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  1. Fulgur Jar Small Fulgur Jar Small
    SAVE 16%
    Decor Fulgur Ginger Jar - Small
    was ₹2,499.00 Special Price ₹2,099.00
  2. Ceramic Velum  Jar Ceramic Velum  Jar
    SAVE 14%
    Decor Velum Jar
    was ₹4,299.00 Special Price ₹3,699.00
  3. Decor Maze Jar - Large
  4. Decor Haflinger Jar - Large
  5. Decor Orlov Jar - Large
  6. Decor Ancor Jar
  7. Fulgur Jar Medium Fulgur Jar Medium
    SAVE 9%
    Decor Fulgur Ginger Jar - Medium
    was ₹3,299.00 Special Price ₹2,999.00
  8. Fulgur Jar - Large Fulgur Jar Large
    SAVE 7%
    Decor Fulgur Ginger Jar - Large
    was ₹4,499.00 Special Price ₹4,199.00
  9. Decor Lucet Jar - Large
  10. Ceramic Haflinger Decorative Ginger Jar Haflinger Jar Small
    SAVE 9%
    Decor Haflinger Jar - Small
    was ₹6,999.00 Special Price ₹6,399.00
  11. Decor Orlov Jar - Small
  12. Maze Jar - Small Maze Jar - Small
    SAVE 9%
    Decor Maze Jar - Small
    was ₹5,699.00 Special Price ₹5,199.00
  13. Decor Emrison Jar
  14. Decor Emarison Jar
  15. Decor Crimson Jar - Large
  16. Decor Crimson Jar - Medium
  17. Decor Crimson Jar - Small
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Decoration Ideas with White Ceramic Jars

When it comes to decorating your home interior, it is not the right thing to do if you leave your kitchen out of it. Kitchen is one of the most important aspects of any household, so decorating it just the way you want is necessary!

There are several items of small quantity in our kitchen that need a proper jar to be kept. Ceramic jars are one such thing that are used by people all over the world to store items! Apart from placing it in the kitchen, white ceramic jars are also kept on the dining table for decoration purposes. White ceramic canister with lid is the best thing to store kitchen items like salt, pepper, sugar and other items.

Different Types of White Ceramic Canisters:

  • Ginger jars – White ceramic ginger jars come with a lid. They are round and were originally used to store ginger in the ancient times, however, today it is used to store various items. They come single or in a set of multiple.

Tip: you can keep this canister in the kitchen or on your dining table filled with common items like salt and pepper. This enhances the look of the dining table as well!

  • Oil dispenser jars – The white ceramic storage jars are the best for keeping not just items like salt and pepper, but are also suitable for liquid storage like oils. The ceramic jars are light weighted and there is no chance of leakage. The ceramic oil jars change the entire look of the kitchen because the jars are beautiful to look at!
  • Mensa jars – The most aesthetic jars of all times is the mensa jar! They are two tone jars with ceramic and a touch of metal polishing to give that calming vibe. It has a classic golden glaze on the white ceramic and the best part is that it comes with a lid on top!
  • Fulgar jars – If you are looking for the epitome of subtleness mixed with beauty and delicateness, then fulgar ceramic jars are the one for you! It is a beautiful decoration item for your dining table or the corner of your living room, and it can serve the purpose of storage perfectly for your kitchen items.
  • Velum jars – Crafted with perfect ceramic touch with a white hue in a unique hand printed form, this jar is made for you to use as a decorating item! This large white ceramic canister is best for storing items like pickles and jams because of its big surface area.

Tip: you can also place this on your dining table for decoration purposes!

From Where to Buy the White Ceramic Container?

There are various types of ceramic canisters available in the market. For getting the best types of jars like white and blue ceramic canisters, white ceramic containers with lid or small containers of ceramic, you can visit whispering homes and get the unique ones for your kitchen and home!

If you think of ceramic jars as a decorating item, then you will be amazed by the aesthetic vibe of the jars that it gives out at your place!