Dried Natural Pampas Grass

Capture an airy, relaxed seaside feeling with our collection of natural pampas plumes and ornamental dried grasses. No matter how you style them, these neutral dried grasses introduce an effortless laid-back luxe vibe. Make a statement with dramatic pampas grass arrangements in oversized vessels or weave them into bohemian-inspired hanging installations. Add bunny tail grass to organic wreaths, garlands and tabletop vases.

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Do you wish to buy dried pampas grass online for home decor? It’s a wise choice. Know why!

Crowd-pleasing organic beauty handpicked from nature and a unique way to add a chic style statement and captivating story to your home decor, a wide range of eye-pleasing dried pampas grass for home decor is the perfect accessory that will accentuate your interior palette and add extra life to your flower arrangements.

Pampas grass is a supremely gorgeous decorative vase filler that instils positivity and artistic leading lines into your home decor. Lasting year long, pampas grass exhibits a breezy look through their silken strands. So before you buy dried pampas grass online from us, here’s what you should know!

What Is Dried Pampas Grass?

Handpicked natural grass of Cortaderia Selloana species, which is dried and sometimes dyed to create a soothing presentable look, is referred to as pampas grass.

The epitome of freshness with the added advantage of year-long-lasting makes them one of the most trendy and loved decor accents of all time.

Primarily used for ornamental purposes, the natural plumes of grass are often sprayed with contrasting desired hues.

How Can Dried Pampas Grass Add Texture to Your Home Decor?

Adding dried pampas grass to your home decor is one of the easiest ways to add a little extra life to your living space. Pampas grass is a gorgeous decor accessory that brings elegant and sophisticated vibes into the ambience of any room.

Perfect accent that makes bold statements whenever displayed alone and drums up a little dose of drama in a simple botanical arrangement, pampas plumes smoothly blend into the interior palette. The silky and fluorescent plumes of grass can add a soft texture to your interior palette.

How Can Pampas Grass for Home Decor Be Used for Different Theme Decors?

Whether you want something modern, boho, colourful, or contemporary, pampas grass is versatile enough to complement all the theme decor categories.

Pampas grass in subtle colours like white and grey are suitable additions for your minimalist theme decor.

Red and brown plumes of pampas grass help in setting a colourful boho theme in your home decor. Small pampas grass adorns the ambience of your living space with an aesthetic sea-inspired touch.

Elevate the ambience of your home decor with a touch of rich, luxurious, and colourful vibes with dried pampas grasses like Miscanthus, bunny tail, and large pampas available in eye-pleasing hues of beige, white and grey.

Why Are Dried Leaves Like Pampas Grass Used as Vase Fillers?

Dried leaves and greens bring elegance and the essence of nature to your home decor in numerous ways. Decoration with dried leaves is much more authentic and versatile than any other decoration.

You can experiment with different dried leaves available in varied colours, sizes, designs, patterns, and textures. A perfect option to use as vase fillers that will uplift the appeal of your vases with leaps and bounds.

Either adorn them in ceramic vases in a bunch of 5-6 stems or you can also use them to fill in the empty spaces left in some already set flower arrangements. Some of the best-selling dried leaves are preserved apple leaves, eucalyptus, hand fan palm leaves, and dried hydrangea. Don’t wait and buy pampas grass online from us!

Why Dried Leaves & Pampas Grass for Home Decor Makes the Most Trending Home Decor Gift Items?

Just go with the flow! One of the most trendy and crowd-pleasing decor accessories nowadays, magnificent pampas grass as a gift is full of individuality and rich essence.

Great for gifting the lovers of minimalism, pampas grass will add aesthetic and peaceful vibes into the ambience of their living space.

Dried and preserved leaves like eucalyptus, hand palm, and willow are perfect gift items to tie in a bouquet and present to your loved ones as a memorable and functional gift.

Fluorescent pampas radiating eye-catching colours will liven up your loved one's home decor, and this unique and beautiful gift will surely put a smile on their face.

Where to Buy Dried Pampas Grass Online?

Ka-chow! In these modern times when you don't need to physically visit any store or wander around markets to find desired pampas grass for home decor.

You can easily choose from thousands of options available online while sitting in any corner of the world. Whispering homes bring you handpicked supreme quality pampas grasses and dried leaves to add a new quirky and aesthetic dimension to your home decor.

An array of stunning pampas plumes like beige pampas grass, large pampas grass in light grey, pampas grass in natural brown and eye-catching dried leaves like apple leaves, eucalyptus leaves, yellow hand fan palm leaves and many more.

How to Adorn Dried Pampas Grass and Dried Leaves in Your Living Space.

1. Living room: The room of centrepieces and eye-catching decor accents- the living room of your house is a perfect place to adorn your favourite pampas plumes exhibiting soothing shades and glowy vibes into the interior palette. Either you can adorn the magnificent plumes tied in a bunch in favourite vases or you can also place single-stemmed dried leaves like hydrangeas, hand palm, or apple leaves to add an eclectic design and texture to your home with pampas grass decor.

2. Entrance Doors: Large pampas grass is perfect to display in tall ceramic vases near the entrance doors of your house. You can place them either at the bedside of the door on the outer side of the house near the doorbell or you can also adorn them at the inner side exactly near the doors so that whenever someone visits you, these beautiful and refreshing pampas grass make a stylish statement.

3. Dining room: Best to display near your dining table or on other side tables, small pampas grass and dried leaves are perfect to add a natural essence into your dining room. Whether you are hosting a chic dinner party or sunny Sunday brunch, pampas grass decor in fluorescent rich colours are perfect to add the right amount of glare and stylish vibes into the ambience.

4. Balcony: If you are a nature lover and love spending time on your balcony and savour the fresh breeze then one of the most promising decor accents for decorating your balcony is pampas grass and dried leaves. The long-lasting advantage and unique colour make the soft plumes ideal to incorporate in vases near your balcony mantles. You can create your own personalized space by experimenting with the different varieties available.

5. Staircase and Hallways: Large pampas grass is an ideal option to fill in the empty corners in your staircases and hallways. You can add a nice pop of colour and liven up the small corners present on your staircase and hallway consoles. Pampas grass decor and dried greenery are perfect to bring in a sense of affinity and sophisticated aesthetic ambience into the home decor.

Do you also wish to adorn dried pampas grass in your homes? Buy the most beautiful pampas online from us!


Q.1 What are the advantages of using pampas & grasses for decorating home?

Pampas & grasses are dried using sustainable artificial processes that ensure environmentally friendly decor at your home. The soft and silken texture of these add an elevated aesthetic look to your home.

Q.2 How to clean dried pampas & grasses?

Use soft cloth or tissue to clean the dust in regular intervals. This will ensure that plumes and leaves do not lose their natural look.

Q.3 What ways to care for dried pampas & grasses?

Dried pampas & grasses do not require watering at all. Direct exposure to sunlight must be avoided. Advised to touch & move pampas grass as gently as possible to avoid excessive shedding.

Q.4 How to use pampas & grasses for decorating home?

Use as fillers for other flower arrangements or display as it is in your favorite vases. Silky plumes also look stunning as wall decorations.

Q.5 How to set-up decor for different occasions using pampas & grasses?

Dried pampas & grasses are versatile enough to blend in with any theme decor. Use for enhancing the show of your living space during festivals, weddings, or birthday parties. These are perfect for decorating the backyard for a brunch or pool party.