Terracotta Vases

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When it comes to decorating your homes with pretty flowers and plants, we look for vases that would complement the blooming flowering plants. Vases are such a versatile thing, which looks good when placed anywhere in your home. Whether it is you want to place on the center table, dining table, bedside table or simply on your balcony floor, the beauty and grace of the vases is justified everywhere.

While vases can be made of different things like ceramic, glass and metal, terracotta is one of the oldest and the most elegant form of vases. Terracotta vases have a class of its own! The different designs done on the terracotta vases have a magical charm and it makes any room setting look pretty. The best part about terracotta vases is that they can blend perfectly with any type of furnishings and home interior décor style.

The special feature of terracotta vases is their durability, versatility and their affordability. The vases are strong and does not break easily, hence it gives you the long lasting effect of spending your budget once! Since it mixes and matches with any kind of home interior design and color palette, the versatility of these kind of vases is high. You can use it as a floor vase or a table vase, according to your mood and preference! These terracotta vases are weather proof and water proof, which makes them the ideal way to do planting and flowering.

If you are someone who is looking for new ways to decorate your homes with vases and pots, then you have just the right option at your hand for this – the Whispering Homes! Being available in a variety of colors, designs, prints and sizes, the terracotta vases are indeed a bestseller from the exclusive collection.

Different Types of Terracotta Vases

If you are confused about what type of vases you would like to have your homes decorated with, then do not worry, as we have multiple options for you ready!

  • Memory of home vase – When it comes to having printed designer terracotta vases, it reminds you of your childhood! The abstract art and the floral designs done on the vases in the Arts and Crafts period was something that we all looked forward to. The Memory oh Home Vase from Whispering Homes is an 8 inches tall vase that can be best placed on your dining table or center table. The elegant look of the vase blends perfectly well with your existing color palette and home décor style. Add a touch of vintage aesthetics to your ambience by pairing it with some colorful blossoms like dried pampas grass or flowering plants that you like for a more soothing view! Do not worry about the sizes because we have different sized vases available for you.
  • Memory of Home floor vase – Outdoor gardens and indoor balconies are something that is present in most of the homes now. In case you do not have either, you have place this beautiful Memory of Home floor vase by the side of your home entrance for a soothing welcome of your guests! Being available in different sizes, you can have the one best suited for your use. Top these vases with some dried flowers and pampas grass for the essence of the terracotta flower vase to be magical!
  • Blue bird vases – A beautiful blue vase with golden borders at the top and end makes this piece an extremely beautiful one! The terracotta small vase is the best suited for keeping it on your dining table, followed by some scented candles, to have a wonderful meal experience. You can have the same design in a different size and use it as a terracotta floor vase. The blue and golden color will pop out among the other décor items of your room and add a sparkling effect on the interior color palette!
  • Chocolate gaze vase – Looking like an exact chocolate bar, this vase is a real show stopper! The cute round 7 inches chocolate vase looks much like a ball, which can be placed on the table by your bed or sofa for a proper display. The terracotta vase large can be used for decoration purposes as well as for gardening. You can have these outside in your patio or in your indoor balconies for the proper look and feel of the home décor product!
  • Cerulean Song floor vase – A navy blue tall floor vase with designs and printed art all over the vase is what makes this one piece a unique and rare thing! Placing it on top of the showcase or table with some colorful dried flowers and pampas grass to make it look extravagant and beautiful. It will suit against any home background décor and mix well with your existing color palette. For someone who loves to decorate their homes with vases and flowers, this is one of the best gift items for them!

While terracotta vases can be of different shapes and sizes, you are free to choose the ones that you would like to have for decorating your home!

How to get the Metal Vase online?

The best way to get yourself terracotta vases is through online. The terracotta vase online price from Whispering Homes is in different ranges. Whether you want something under 1999 or 3999, you can find it in this category with your desirable design and size.

As mentioned earlier, the terracotta vase price is affordable and the items are durable, which makes you profitable from all ends! You can find multiple options for terracotta vases in Whispering Homes and get yours ordered. Visit Whispering Homes for more information about them. Since the packing and delivery is done with the utmost care, do not worry about the item reaching your address!

Get ready to decorate your home with some classy and amazing looking terracotta vases of all sizes. Give your home that chic look that has been missing by pairing the vases with some beautiful and colorful dried flowers or pampas grass! You can even have flowering plants in the vase and watch it grow with all your patience and love!