décor. It is suitable as a gift for any type of occasion. They have a longer lifespan with the retention of the original essence of the flowers and grasses.

Q.2 How can I decorate my home with dried flowers?

Ans: You can keep the bouquet of flowers paired with a decorative and designer vase from the Whispering Homes and keep it in any corner of your home. Get the corners of your living room, bedroom and hallways adorned with the most beautiful and colorful flower arrangements. Along with having a longer lifespan, they have the charm in them to make your home look pretty and gorgeous in their own ways!

Q.3 Will the dried flowers and grass be hampered after some time?

Ans: No, since the dried flowers and grasses are compressed and pressed to retain the original essence, charm, color and smell of the flowers, they have a longer lifespan. If taken care of properly with the tips in mind from Whispering Homes, your set of dried flowers arrangements will stay for a long period.