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  1. Plants & Botanicals Eucalyptus-Apple leaves Flower Bouquet
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  3. Plants & Botanicals Preserved Apple Leaves - Green
  4. Plants & Botanicals Dried Preserved Hydrangea - Green
  5. Plants & Botanicals Dried Hydrangea - Dark Green
  6. Plants & Botanicals Cyan Dried Flower Bouquet
  7. Plants & Botanicals Mint Green Dried Flower Bouquet
  8. Plants & Botanicals Preserved Hydrangea - Light Green
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A Touch of Nature at Your Home with Green Dried Grass

Whenever we hear the words ‘grass’ and ‘nature’, we somehow connect it to green. Since green is the color of nature, any plants or flowers in your home will bring over a touch of nature indoors! It is sometimes not possible to build a big outdoor garden, when you do not have the space for it. Indoor balconies or gardens will also need a certain amount of space but more than that, you have to give time and put your efforts for the green plants and flowers to grow and bloom! In the busy and hectic schedules of daily life, sometimes even this is not possible.

In order to not make a hassle yet to build an indoor garden at your home, the maximum and the best thing that you can do is get dried green grass and flowers for this purpose! The green pampas grass looks natural and feels like real grass because of its texture and color. They have a fresh and lively vibes instilled in them for the best use of the dried pampas grass. So, what do you think is keeping you awaited?

Placing the green dried pampas grass on the corners of your home will make your home look not just beautiful but also build a touch of nature. You will feel relaxed and connected to nature whenever you are having a bad day or a bad mood. The green dried plants and grasses will create a space of solace and peace along with some blooming dried flowers that will just be in sync with the whole little ‘nature’ corner in your home!

Advantages of having green dried pampas grass for your home decoration:

Some people may think that the dried pampas grass will not give you the feel of authenticity and originality, there might be something that you are going wrong in! There are many advantages of having dried pampas and dried flowers for your home that you may not know about yet. 

So, without any ado, check out the real advantages that these offer you, which makes it the best décor accents for your home!

  • You do not have to worry about any specific position for keeping them. Since they are dried and artificial in nature with the qualities of the real grasses, they do not need sunlight or water for them to grow and bloom.
  • Though dried and preserved, the dried pampas retain the original color, scent and freshness of the real grass so that it looks and feels real.
  • You can pair it up with some sleek and slender ceramic vases and keep them on your side table or dining table for the perfect meal setup.
  • Instead of having just the pampas grass as a standalone, you can combine them with some fresh and vibrant colored dry flowers to maximize the beauty of the whole thing.

Taking these advantages into consideration, we bet it will be too difficult for you to resist yourself from buying these gorgeous green dried pampas grass for your lovely home decoration! 

Different types of Dried Pampas grass for sale in our store:

It is now time that you have a quick sneak peek into our store and explore the different types of dried pampas grass that is available for sale. Mentioning a compact list of some of the most purchased dried pampas grass from Whispering Homes, get ready to have your homes adorned with them without any second thoughts!

  • Preserved apple leaves green – If you are looking to include something in dark green hues to your interior home décor, then there is no way you are missing on the green Preserved apple leaves by Whispering Homes! The leaves are crisp and fresh, and the rich green tone of color is just the one that you need to fill the empty dull corners of your home. Keep this in the minimalist and sleek decorative vases from the store to enhance the beauty of the corner, wherever it is kept! 
  • Preserved eucalyptus green – Known for its medicinal properties all through its life and it is now being one of the trendiest preserved plants that you can have at your home for decoration! The dark green dried eucalyptus is a bundle of spiral and populus leaves, which radiates a magnificent dark green color shade. The shade is perfect for blending with your room background or is contrasting in a way that will instill a pop of bright colors in your interior palette! Have the tall and sleek vases for keeping these alone or by combining them with a dried floral bouquet. This dried green grass will be all set to make the corners of your home relaxing and comforting!
  • Dark green dried hydrangea - As complicated as the name may sound, the flower is just the opposite! Looking exactly like a green ball, this dark green dried flower has the charm to fill your dull spaces of the home with sheer elegance and bliss. If you are someone who loves nature and its texture, then surely getting a hydrangea for your home will be the right choice for you! These types of flowers are long lasting and they do not need any extra care or maintenance. Have a contrasting white or grey decorative vase for keeping this green hydrangea and let the beauty speak volume!

These are just some of the glimpses from our collection of dark green dried grass and you are free to go to the website to choose and select more from there to get your homes adorned with the prettiest ones, just like usual!

Choosing Whispering Homes for online buy of dried pampas grass:

Whispering Homes has a huge and amazing collection of dried green pampas grass that is sure to make you fall in love with it! You can visit the store and get your choice of items at your doorstep within just 7 days of your order placing. With raining discounts and offers, this festive season is all about making your home deck up with all the pretty and cheerful stuff!

We are ready to make your home look the most beautiful and stunning as ever with our quality home décor products! Are you ready for the change?