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Everybody likes to have a little touch of artistry in their home decoration because nobody wants to have the same type of home like somebody else. You can take ideas from others and use your own creativity in making your home unique and different. Lights are one such element of your home décor that you can customize and personalise, according to your own choices and preferences. Instead of going for the regular lighting, you can go for lights that will hold a special place in the hearts of the people coming over to your place!

Apart from the décor style of accent lighting and ambient lighting, there is one type of lighting style that will look wonderful in any type of home décor designs. Hanging Pendant Lights are something that makes your home reach the top tier in decoration and design! They are basically hanging lights from the ceiling that change the entire background and ambience of the home within no time!

Pendant lights are a lone light fixture that usually hangs from the ceiling by either a metal rod or a chain. The purpose of having pendant lights is that since they come down from the ceiling, the light is spread across a large area depending on the size of the bulbs in the lights. It can be a great way to style up the task lighting of your home, which will change the entire look of the room!

Apart from being used just for decoration, hanging ceiling lights are an excellent source of lighting for a particular place, like a table or chair. You can place it right above your dining table to have the perfect mood and background setting when you come to have your meals together under this lighting! They spread magic in the ambience of the room by hanging from the ceilings and much like the other lights from Whispering Homes, the designs and structures of these types of lights are wonderful and stunning!

It is not a surprising thing, if you tell us that you are confused between chandeliers and pendant lights and that both of them look and feel the same to you! However similar they are in their looks and design, there is a thin line of difference between the two types of lighting.

Chandeliers hang from the ceiling with multiple branches that hold multiple lights whereas pendant lights come down from the ceiling with the help of a single rod or chain. This is all the difference that you need to consider between the two of them!

Pendant Lamps should always be placed in the centre of the room, so that it remains the main attractive feature of the space. With the placement of the Hanging lamp, there will be no need for you to have something extraordinary for the walls of that room because the lights will stand out and be the eye catching feature of the region! Hence, there are multiple places where you can place the pendant lights in your home. Some of them are:

  • Hanging Lights for Dining Table – Placing them right above your sofa and centre table set in the living room will make the ambience of your home go stunning. The lights from the pendant stand will spread across the other parts of the room as well, making sure that the main focus is on the centre table.
  • Dual Wall Light for Bedroom – Pendant lighting is the best for placing them right above your dining table, so that the entire look of the dining space changes into something majestic and royal! Giving out light to the entire dining table will make people feel good about the whole ambience and enjoy their meals with a luxurious vibe.
  • Hanging Lights for Bedroom - For subtle and dim lighting in your bedroom, place the pendant lighting right in the middle of the room, so that the entire room gets lit up with elegance and royalty! You can create a soothing and calming environment in your bedroom that will help you in creating a peaceful and subtle mood.

Apart from these, you will also get single wall lamps, multiple wall lights in a single frame, wall lights of different sizes and shapes to fit your home style in the perfect way!

It goes without saying that Whispering Homes has got one of the best collections of outdoor pendant lights that will not just fill your home with exclusivity and grace, but will also light up your space with subtle and elegant lighting! The different shapes and unique structures of the pendant lights make your space look wholesome and ravishing. Explore the store of Whispering Homes and grab the best suited pendant lights for your home to get a changed look that will leave everyone coming to your place awestruck with the beauty!

Wait till the delicate package of the pendant lights from Whispering Homes come at your doorstep to fulfil your wishes of having the home that you always wanted!