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  1. Baelee Lamp
    Rs. 13,999.00
  2. Raymon Lamp
    Rs. 9,999.00
  3. Aneka Lamp
    Rs. 8,899.00
  4. Baldwin Lamp
    Rs. 8,899.00
  5. Maia Lamp
    Rs. 15,999.00
  6. Wessel Lamp
    Rs. 12,999.00
  7. Erica Lamp
    Rs. 10,599.00
  8. Humbert Lamp
    Rs. 10,999.00
  9. Grace Lamp
    Rs. 15,999.00
  10. Aveline Lamp
    Rs. 18,599.00
  11. Lhotse Lamp
    Rs. 21,499.00
  12. Izzo Lamp
    Rs. 14,999.00
  13. Ellis Lamp
    Rs. 16,999.00
  14. Colette Lamp
    Rs. 11,999.00
  15. Noir Lamp
    Rs. 11,999.00
  16. Porcelain Lamp
    Rs. 11,499.00
  17. Tulip Lamp
    Rs. 11,999.00
  18. Frahm Lamp
    Rs. 10,999.00
  19. Evald Lamp
    Rs. 12,999.00
  20. Eske Lamp
    Rs. 9,999.00
  21. Delilah Lamp
    Rs. 18,999.00
  22. Esquer Lamp
    Rs. 12,599.00
  23. Cora Lamp
    Rs. 9,799.00
  24. Elicia Lamp
    Rs. 9,699.00
  25. Colten Lamp
    Rs. 13,599.00
  26. Cintron Lamp
    Rs. 16,699.00
  27. Buffet Lamp
    Rs. 11,999.00
  28. Bilger Lamp
    Rs. 17,999.00
  29. Estill Lamp
    Rs. 9,799.00
  30. Alabaster Lamp
    Rs. 19,999.00
  31. Amur Lamp
    Rs. 9,399.00
  32. Florence Lamp
    Rs. 9,999.00
  33. Jacoby Lamp
    Rs. 13,699.00
  34. Leda Lamp
    Rs. 18,999.00
  35. Altadena Lamp
    Rs. 6,999.00
  36. Manor Lamp
    Rs. 14,799.00
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Why choose table lamps for home decor?

Lamps have always been an ardent option chosen for decor in the world of lighting and illuminance. Beautiful table lamps are not only decorative but highly useful and functional also. Designer table lamps are suitable decor accents to brighten up your mood lighting. Now you can improve the settings and dynamics of the room with just a switch flipped! Easy to install and maintain, you can place them in any room, they will surely add a charm to the whole interior palette and elevate the theme of the decor.
Table lamps are available in different quality materials like ceramics, metal, marble, porcelain which makes them even more crowd-pleasing and easy to experiment with while decorating the house. They add an elegant and sophisticated rich look to the environment of your living space.

Why are table lamps considered to be the most versatile decor accessory?

Beautifully crafted lamps with artistic designs will help you give a warm and rich look. Their versatile nature allows you to use them in whichever corner you want and can take up experimenting to explore with your present home decor style. Table lamps are portable and can be displaced anytime to any place according to your wish. Especially loved for giving a nice dim-light ambience to the room, table lamps are just the right home decor accessory that will uplift the style statement of your living space and set the mood lighting according to your taste.

How to set theme lighting using table lamps?

Adding soothing light into the ambience will act as a cherry on the top in your home decor. The glowing light of table lamps will accentuate any theme without acting as an overpowering presence. Hand-finished silhouettes adorned with charmingly aesthetic lampshade fabrics will inculcate aesthetic vibes to the ambience and set the mood of your interior palette peaceful and happy. Beautiful table lamps will cast a soft, inviting glow and create an eye-pleasing atmosphere.

How do table lamps add colour to your home decor?

One of the most whimsical ways of adding a nice pop of colour without overpowering the actual interior palette of the home decor is to lighten up designer lamps with eclectic silhouettes. Fantastic examples of functionality meeting tranquillity. Ceramic and metallic finished silhouettes complemented with serene lampshade fabric are ideal decor accents to give a dash of cheerful colour to your living space. Either you can choose bright coloured silhouette lamps for setting a summer or a boho-inspired decor theme. You can also go for serene space colours like white, grey and natural porcelain to create a minimalist and sophisticated theme palette.

What are the different types of table lamps to try out from whispering homes?

