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  1. Lamps & Lighting Amaya Oja Lamp
  2. Lamps & Lighting Chirag Oil Lamp
  3. Lamps & Lighting Roshni Oil Lamp
  4. Lambency Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2) Lambency Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
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    Lamps & Lighting Lambency Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    was ₹2,699.00 Special Price ₹1,249.00
  5. Floating Oil Lamp (Set Of 2) Floating Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
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    Lamps & Lighting Floating Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    was ₹2,699.00 Special Price ₹1,249.00
  6. Ball Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2) Ball Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    SAVE 23%
    Lamps & Lighting Ball Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    was ₹3,499.00 Special Price ₹2,699.00
  7. Cone Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2) Cone Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    SAVE 26%
    Lamps & Lighting Cone Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    was ₹3,499.00 Special Price ₹2,599.00
  8. Conical Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2) Conical Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    SAVE 24%
    Lamps & Lighting Conical Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    was ₹3,299.00 Special Price ₹2,499.00
  9. Bottle Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2) Bottle Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    SAVE 20%
    Lamps & Lighting Bottle Black Oil Lamp (Set Of 2)
    was ₹2,999.00 Special Price ₹2,399.00
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Be inspired by our Bestsellers

Oil Lamps are a very traditional category of lamps that have been used for a long time in Indian households. With changing times and modern inventions, the actual charm of oil lamps somewhat started declining. But, to keep this beautiful category of lamps alive in our Indian households, there are plenty of options available in the market that are stylish, durable and super easy to maintain. These lamps basically produce light for a long period using oil as a fuel which is extracted from different seeds and nuts. In earlier times candles were replaced by these pieces while nowadays these are vividly used for decoration and ambient lighting purposes. These lamps are coated with quality powder to provide extra protection from corrosion and reduce the effects of weather.

The beautiful structures of oil lamps and traditional designs of torches add a beautiful touch to any surroundings. Made out of quality raw material and engraved with eye-catching designs, these are perfect decor items to rejuvenate any space. Primarily used for theme decoration and cosy lighting, an oil lamp infuses a traditional as well as nomadic vibe into the ambiance. The distinct look and classy charm of these decor items liven up different corners with aesthetic lighting and calming radiance.

The soothing inviting glow of oil lamps makes you fall in love with them. These are just the ideal accents you have been looking for to fill in the empty spaces at your home. Whether you want to accessorise outdoors or set up a classic indoor balcony - these are perfect to liven up boring dull corners and revamp your surroundings. Easy to handle and install, the calming illumination produced by these pieces brings sheer elegance into the ambiance. The timeless style and eye-soothing designs successfully add an intriguing visual interest to any empty space. Say bye-bye to boring empty corners with these functional decor items.

You can explore a large variety of oil lamps and choose from lively designs online while sitting in any corner of the world. Online surfing is way better than visiting different shops and comparing. It becomes way much easier to compare the prices and designs by navigating through different options available online. You can have a nice idea of trends, designs, and shapes of oil lamps and torches. This will help you make an ideal choice for your home. Whispering Homes is one such destination where you can explore a variety of oil lamps and torches online.

Whispering homes offer a range of quality oil lamp torches that are perfect for your home decor. Each piece is handpicked and radiates a beautiful glow when lit. Easy to handle and install at your place, these decor pieces are perfect to uplift the whole look of your house especially from outside during the night. These work fantastically as non-electric light sources and are very economical to use in any set-up. The best look can be achieved by installing in a set of two so that a more illuminating and lively effect can be introduced into the surroundings of any space. Some of the crowd-pleasing pieces are lambency black oil lamp, floating oil lamp, and cone black oil lamp.

There are instances when we often face the confusion of what item we should choose for gifting purposes. If you believe in functional and useful gift items then you should definitely choose a classy oil lamp set. A perfect set of decor items that work well when it comes to gifting your loved ones on occasions like housewarmings, get-togethers, or anniversaries. You can choose to surprise your friends and family who love setting up their gardens, balconies, and backyards. These will be ideal gift items to help them decorate their outdoor spaces in a more stylish and classy way.

1. Balconies: These are perfect pieces to light up your balconies with cosy vibes. Ideal to add a decorative touch and install a nice visual interest. You can light these up for any night party, get-together, or even regularly for a nice charming glow.

2. Garden: Install these on your garden entrance or at any other dark spot in your garden to enjoy a soft glow during the night. These will work beautifully for lighting up your garden space and it’ll definitely look inviting and calming.

3. Pathways Lighten up the pathways or walkways with these stylish and designer pieces. These will provide a rusty vintage charm and look super royal when installed beside outdoor pathways.

4. Party Decoration: These lamps will work beautifully for setting up theme decorations for parties like Halloween, and night music parties. Christmas decorations, etc.

What are you waiting for? Grab this golden chance to buy quality oil lamps and torches only on Whispering Homes. We bet you'll end up falling in love with our collection and definitely make a purchase to upgrade your house.