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  3. Plants & Botanicals Rosy Babysbreath Mix Flower Bouquet
  4. Plants & Botanicals Pink Blossom Mix Flower Bridal Bouquet
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Get the best Event Gifts at one-stop

Give your event guests presents or keepsakes to make a favorable impression. Especially if you held significant business events like a grand opening, company anniversary, brand promotion, employee awards, or other significant events, that event presence you give away to guests may be the best walking advertisement for your company branding, so read on for some guest gift ideas for events. 

What are some good gifts for events?

Event gifts are quite meaningful to the guests. First and foremost, people like useful gifts. Who doesn't enjoy receiving gifts? Second, have the brand logos and taglines put on the event gifts so they can see and remember your brand all the time. When you purchase a modest bouquet of dried flowers or an elaborate flower arrangement of exotic flowers, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. We recognize the element of surprise and emotional attachment to the order and work hard to deliver it with love and care. Whispering Homes offers online dried flower delivery to locations throughout India and around the world. If you want to order flowers online and have them delivered the same day to Delhi, or if you want online flower delivery in Mumbai or bouquet delivery in Mumbai by the top florist in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, or any other city in India, Whispering Homes is the best option. Whispering Homes is the only online dried flower shop in India.

Are flowers good gifts?

The presence of flowers is sufficient to make any occasion or moment absolutely unforgettable. Flowers can transform an average environment into something extraordinary. Flowers are commonly used as decorations, presents, and even as dress embellishments. Through our online gifting store, people may discover a wide range of dried, vivid flowers such as green forest, pink blossom, dried eucalyptus, and many more. All of these lovely flower arrangements will be delivered to your selected location in full bloom. With their unrivaled beauty and fragrance, these gorgeous and lovely flowers can easily mesmerize any individual. Aside from flower bouquets, our expert florists can create stunning floral arrangements to be given to your loved ones on any special occasion or moment. These dazzling natural dried flowers are widely available in a variety of colors, kinds, and arrangements, allowing you to provide the best for your loved ones. We can assist you in delivering a lovely bouquet of dried flowers.

What can we gift on such occasions?

When most people think of flowers, they think of roses, and they envision a floral arrangement made up of roses. There is a wide variety of natural dried flowers at Whispering Homes, and with good reason. Apart from roses, we also deliver a wide range of cut flowers such as Lilies, Carnations, Orchids, Gerberas, Daisies, and other seasonal cut flowers as well as imported cut flowers such as Tulips. All dried flowers are delivered to customers in the form and design that they specify. We have cut flowers in a variety of forms and designs, such as bouquets and bunches, flower arrangements, and so on. Flower bouquets are available in a variety of designs and wrappings, including cello and colorful paper wrappings. We discourage people from ordering cello-wrapped bouquets at Whispering Homes because they are bad for the environment. Apart from flower arrangements, we also have vases, jars, panters, and ceramic kitcehnware, each accessible in a wide choice of colors and patterns to meet the needs of our customers.

What Makes the Best Party Favors or Event Gifts?

It's not like you can just hand out whatever gifts you want at a party, conference, or corporate function. Here are five facts concerning event mementos that you should be aware of:

  • Functional

The gifts should be functional and practical, something that you know they will utilize on a regular basis. Employees will appreciate everyday office supplies or stationery, for example. Regular visitors will appreciate gifts such as a jars, lamps, ceramic or brass kitchenware. You can tailor it to the occasion; the main thing is that the prize is useful and beneficial.

  • High value

Every item in the present should be of good quality. If the gift is of good quality, it will make a positive impression on your organization. Unless you do, the attendees will distrust your taste or the quality of your offering.

  • Durable

Don't offer an unsightly or easily broken present because it will make the event organizers look awful. Give quality and long-lasting presents to visitors. They will remember your brand for as long as the gift item is available.

  • Items of Originality

People enjoy unique or innovative stuff. Make it look intriguing, catchy, and innovative, whether it's through the patterns, colors, or function of the things.

  • Memorable

This is the problem with branding. You should create memorable event gifts and activities that will assist people to recall your brand. Make the goods truly distinctive because it is your walking advertisement and free publicity.

That concludes our discussion of the greatest event gift suggestions. Which do you believe is the greatest idea? You can choose any form of party favors or souvenirs, but you should buy or customize the gifts from a reputable and recommended business that guarantees the highest quality products.

Why should you buy gifts from Whispering Homes?

Whispering Homes is a veritable goldmine of giving possibilities. Whispering Homes offers a number of customization and personalization possibilities. Whispering Homes can help you locate the perfect present for any special person or occasion, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Diwali, Christmas, and more. Not only do we offer interesting customising possibilities that you'll appreciate, but we also offer seamless global and domestic online gift delivery. We have an extensive network that encompasses India. One of the most difficult difficulties has traditionally been getting gifts to loved ones on time. As a result, our web platform has enabled same-day delivery, which will revolutionise online gifting.  If you require flexible delivery options, you can send gifts the same day, the next day, or even at a predetermined time. Whispering Homes is continually aiming to offer one-of-a-kind gifts online.