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  1. Decorative Ceramic Fulgur Ginger Jars Decorative Ceramic Fulgur Ginger Jars
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    Decor Fulgur Jar - Small
    was ₹2,499.00 Special Price ₹2,099.00
  2. Decor Chameleon Jar - Small
  3. Ceramic Haflinger Decorative Ginger Jar Ceramic Haflinger Decorative Ginger Jar
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    Decor Haflinger Jar - Small
    was ₹6,999.00 Special Price ₹6,399.00
  4. Decor Percheron Jar - Small
  5. Decor Orlov Jar - Small
  6. Decor Marwari Jar - Small
  7. Decor Speckled Jar - Small
  8. Decor Hetfield Jar - Small
  9. Decor Arkle Jar - Small
  10. Decor Tongass Jar - Small
  11. Decor Daintree Jar - Small
  12. Decor Primrose Jar - Small
  13. Decor Galah Jar - Small
  14. Decor Shire Jar - Small
  15. Decor Coleus Jar - Small
  16. Maze Jar - Small Maze Jar - Small
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    Decor Maze Jar - Small
    was ₹5,699.00 Special Price ₹5,199.00
  17. Decor Emrison Jar
  18. Decor Emarison Jar
  19. Decor Crimson Jar - Small
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Cute and Small Ceramic Jars for your Interior

When storing jars for the kitchen are needed, there is no compromise on the sizes! Whether it is mini ceramic jars, a small jar, big jar or a medium sized jar, everything is required for making a complete set in the kitchen. Likewise, along with decoration, small ceramic jars are a wonderfully useful thing – people who manage the kitchen will agree on this, without a doubt!

Small ceramic canister with lid is the most common jar that you will find in almost every household. This is because of the one single purpose that it serves the best: it is easy for storing things! Along with it, when decoration is considered, these cute little jars are well fitted for everywhere. You can even place them on top of any shelf in your living room, on the dining table or center table for the entire room to look bright and good!

Exclusive Types of Small Ceramic Jars for You:

  • Antlia jars – Being the perfect blend of exotic and textured ceramic artwork, it is a definite eye catcher! Topped with amazing metal lids in shades of golden with a touch of another colour for complimenting the golden hue, it is a delight to have these jars at your place for decoration. It has a glossy look and provides a luxurious feel because of its intricate artwork.

Tip: the best place to keep it is on the kitchen mantel or dining table in a set of 3 to make the set look complete and beautiful.

  • Mensa jars – The most aesthetic jars of all times is the mensa jar! They are two tone jars with ceramic and a touch of metal polishing to give that calming vibe. It has a classic golden glaze on the white ceramic and the best part is that it comes with a lid on top!

Tip: if you are looking for a small white ceramic jar with a lid for storing small quantities of items as well as for decoration, then mensa jars are the best option for you!

  • Marwari jars – As the name suggests, these jars are inspired from the Marwari culture of traditional and local artwork, making this piece unique and elegant! These small ceramic storage jars have a matte finish texture with intricate details of artwork, like designs of animal figures. The colour combination and the glazy texture of the jars make it look classy!

Tip: you can use it for storing non-perishable items in the kitchen or put it on the display just as they are!

Cleaning Mini Jars:

Cleaning ceramic jars is easy, as it does not require much effort. You can even wash the jars occasionally and dust them off with a dry and soft cloth regularly to keep the shine in them intact!

Buying Small Ceramic Jars online:

Ceramic jars are found in every decor shop or kitchenware shop as well as in the online stores. However, if you want to get hold of the best pieces with the perfect and vivid artwork, then all you need to do is simply click whispering homes and find the amazing collection of ceramic jars there!

When you need small jars, do not hesitate to buy it, because they are as wonderful for decoration as the other sizes!