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  1. Reza Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹4,398.00 ₹4,198.00

  2. Meltem Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹4,398.00 ₹4,198.00

  3. Siyah Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹2,898.00 ₹2,698.00

  4. Beyaz Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹2,898.00 ₹2,698.00

  5. Velik Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹1,798.00 ₹1,798.00

  6. Nario Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹2,998.00 ₹2,998.00

  7. Opus Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹2,998.00 ₹2,998.00

  8. Detta Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹6,498.00 ₹5,298.00

  9. Amedeo Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹1,998.00 ₹1,998.00

  10. Ricci Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,998.00 ₹3,998.00

  11. Stanza Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹4,198.00 ₹4,198.00

  12. Lillian Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹4,098.00 ₹4,098.00

  13. Avery Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹2,998.00 ₹2,398.00

  14. Forbis Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,098.00 ₹2,398.00

  15. Torres Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹2,798.00 ₹2,398.00

  16. Voxel Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹1,499.00 ₹1,099.00

  17. Ramos Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹4,098.00 ₹2,998.00

  18. Rius Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,498.00 ₹2,498.00

  19. Manolo Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,098.00 ₹2,298.00

  20. Jose Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,098.00 ₹2,298.00

  21. Cartos Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹8,297.00 ₹5,397.00

  22. Soren Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,597.00 ₹2,997.00

  23. Colto Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹6,897.00 ₹4,297.00

  24. Declan Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹4,397.00 ₹3,797.00

  25. Beckett Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹2,698.00 ₹2,498.00

  26. Balmer Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,198.00 ₹2,998.00

  27. Silas Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,198.00 ₹2,898.00

  28. Renzo Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,298.00 ₹2,998.00

  29. Chavez Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹6,798.00 ₹4,598.00

  30. Bernial Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹4,298.00 ₹3,998.00

  31. Nestor Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹5,498.00 ₹3,198.00

  32. Enzo Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹6,798.00 ₹4,198.00

  33. Apolline Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹4,798.00 ₹3,498.00

  34. Kasia Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,398.00 ₹2,898.00

  35. Danuta Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,498.00 ₹2,998.00

  36. Iwona Flower Vase

    Starting at ₹3,198.00 ₹2,698.00

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329 items

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Why choose decorative flower vases for your home decor?

All the home decor enthusiasts out there constantly lookout for trendy and peaceful home decor accessories to adorn their house of dreams. There's always this search for unique and eye-catching decorative accents that not only fill in the empty corners but also uplift the style statement of your living space. Out of all the varied decor accents out there, the one that remains most crowd-pleasing and easy-going are decorative flower vases exhibiting a regal combo of unique vases adorning some finest botanicals. Cute vases are always incomplete without pretty blooms. Flower vase combos make it easier to have an ideal home decor item that infuses peaceful and aesthetic touch into the interior palette.

How do flower vases add a variety of hues to your interiors?

Who doesn't love flowers? Every age group profoundly appreciates the beauty of natural blooms in home decor. Flower vases are one such home decor item that allows you to add a variety of hues to the color palette of your home decor. Experimenting with different vase shapes and designs that are inspired by some real-life motifs as well as inspirations is always fun while creating a personalized space. Flower vases with eclectic blooms add just the right amount of eye-pleasing touch and accentuate the color palette of your home decor. Mix-matched flower bouquets in handpicked flower vases will definitely showcase a glimpse of your persona through your home decor.

Where to buy flower vases online?

It's an online era and everything is just one click away. Explore the world of online home decor items and choose the finest flower vases for your living space while sitting in your comfortable space. Enjoy shopping for your sweet home with a one-stop destination - whispering homes. Supreme quality flower vases are exclusively assembled to add sheer magnificence to your home decor. Curated with utmost love and care, featuring handpicked ceramic flower vases adorning choicest dried flower bouquets and dried grasses. We bet you won't be able to take your eyes off our exquisite flower vase collection.

What makes our flower vases unique?

Whispering homes provide an eclectic range of flower vases showcasing a variety of ceramic vase silhouettes, designs, and patterns. Mesmerizing dried flowers and breezy pampas grasses make our flower vases much more eye-catching and aesthetic home decor accents. All our flower vase combos are assembled with utmost precision and care while keeping in mind a subtle idea, inspiration, or theme. If you struggle with your ideas and find them difficult to put together, then don't worry! We present you with a handful of pre-designed flower vase options featuring a beautiful combination of ceramic vases and dried botanicals. We strive to serve uniqueness with a little bit of modern charm through our flower vase combos.

Why choose flower vases as gift items?

Deciding on a gift for your loved ones has now become much easier with eye-pleasing home decor accents. Flower vases are nowadays the most trendy and functional home decor gifts anyone can choose. Full of color, elegance and dignified charm, flower vase combos make perfect gifting options for your friends and family. Take celebrations like get-togethers and housewarmings to the next level by presenting a luxurious flower vase with chic dried blooms. Flower vase combos are perfect accents to surprise your loved ones and put a smile on their face. Right from minimalist lovers to bubbly personalities, flower vases as gifts will do magic!

How to adorn flower vases in different spaces in home decor?

  1. Living room: Make flower vase combos as a center of attraction in the most loved space of a household. Add charmingly eye-pleasing vibes into the ambiance and complement the furnishing and sofa arrangements with a nice large flower vase adorning an aesthetic bunch of dried blooms. Place on the center table, side table, or on the shelves. 
  1. Bedroom: Fill in the empty corners in your bedroom and add a nice pop of color by displaying a flower vase on the side table, study table, or near bedsides. Flower vases boasting a beautiful bouquet of dried blooms will add up to the peaceful vibes of your bedroom and infuse a sense of opulence and tranquillity.
  1. Hallways: Don't leave the hallways dull! Liven up with handpicked flower vase combos that feature a nice eye-catching vase adorning aesthetically pleasing blooms. Dried botanicals will sustain for a longer time period and add a subtle charm into the hallways. Choosing a flower vase will also accentuate the color palette of your home decor.

We've got you covered! Try out a flower vase  for your home decor and uplift the style statement of your living space with whispering homes flower vase combo collection. Shop now!