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Lamps and Lighting for the Perfect Mood Setting

Your home decoration is incomplete without the perfect set of lighting! Like smell is the main essence of a flower, lighting is the significant thing that brings changes in the home decoration. When you think of changing the outlook of your home, it is always not possible to have a complete renovation because the process includes a lot of money and energy. Instead, have a little work and change in the lighting of the home to create an aura that will make it look completely different!

It is an undefinable fact that the lighting of a room defines the mood of the space! With bright lights, the aura is cheerful and fun while with subtle and soft lights, you tend to create a cozy ambience with peaceful and soothing vibes. You can have different types of lighting in different rooms, according to your mood setting. While it is not just the ceiling lights or the wall lights that are in the trend now, you can get multiple options from Whispering Homes to get some classy lights and lamps for your home!

The best part about having classy and subtle lighting is that no matter what type of home décor you have, lights are suited everywhere! All you need to do is find the right type of light that will complement the interior décor of your place and not turn it into something that will look messy and unorganized. While lights have the power to turn a place with good ambience and cheerful vibes, if chosen the wrong types of lights, they can even spoil the entire décor of your home!

Types of Lights and Lamps for Your Home available from Whispering Homes

As already mentioned, there are different types of lights and lamps that you can get your hands on. Starting from ambient lighting ideas to accent lighting, you can build up anything at your place if suited with the interior décor. The interior color palette of your room plays a major role in selecting the kind of lighting suitable there. If your room already has a background of dark color, then your lamps and lights for this space need to be bright so that the whole thing is balanced. For lighter shades of color, you would need subtle lighting that will create a soft and soothing mood!

The fun fact is since each of your rooms will have individual types of lighting, it becomes easy for you when designing your home to find the balance between all of them! A bright dining space will be complemented by a subtle yet elegant lighted living room and a dim lighted bedroom.

However, if you are here to know about the different types of lamps and lights available in Whispering Homes for making your home look classy and elegant, then here it is for you!

Have a look at some of the bestselling types of lighting suitable for your home!

  • Table lamp- Whether you want to have a separate lamp when you are studying or working late or you want to decorate your living room coffee table with it, the table lamps are always there for your rescue! Being available in different types, you can get marble lamps, metal lamps, wooden table lamps and even glass table lamps for this purpose. You are free to choose the one you like the most with its vivid details and exclusive designs!

  • Floor lamps – When you do not want much light in spaces like your hallways, staircase or bedroom, you can go for the newly introduced floor lamps or standing lamps for this purpose. The tripod floor lamp is an excellent lighting idea that holds the balance of the entire thing and lights up the room with good vibes and magical aura! The floor lamps are tall and sleek in appearance, so you would not have any problem in adjusting it in the corner of your rooms. With shades over the lamps, you get to choose from the designer lamps in Whispering Homes!

  • Study lamps – Moreover like a table lamp, the study lamps focus the light in a single place which makes it easier for you to have late night study sessions without disturbing anyone else in the room! You can even use this in your office when you are working late. The adjustable study lamps make things better as you can adjust the head and the body according to your sitting structure.

  • Decorative lamps – A sophisticated looking diamond cut glass lamp or a modern metal curved floor lamp are some of the things that you would need for making that particular corner of your room look extraordinarily beautiful! These types of decorative lamps make your entire room full of grace and good vibes. Being impressive and eye-catching in its own charming ways, there is no way you can resist having these at your place!

Apart from these, you will also get vintage style lanterns, exclusive oil lamps and some antique designed lamps for crafting the corners of your home with grace and glory! As much as these lamps are used for decoration purposes, they serve their purpose of lighting your room and setting the mood just right.

Lighting of the different rooms in your home

While it is necessary that you have some types of lamps and lights for decoration at your place, it is also important that you place them at the correct place so that all their purposes are fulfilled. In case you are confused with the way your rooms should be lighted with lamps and lanterns, here is a small and comprehensive idea on how you can do it in a better way!

  • Living room – Since the living room is the place where people come and sit to spend some quality time with you, it is important that you have bright lighting in this region of your home. Have floor lamps or standing lamps in the corner of the living room, in case you want to change from bright lights to subtle lighting! You can adorn your coffee table or side table with small table lamps that will set your coffee mood right!.

  • Dining space – There should be no compromise with your dining space! Bright and bold lights are needed here because it is essentially the place where everyone will gather to have their meals together. You can have oil lamps or vintage styled lanterns for decoration purposes. It is advisable to not have table lamps on the dining table, since it may ruin the entire essence of the room..

  • Bedroom – For your bedroom, you can have a mixed lighting. Bright lights for when you need them while working and dim lights for when you are going off to sleep! You can have lamps on the bedside table for a subtle yet elegant lighting, so that you can relax and calm your mind before going off to sleep to energise yourself for the next day again..

These are some of the tips that you can implement in your home while you are thinking about changing or fixing the lights. Being an excellent gift for people on their special occasions, lights and lamps truly defines your home in the best way possible!

Shopping of lights, lamps and lanterns from Whispering Homes

Like any other decorative item, Whispering Homes has a huge collection of lamps and lanterns in their store for you to choose from. Starting from modern designed lamps to antique and vintage lamps and oil lamps to lanterns, you can grab anything that you think will suit the ambience and décor of your home! Being available in different materials like metal, marble, glass and ceramic, you have the liberty to find the right one for uplifting the existing décor of your home. Whether you want table lamps for the bedroom or floor lamps for the living room, you are sure to fall in love with each of the pieces because of their exclusivity and unique designs!

Get your favorite lighting online through our store in any part of India within a span of just one week! Do not worry, as you are going to get the best price here that will just make your day better!

When lights define the mood and ambience of your home, there is no way you can go wrong with them and surely, Whispering Homes will not let you do so! Have us by your side to get the amazing items at your place without any second thoughts!


Q.1 Can the table lamps be adjusted in any angle and structure?

Ans: Yes, the table lamps are triple adjustable, which means you can adjust the body as well as the head of the lamps according to your preferable angle and structure. This makes it easy for you to use the lamps when you are studying or working late.

Q.2 Can I use the floor lamps at the entrance of my home?

Ans: Yes, you can place the floor lamps or the standing lamps at the entrance of your home. This will create good vibes right from the entryway and make people feel good while entering your home. Since they work as the perfect décor item, you can pair them with some plants by the side for a better view!