Modern Metal Vase

While gardening and planting is a hobby for many, there are people out there who bring flowering plants and decorative pots just for the purpose of decorating their homes. In either way, vases play a major role in brightening up your little space with their unique designs and color combination.

When you decide to have vases for your home and you start looking for it in different shops and online websites, you realise one thing is that vases are of different types. There is not one single type or design of vase available. You can choose the type of material they are made of, like terracotta, metal and glass vases. You can even select the size and design of the vases and go for the ones that will suit perfectly well with your interior décor style!

Out of everything else, this article will primarily focus on metal vases being an exception and extraordinary thing in the world of vases! To start from, there are multiple advantages that metal vases have, which probably the other ones do not have to that extent. Hence, check out why metal vases have a different place!

Benefits of having Metal Vases

While vases are not only used for outdoor or indoor balcony purposes, they can be used as an excellent home décor product. You can have vases placed in the middle of your dining table, by your bedside table or center table near the sofa set in your living room. You can also have the entryway decorated with floor vases to have a ravishing effect on your entire home, right from the start!

Needless to say, there are multiple benefits of having metal vases in your home. If you are still confused about whether you should buy it or not, then it is time you have a check on the advantages that this particular item possesses!

  • Durability - Vases dropping from your hands while cleaning them or accidentally pushing it are some common things that keep on happening at every household! The durability of the metal vases is strong, which means, it would not break or have a crack. They are also designed to go on for years, if you are having the minimum maintenance for them.
  • Range of beautiful surfaces – Metal vases feel more like customised vases because of the wide range of options available in them! You get painted, brushed and shiny texture along with different metal build ups like steel, copper, tin or aluminium. The designs can be engraved, raised or indented. The versatility of the metal vases is huge, which makes people fall in love with each single piece.
  • Easy sustainability – Sometimes when you buy an item for decorating your home, it may happen that after a point of time, you find the same decorative piece to be outdated. If this is the case with a metal vase, then you can easily use the vase as an antique in your place! If you are going for a trendy yet rusty look for your interiors, then this option is one of the best that you can have. Repurposing old items and making them a style statement in your home is just the right way to deal with your purchased items!

Apart from the long list of advantages that metal vases have over the other vases, these are some of the main advantages that you can consider while you are getting second thoughts about buying beautiful metal vases for your home!

Some Different Types of Metal Vases for Decorating Your Home

Since metal vases can be of different shapes, sizes and designs, you might not have knowledge about everything. So, here is a small guide about the types of metal vases, which you may choose for your living room or to say, any corner of your home!

  • Copper round vase – An exclusive round copper vase from the store of Whispering Homes will help you in a dual purpose way! It will help you bring a part of nature in your home as well as make you protect the culture of copper round vases. Being one of the most beautiful products, it is also one of the hardest to make because of the proper round shape of the copper. The round metal vase for living room is the best way to fill up your empty corners of the room!
  • Brass Frustum vase – Another one from the collection of Whispering Homes, this brass vase is a beauty, which is available in different sizes. This piece of item is the perfect example of how contemporary and traditional tastes have been blende into one single thing! The vases are sleek and captivating. Once placed on your dining table, the entire room is going to have their eyes on this! To have more attention towards it, you can top it with some blooming flowers or go for the colorful dried flowers and pampas grass.
  • Brass trumpet vase – A shiny and polished golden colored brass vase shaped in the way of a trumpet is a great thing for centrepieces. The taper opening of the vase can accommodate lots of flowers and plant stems. This piece of decorative item is the perfect example of how a simple thing can uplift the style statement of your home!

Apart from so many shapes and designs of the metal vase, you can find many others when you search and look for the exact type that you would like to have at your place!

How to get the Metal Vase online?

The best thing about these items is that the metal vase price is affordable. Since the product is durable, it will fit your budget appropriately! You can get the different metal vase design online and go for the one that you like the most.

Apart from that, you can go to Whispering Homes and visit their website whispering homes for getting select and the very best items for decorating your home! The delivery is quick and the packing is done with the utmost care, so you do not have to worry about any damage to the product while being delivered.

Get ready to have a traditional touch along with a hint of contemporary or modern style home décor products, and what can be better than having metal vases for this purpose?