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  1. Hydrangea - Cyan Blue Hydrangea - Cyan Blue
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  3. Dried Fern Asparagus - Blue Dried Fern Asparagus - Blue
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    Plants & Botanicals Dried Fern Asparagus - Blue
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  4. Preserved Limonium Grass - Blue Preserved Limonium Grass - Blue
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    Plants & Botanicals Preserved Limonium Grass - Blue
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Exclusive Blue Dried Pampas Grass for the Love of your Home Decoration

Blue has always been a royal color that sets the mood of the home right! Whether it is the blue patterns and textures on your wall that you are thinking about doing, the blue set of kitchenware items you are deciding to buy or the blue dried flowers and grasses that you are exploring for getting your home a new and divine look, blue always points out and gives a luxurious and royal touch to your home without any doubt!

Along with its royalty and sheer elegance, blue dried pampas grass is something that will elevate the look of your eclectic or contemporary home with just its touch. The vibrant hues that the color radiates and the positive energy that fills the room is something that you simply cannot let go! Because of the cheerful vibes and mellow tones of energy, people love to keep flowers and grass in their homes. Not just because it makes their home look top notch and pretty, but also because having flowers and grasses makes you feel a connection with nature!

The idea of dried blue pampas grass came up when there was a need for decorating the home but no time for taking care of the real plants and flowers. Whispering Homes has got the best of the dried blue pampas grass in their store for you, so that you can make your home look ravishing and stunning in all its new and gorgeous attire!

Why do people want to decorate their homes with vibrant blue dry pampas grass?

Decorating with original flowers and plants will no doubt make your homes look well maintained and pretty, but if you can find a décor accent that will stay for almost a lifetime and will make your home look gorgeous in the same way, then why not go for it? 

The dried pampas grass and flowers from Whispering Homes are as pretty and beautiful as the original ones. The preserved grasses and flowers are made to retain their original color and even the beautiful scent of the flowers. They look and feel just like the original ones without hinting you towards a difference between the two! 

The only relieving part is that you do not have to water it or maintain it regularly. The pressed and compressed flowers and grasses have a longer lifespan and hence, you can do any type of decoration with them at your home!

The blue dried pampas grass will go well with any type of interior home décor and wall colors because of their nature of blending in or being in contrast with them. You can place the classy and chic royal blue dry pampas grass in a light colored, tall and sleek vase for the best outlook of the entire thing!

What is the best place to keep the navy blue pampas grass?

The best part about keeping pampas grass is that you can keep them alone in a vase or use it as fillers in a flower bouquet! So, there is no such place as the ‘best’ place to keep the dry grasses because it fits just right everywhere.

You can place it on the side table in your living room or in the centre of your dining table. As for your bedroom, you can have little bedside tables and place one vase with fluffy small pampas grass on it. If you have a large window frame, you can place the vase near the window as well for a picturesque view of the whole room!

Just remember to not place the dried grass or flowers directly in the sunlight or near it, as the strong rays of the sun might make the colors of the grass and flower fade away.

Some types of blue pampas grass from the store of Whispering Homes:

The best part about shopping online from Whispering Homes is that you get to explore the different varieties of items available on the website. You can get to check out the different shades of blue, the different shape and structure of the pampas grass and flowers and the way some are tied together to form a beautiful bouquet!

So, take out some time and take a quick snap at some of the blue dry pampas grass and flowers in our store that will be just perfect for your home!

  • Breezy blooms dried flower bouquet Give your eyes a treat with the soothing blue pampas grass and yellow billy balls tied up together to make a beautiful and breezy flower bouquet! The soft hues and warm textures that it instills in the color palette of your home is something that will make your interior reach perfection.
  • Dried blue fern asparagus Radiating a rich blue color and super soft texture, it is one of the ideal décor accents to use at your home for upgrading the look of it! You can use it as a standalone décor item or use it as fillers in the flower bouquet. Adding visually interesting vibes in your living room, this dried blue pampas is set to make your home look the prettiest!
  • Cyan blue dried hydrangea The soft texture and light blue color shade works as a charming factor in your room's ambience! You can display them separately or use it as fillers in the bouquets for a completely beautiful look of the whole thing. The leaves are packed tightly with strong brown stems that generate subtle hues and sets the mood of the home right!

Reasons to buy blue dried pampas grass from Whispering Homes:

  • When we say that Whispering Homes has got one of the best collections to explore and choose from along with few other advantages, trust us on this!
  • You can get beaming discounts and offers in this festive season on select products and get them at a much affordable rate.
  • The delivery time for your order is a maximum period of 7 days and we deliver all over across India.
  • The best quality of all the home décor products is assured and guaranteed, so you do not have to think about it while buying them.

It is time to deck up your homes with the royal and exclusive stuff from Whispering Homes because after all, it is your home and the way you decorate it that will set the first impression about yourself to people!