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  1. Lamps & Lighting Apsley Brass Pendant Light
  2. Lamps & Lighting Coleton Bell Pendant Light
  3. Lamps & Lighting Brass Diamond Cut Glass Pendant Light
  4. Lamps & Lighting Crystal Brass Pendant light
  5. Outdoor Lighting Paris Outdoor Hanging Light - large
  6. Outdoor Lighting Neuro Outdoor Hanging Light - Small
  7. Outdoor Lighting Neuro Outdoor Hanging Light - Large
  8. Outdoor Lighting Pumpkin Outdoor Pendant Light - Small
  9. Outdoor Lighting Pumpkin Outdoor Pendant Light - Large
  10. Outdoor Lighting Augusta Outdoor Hanging Light - Small
  11. Outdoor Lighting Augusta Outdoor Hanging Light - Large
  12. Outdoor Lighting Century Outdoor Hanging Light - Black
  13. Outdoor Lighting Chinese Outdoor Hanging Lamp
  14. Outdoor Lighting Vintage Outdoor Pendant Light - Black
  15. Outdoor Lighting Kalik Outdoor Pendant Light - Black
  16. Outdoor Lighting Paris Outdoor Hanging Light - Small
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Be inspired by our Bestsellers

Discover a curated selection of designer outdoor pendant lights in our unique collection, designed to generate the ideal atmosphere for your outdoor spaces.

Combine industrial strength with accessible beauty through our own exquisite outdoor pendants and hanging lights. Explore a wide range of styles, from rustic designs to ultra-contemporary pendants that seamlessly incorporate the exterior of your home. Several of these outdoor pendants belong to larger collections, which allows coordination and conjunction with other outdoor lighting accessories.

Where Outdoor Hanging Lights Work Best

Such outdoor pendants serve as a practical and stylish option to outdoor chandeliers, especially in smaller spaces where ready-made chandelier designs may be impractical. Add an updated aesthetic to the backyard by hanging contemporary outdoor pendants across the patio ceiling. Gazebos also benefit from a warm glow, making cottage-style, artisanal or traditional outdoor hangings a cozy alternative. Keep in mind that, being mostly damp rated (not humidity rated), these pendant lights need to be positioned below any type of covering.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Hanging Lighting

When choosing from our diverse collection of pendants, with a wide range of finishes, colors and sizes, it is important to carefully choose the right pendant for your outdoor space. Start by establishing the location where you will hang the pendant, taking into account size variations for your front porch, backyard or gazebo. Opt for monumental outdoor pendant lights for an attractive focal point or string together small outdoor pendant lights for uniform outdoor lighting. Outdoor pendants rated for wet locations can tolerate some moisture, but do not have to be in direct contact with water for long periods.

Completing the Outdoor Look

Explore our range of outdoor sconces for front porches or backyards, recessed outdoor lighting for low ceilings, post lights for driveways and stability, and landscape lighting for in-ground fixtures, wall lights, bollards and lighting. of terraces. Improve year-round quiet by adding an outdoor fan to a covered patio, and for double functionality, consider outdoor fans with lights.

Outdoor Pendant Lighting Buying Guide

  1. Styles

    Outdoor pendant lights cater to a variety of tastes, offering styles such as Art Deco, Italianate, New Mid-Century, Contemporary and more, ensuring there is a perfect alternative for every outdoor aesthetic.

  2. Shapes

    Explore the variety of shapes in outdoor pendant lights, from traditional rectangular, cylindrical and round designs to eye-catching abstract and cage styles, allowing you to create a distinctive visual effect.

  3. Materials

    Outdoor pendant lights come in a variety of materials, including durable metals, weather-resistant plastics, and glass, allowing you to choose fixtures that will withstand resources while complementing your outdoor décor.

  4. Smart Features

    Explore outdoor pendant lights with smart features, such as compatibility with home automation systems or remote control possibilities, adding peace of mind and updated functionality to your outdoor lighting.

  5. Detection Options

    Delve into a huge range of detachability options, from rust-resistant coatings for longevity to powder-coated finishes for durability and style, ensuring your outdoor pendant light maintains its eye-catching appeal. The time.

  6. Energy Efficiency

    Opt for energy-efficient outdoor pendant lights with features like dimming abilities or motion sensors, which contribute to sustainability while also allowing you to customize the lighting experience to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Hanging Lights

Q.1 What should I keep in mind when searching for outdoor pendant lighting?

When searching for outdoor pendant lighting, consider style variety, adhere to height guidelines (at least seven feet from the floor), explore different shapes and designs, focus on lumens for brightness, prioritize durable materials, check installation requirements, explore smart features, look for rust-resistant finishes, prioritize energy efficiency, and ensure weather resistance for longevity.

Q.2 How do I choose an outdoor Hanging lights?

When selecting the right outdoor pendant, factor in size, shape, style, lumens output, and location rating to ensure it suits the space perfectly.

Q.3 What are the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor pendant lights?

Outdoor pendant lights, being smaller hanging lights, offer a subtle touch to the location. Their size allows for a linear arrangement of multiple pendants, creating a sense of flow and consistency. For more grandeur, consider an outdoor chandelier, known for making statements with elaborate silhouettes that stand out.

Q.4 When searching for outdoor pendant lighting?

prioritize the pendant's size and location rating. Ensure the size is appropriate for the space, neither too small nor too big, to achieve optimal lighting without overwhelming the area. Measure the surroundings for accurate sizing. The location rating is crucial; a damp rating suits covered areas like patios, while a wet rating permits direct water contact.