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Preserved Dried Flowers

"In dried flowers, we find the poetry of life, the beauty that endures beyond the bloom." - Janice Mirikitani. Discover the enchanting world of dried flowers with Whispering Homes. Our collection features a variety of blooms including lavendar, baby's breath, hydrangeas, proteas, banksias and daisies among others. Each flower is carefully preserved to maintain its beauty, making them perfect for long-lasting arrangements that add elegance to any space.

Be inspired by our Bestsellers

Whenever you are thinking of experimenting with your home décor and trying out new things to do at your home that will make it look bright and cheerful, you should try your hands on the new trends! Whether it is a new design style of the kitchen that you came across or it is simply decorating your home with artificial dried flowers, you should be updated with the latest trends that are running.

If you want to build a statement or create a catchy vision among your guests with your decoration, why not try the all new dried flowers from Whispering Homes? These types of flowers are not just easy to maintain but also, they have an aesthetic appeal and a sense of natural vibes.

What are dried flowers and shola flowers?

If you are not yet at par with the concept of dried flowers, then here it is for you! Dried flowers are freshly cut flowers and made into any other bouquet or kept as single stems for decorating purposes. The only difference between dried flowers and real flowers is that the former ones are dehydrated through artificial processes to make them long lasting. They are dried in such a manner that they do not lose their original shape, color, look and in certain cases, their scent as well.

Shola flowers are flowers that are made out of wooden. The shape, design and color of the flowers are replicated in such a way that you would not understand if it is a real one or an artificial one! Likewise, there are wooden flowers as well available for decoration.

After drying, the dried flowers become delicate and soft in nature, and a rustic touch is added to make them appear real and fresh. Full efforts are made to retain the true feel of the flowers in an aesthetically pleasing manner, which would help you in making your home like a mini indoor garden with blooming flowers all over!

Apart from being a pleasure to the eyes, the dried flowers add a different charm to your interior palette, which you will not find with anything else. This is all the way more reasons as to why you should get your hands on these beautiful flowers from Whispering Homes now! Choose from the variety of options available in different colors and shapes, and get the ones you love for decorating your place. You can also consider gifting this to people on their special occasions, who have a knack for decorative items and would love to have the vibrant dried flowers at their home!

How to uplift your interior décor with dry flowers decoration for home?

After buying pretty vases and keeping them decorated on your table, it does not look good if it is kept empty! To pair your beautiful vases with colorful flowers, you need to get hold of some of the best dried flowers and artificial flowers from our collection.

Dried flowers are like the flowers that bring a sense of nature indoors and create a lively vibe in your ambience! Bringing in the magic of spring and summer combined, it will be difficult for your guests to find out if the flowers are real or not. Right from modern, contemporary home décor styles to vintage and rustic looks, you can illuminate any corner of your home with vibrant and cheerful dried flowers and make your room look stunning!

With minimal care and a long lasting effect, these dried flowers are of different varieties. Starting from their size, color and styles, you can choose the ones that you seem to like the most! You can top some of your beautiful vases with the dried flowers and keep them in the middle of your dining table, bedside table or on the center table by your sofa set. No doubt, it is one of the best home decorating accessories that you can have at your home for enhancing the beauty and uplifting its style statement!

The best part about artificial flowers is that they are versatile in nature. You can buy them in a bouquet for a better decorating idea or you can have single stems, if you would like to make it the primary focus of the room. Grabbing one of the easiest options for decorating your home, the vibrant dried flowers have the simple power to make the dull corners of your room joyful and lively!

Advantages of having dried flowers for decoration

The best part about having artificial and dried flowers is that you do not have to take care of it like a regular flowering plant. All you have to do is keep it decorated at the place you like it the most and voila! You are done!

However, some eminent advantages of having dried flowers decoration at your place are:

  • They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and they can be adjusted to make your own favorite choice of bouquets! Your likes and preferences are all that matters, when you are getting decorative dried flowers for your home.
  • You can have off-season flowers at all times during the year, so you do not have to worry about it being unavailable.
  • Compared to fresh and real flowers, the dried flowers are long lasting and durable in nature. The bouquets of flowers stay bright and good upto a year or so, if kept with proper care and handled delicately.
  • There may be some people who are allergic to flower pollens. Dried flowers do not have pollen, since they have undergone an artificial process to be made. So, you will be allergy free!
  • The most important thing about dried flowers is that you do not have to water them again and again. This is why dried flowers are known to be a low maintenance home décor item!

If you are having second thoughts about having the best dried flowers for home décor, we suggest you drop your doubts and do yourself a favor by grabbing them online from our store!

Tips on how to take care of the best dried flowers for décor

When you have already purchased that beautiful and colorful dried flowers for your home, you would need some special tips to follow, so that it stays longer and uplifts your style statement!

. Avoid sunlight – keep the dried flowers away from sunlight as the strong rays of the sun can make their colors fade away and lose their vibrant nature.

. No watering – watering can cause the dried flowers to lose their sense of essence and ruin their beauty. This will affect their durability.

. Ensure regular dusting – the dried petals of the flowers can be exposed to a lot of dust and dirt. You can dust them regularly and keep them clean, so that their colors do not fade away.

Where to buy the best dried flowers online?

For decorating your home with the best set of dried flowers, you can pick your favorites from the amazing collection of Whispering Homes! Choose your one, get them ordered and wait for it till it turns up at your door with the proper packaging and utmost care!

It is time to make your homes look pretty in the all new dry flowers for decoration and we cannot wait for you to choose your favorite!


Q.1 What exactly are dried flowers?

Dried flowers are natural blooms that have been dehydrated to remove moisture, preserving their beauty and form for long-lasting decorative use.

Q.2 How should I care for dried flowers to ensure their longevity?

To extend the lifespan of dried flowers, keep them away from direct sunlight and humidity. Occasionally dust them gently, and avoid excessive handling. With these simple precautions, your dried flowers will retain their beauty for an extended period.

Q.3 Do dried flowers cause allergies?

Generally, dried flowers are less likely to trigger allergies compared to fresh flowers, as the drying process reduces the presence of pollen.

Q.4 Why are dried flowers considered sustainable?

They last much longer than fresh flowers, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus minimizing waste.

Q.5 Which dried flowers are best for a vintage aesthetic?

Lavender, roses, peonies, and hydrangeas are popular choices for creating a classic, timeless look.

Q.6 Can I use dried flowers for my wedding bouquet?

Absolutely! Dried flowers provide a unique and lasting alternative to fresh flowers for wedding bouquets and decor.

Q.7 Will dried flowers retain their scent?

Some dried flowers may retain a mild scent, but generally, the drying process diminishes the natural fragrance of the flowers.

Q.8 How are flowers dried?

Flowers can be air-dried by hanging them upside down in a dry, dark place, or using methods like pressing, silica gel, or even microwaving.

Q.9 Are dried flowers suitable for DIY projects?

Yes, they are excellent for various crafts, including making wreaths, framed botanical art, and potpourri.

Q.10 How do I choose dried flowers that complement my home’s decor?

Consider the color scheme and style of your space. Opt for flowers that harmonize with your interior design for a cohesive look.

Q.11 Do different dried flowers have specific meanings?

Yes, similar to fresh flowers, dried flowers can symbolize various sentiments and messages, such as love, remembrance, and joy.

Q.12 What is the lifespan of dried flowers?

With proper care, dried flowers can last anywhere from several months to several years. Their longevity depends on factors such as the type of flower, the drying method used, and the storage conditions.