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If you are ever considering to decorate your walls with items that will look good on it, then surely you have considered buying wall plates and wall paintings for it. Wall paintings are a sophisticated way to decorate your room walls with various types of paintings. Be it canvas painting of landscapes, city lines, some animal or spiritual figurine or an abstract artwork. The best part about wall plates is that they can be put up on any room, whether it is your bedroom walls or living room walls that need to be adorned.

However, there are certain factors that you should consider before buying a plate wall hanging or decorative wall plates. Though you can go through the different artwork and instantly choose the one that catches your eyes, there are some things that you need to keep in mind while buying them.

So, if you are wondering about what these considerations are, then read ahead to have a grip over it!

  • Choose the art that makes you feel good – Art is a reflection of your personality and the ones you choose to put up on your walls is the ultimate way for letting people know about your choices. There are certain artwork or paintings that you see and instantly like them. Choose colors, textures and shapes that appeal to you!
  • Use more than one art form – Paintings and artwork comes in many shapes, sizes and designs. If you plan on having a separate corner of the wall dedicated to only wall art paintings, then you should consider having different types of it. You can go for landscapes and city lines and wildlife together to make your walls look attractive to the eyes of the people! Use different artwork in different rooms, so that the interest of the people remains top-notch!
  • Consider the room – While shopping for artwork, the first and the foremost important thing for you is to consider which room you would like to have it. Whether you want the artwork to pop out or blend in with the room surroundings, what are the colors of the walls of that room and what is the type of mood you want to create there. These are some basic yet important decisions that you need to take while buying an artwork painting!
  • Kitchen and bathroom walls – You can even have wall art paintings on the kitchen and bathroom walls. The lighted wall plate is meant for the walls that are not open to the public. Light hearted art on the kitchen and bathroom walls look funky and add colors to your entire home!
  • Not too many wall frames – Too many wall art paintings will cramp the wall and make it look untidy. Have a select number of classy artwork frames on your walls and allow it to be the focal point of the room. Often too many frames make the room look small.
  • Layering adds interest – You can have artwork in layers, as it makes one curious and interested in the art! This type of artwork looks good if you have a large wall with empty space, so that every layer of the decorative wall plates are done subtly. For a person coming from the outside, it will draw immediate attention to this type of wall art in your living room!
  • Your artwork should have a meaning – Even abstract artwork has a meaning. Artwork without any meaning is like a journey without any destination! While you shop for your walls, know the story and the meaning behind the artwork painting that you have selected. We do not want you to be blank when someone asks you about it!
  • God figurine painting – Classic black wall plates of God faces like Ganesha, Krishna or Goddess Durga is an elegant way to decorate your room. These types of paintings bring good luck to your home and also, they are pretty to look at! You can even place them at the entrance of your home, so that it invites good charm and keeps your home protected from all types of evil vibes.
  • Animal face painting – Different animals in the wildlife represents different characteristics. Like the lion represents courage and wisdom and the horse represents speed. Having these paintings on the walls of your living room will enhance the look of the entire room and give out a positive message in the surrounding!
  • Sky lines – Beautiful landscapes of sky lines is a wonderful way to decorate your bedroom walls and drawing room walls! The elegant way in which these ceramic wall plates show the sky lines leave the people coming into your home awestruck with its beauty.
  • Abstract wall painting – Large wall hanging plates having abstract artwork is an exclusive way to light up your room with the minimal efforts. The different hues of colors that it pops in the room and blends perfectly with the room surroundings. As said, even abstract paintings have a wonderful story behind them and so is always a good conversation starter!

Wall hanging plates do not need regular cleaning because of their texture. However, in order to clean them, you need to wipe them off with a clean, soft and dry cloth. You do not need to use wet cloth on them, as it may hamper their textured artwork and the metal used for it.

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