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Ravishing Scented Candles and Candle Holder for Home Décor

When it comes to aesthetically decorating your home with chic and elegant home décor items, nothing can beat the goodness of the candle holders along with some beautiful scented candles! The beauty of candle holders is that they are not just for making your home look elegant on special occasions, but also on normal days. After a long and hard day of work, when you come back to your home, you definitely want something relaxing to have a peaceful sleep that will energise you for the next day. At times like this, all you need to do is, light up some of the scented candles and illuminate your room with the light of the candles. This will make you feel relaxing and refreshing at the same time!

Though there are many types of candle holders available in the market today, some antiquely designed candle holders are the ones that make your home look aesthetically pleasing! For combining beauty and peaceful vibes in your home, there is nothing better than having decorative candle holder at your place. The epitome of beauty and grace fills your entire room with lights and calmness. From a wide collection of shapes, sizes, designs and colours, you can choose the best suited pick for your room décor and deck up your home with them!

When you want some aromatic scented candles spread all over your room, it is essential to know what type of scents you should get for your home. Some of the most beautiful scented candles are:

  • Vanilla latte candle
  • Soy candle in French lavender
  • Soy candle in Mogra essence
  • Vanilla scented candles
  • Jasmine scented candles

Types of Candle Stands Suited for Your Home Décor:

Since there are many types of candle stand that you can choose from, these are the top designs, which will make your home look beautiful and charming! Have a look to select your type!

  • Tea light holders – This is the most ideal wall hanging candle holders for festivals and occasions to decorate your place as well as for lighting it up! The metallic touch up of candlestick gives a pleasing fashion look. Being crafted from iron, this type of candle holder looks contemporary.
  • Glass candle holder – Glass candle holders can have multiple stands or single stands for holding candles. This is one of the most aesthetic and pleasing candle holder for decorating your home with! You can even gift it to your close friends and family on their special occasion to make their home look chic with style and light. If you have solid wall colors, then the glass candle stands will be an excellent pair for your home ambience!
  • Ceramic candle holders – Being available in different shapes and designs, the ceramic candle holders are one of the most purchased home décor products! Ceramic holders can be placed high on top of the showcases or on your dining table for having proper and top class candle light dinner ambience at your home. If you are having textured walls or designer wall prints, then the ceramic candle stands will look stunning against them!
  • Hurricane holders – Hurricane candle holder with multiple pots to hold candles makes an excellent wall hanging! If you want to make your home have a different touch than the others, then go for the uncommon yet pretty hurricane candle holders for that extra spark at your place!
  • Vintage styled holder – Vintage styled wall hanging candle stand have a touch of traditional fashion along with modern fashion. This whole thing makes the vintage glass candle holder look exceptionally elegant at your place on the walls! Have the vintage styled wall hanging candlestick placed on the walls of the living room or on top of any showcase, opposite to the entrance, so that people can see that upon entering.
  • Brass candle stand – If you are fond of antique décor items, then brass candlestick holder is a must item for your home! It is a candlestick holder, which is made up of brass and the colour looks as dark brown. It is a proper example of vintage holder. This will give an extraordinary look to the ambience of your home when kept at the correct place!

These are some types of candle holder for home décor that you can have for having that extraordinary charm and spark at your place! With illuminating bright lights and classic décor, you can make your guests go awestruck with the beauty and grace of the candle holders.

Ways to Clean Candlestick Holders:

Candlestick holders are easy to clean since they do not need washing. Regular dusting off with a soft cotton or linen cloth does the work perfectly. In case of heavy dust, a wet soft cloth can be used for wiping off the dust properly. In case you have wall hanging candle stand, do not try to bring down the holder too often as it can damage the hooks of the candle holder.

Long Candle Stands or Short Candle Holders?

There are certain advantages of long candle holders that the short candle holders do not have. As much as they are tall and bright in looking, short ones are more suitable for placing it on the dining table.

Some advantages of long candles are:

  • Making the entire room lit up with the tall candles
  • Being visible from every corner of the room
  • Standing tall and straight in the middle of the room and looking beautiful as ever
  • Protection from the wind for the burning candles
  • Good metal base of the stands, so that it does not fall down with the weight of the candles

Buying Guide of Candlestick Holder:

When you want to have the best candlestick holders for making your home interior décor look classy and elegant, visit Whispering Homes for choosing the best from the best! You will definitely fall in love with each of its candle holder and be amazed by the wide collection of scented candles. 

Get your home decorated in an aesthetic way and give your eyes a treat by having the chic style candle stand in your interior décor! Redefine your ambience with classiness and good vibes without any second thoughts!