Table lamps are one of the most trendy and best-selling decor accessories when doing home decor theme planning. Whispering homes offer a wide range of handcrafted table lamps in different handpicked materials of supreme and promising quality. Here, let's have a look at the eye-catching lamp series presented by whispering homes:

1. Ceramic lamps

Creativity meets sophistication with beautiful ceramic table lamps. Contemporary peaceful designs with eye-pleasing lampshade fabric, ceramic lamps radiate aesthetic and opulent vibes into the ambience of your home decor. These eye-catching pieces of artwork inspired by different magnificent motifs around the world provide an incandescent illuminance and adds visual interest to your living space.

2. Metal Lamps

The stylish and simple, and at the same time makes your space look more Fashionable and generous, these handpicked metal table lamps are not only a lighting table lamp but also a work of art. Laser-cut from metal and finished in matte gold, it brings elegance and sophistication to living spaces. Eclectic table lamps with a modern and classy silhouette are perfect for elegant interiors to adorn in living room console tables or bedside tables. The serene white lamp shades add to their aesthetic appeal!

3. Marble Lamps

Define your space with the decadence of these elegant marble style table lamps. Simple and elegant appearance, excellent finish, refreshing and simple, soft and even light transmission, these marble lamps are just the perfect picks for your home decor. Their peaceful aesthetic looks blend in with any theme decor and furnishing type. The ideal lamps for bedrooms, living rooms, coffee tables adding a new opulent dimension to your living space.

4. Exclusive Lamps

Great quality and finish with a dazzling appeal, the Exclusive table lamp collection is sure to add an excellent element of Home Decor. Exclusive lamp series presents you with magnificent designer silhouettes embellished with stunning hand-painted artwork and glossy ceramic finish. Perfect table lamps to contrast with the geometry of the living space, exclusive lamps diffuse serene soft light into the ambience and add a new dimension to the home decor.

Why choose table lamps as home decor gifts?

If you are thinking of some unique and quirky gifting items to make your loved one's day a little more special and memorable then what can be a better gift item than an aesthetic table lamp. Perfect decor accessories which prove to be very functional also, you can trust table lamps as gift items with your eyes closed! Ideal for gifting someone who loves mood lighting and aesthetic silhouettes. You can also introduce the artful world of home decor and put a smile on your loved one's face with beautiful table lamps embossed with handcrafted artwork and complemented with serene lampshade fabrics. Best selling table lamps for gifting include Baldwin lamps, Lhotse lamps, Izzo lamp, Cora lamp, Colten lamp and many more.

Where to buy table lamps online?

It's easy! Sit at any comfortable place and purchase one of the finest handcrafted table lamps inspired by different art cultures around the world. Whether European, Asian or boho - you can now easily surf through various options online and decide which one suits your home decor the best! Whispering homes decor company presents an array of handpicked designer table lamps that have magnificent silhouettes and eye-catching shades. Some of the most popular among the crowd are Estill lamp, Florence lamp, Leda lamp, Aveline lamp and many more.

How to adorn table lamps at various spaces in home decor?

1. Living room: Add a sense of bling and aesthetic mood lighting to the most visited room of your house. Make an outstanding mark by displaying designer table lamps and create a relaxing and peaceful ambience. Choose according to your theme- subtle shade lamps like grey, white, pink, cream for contemporary minimalist decor or you can choose funky colours like yellow, dark blue, green to create a colourful and cheerful ambience.

2. Bedroom: The best decor accents ever made for bedrooms are the table lamps. Perfect to adorn near bedside tables, on cabinet tops and TV mantles. You can keep them lit all night to use as a night torch in the dark. Especially ideal to place in children's and elderly's rooms so that the dim light of the table lamp makes it easier for them to access different corners of the room even in the dark at night.

3. Hallways: Perfect decorative as well as functional accessories for your hallways, adorn designer table lamps to create an aesthetic pathway and fill in the empty corners of the house. You can display the table lamps on the cabinet top and side tables or near the resting chair in your hall. The table lamp's dim light is perfect to use when reading a book or doing some important work without disturbing other members of the house.

4. Study room: Made for each other! The relation of table lamps with study rooms has always been from ancient times. Ideal to adorn on study tables, near bookshelves or side tables- table lamps are highly portable and you can easily adjust their lighting according to your requirement. Whether you need to focus on some paperwork, read a book or have to study overnight; table lamps are the best companion for you!

5. Balcony mantles: Table lamps are suitable decor accents to accentuate the decor of your balcony area and set peaceful lighting to create your personalized ambience. Perfect to make your plants and other furnishings glow in dim light, table lamps will not only add a decorative aspect to your balcony but also make it a well-lit place during the night. The balcony will look appealing and magnificent during the nighttime even when witnessed from outside the house.