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Nowadays, incorporating different ways of a healthy lifestyle has become the utmost priority, especially after the pandemic and growing pollution. One such way to create a healthy and peaceful lifestyle is to have some greenery and lively vibes in the ambiance surrounding you. Designer planters & pots have made this task much easier for all. You can now display your favorite botanicals, flowers, shrubs, or herbs both inside as well as outside your house. These are versatile enough to incorporate into any room's decor, balcony, kitchen garden, or entrance. The colorful appeal and designer silhouettes of these pieces attract compliments and look luxurious in any space.

Decorating your dream house is not less than any challenge! You would want everything to be perfect because why not? Hence, indulging in modern contemporary decor and keeping things minimalist yet stylish will help you create a space of your own. Ceramic pots & planters are just the right accents to level up your interiors as well as exteriors with beautiful designs and especially peaceful colors. If you're a fan of gardening and want to have a personal botanical display in your surroundings then these pieces are perfect. Cool designs and durable silhouettes instantly win your heart and compel you to buy a couple of these items for your living space.

Customize your garden space using designer planters and grow your favorite botanicals. Perfect to satisfy your green fingers and celebrate your love for botanicals. These pieces reflect a sense of peace and aesthetic vibes into the ambiance. A minimalist space with a little bit of design that grows your lovely saplings into fully grown plants. Spacious enough to plant a couple of saplings together, these planters also add a colorful touch to any living space. You can enjoy your evening or early morning time while sitting in your garden or balcony and admire the beauty of these accents while sipping your favorite tea or coffee.

Buy hand-picked planters and pots online at whispering homes. You can choose from a variety of pieces and decide according to your theme. Minimalist accents made of quality ceramics are embossed with beautiful patterns, caricatures, and designs. The clean finish and durable silhouettes make these absolute crowd-pleasers. Ideal to stylize your interiors and fill in the empty spaces on balconies, windows, or entrances. You can proudly display these in your garden and create a colorful botanical display. Also, perfect to gift to your nature-lover friends and family. These will prove to be highly functional and will be much appreciated by all your loved ones.

Whispering homes provides an exclusive collection of handpicked home & garden decor accents which also includes designer ceramic planters & large pots. Customers get a variety in terms of design, shapes, and colors. It also provides a glimpse of real products with suggested decoration tips by uploading the actual pictures. You can get all the details under the overview tag and also check the dimensions to ensure the right piece for your home. Each item is curated with love and care. The budget-friendly price range also allows the customers to purchase these luxury pieces without putting a load on their pockets!

  • Living Room: Perfect to liven up the seating arrangements and fill in the empty corners near sofa sets or resting chairs, these accents are ideal for incorporating beautiful florals in your living room and creating a lively space for you and your visitors.
  • Bedroom: Ideal items to decorate your bedroom and create a cozy personal space. You can adorn your favorite botanicals and flowers in these and experience natural essence right in your bedroom. Place these on the bedroom window, entrance, or near the study table.
  • Entrance: The large floor pots are perfect to display at entrances. Place these near the entrance door and adorn your favorite ferns & other green botanicals.
  • Kitchen garden: Level up your kitchen garden by adorning these eclectic pieces made of quality material. You can grow your favourite herbs in these.

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