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Everything You Need to Know about Decorative Glass Jars

When we talk about glass jars, the first thing that comes to our mind is either the glass jars where we store water or small glass jar containers used to store other kitchen things like herbs and spices. However, when we talk about decorative glass jars, we get a little confused as to what exactly it means! 

If you are one such person who is excited about decorating their homes with aesthetic things like glass ginger jars or temple jars, then this is the correct place, which you have landed up in, because you will get to know everything, which you need to know about them!

If you are into interior decoration and you know about the different types of jars used for decoration, then you will probably know that generally, these are found in traditional homes. To give your modern home the aesthetic touch of traditional homes, you can undoubtedly have the decorative items at your place!

What is a Glass Ginger Jar?

Ginger jars are nothing but big containers with lids that are used to stock up and store herbs and spices in the kitchen. Glass ginger jars are simply ginger jars, which are made out of glass to give it the needed look and beauty!

If we rewind and go back to history for a bit, these jars have been named ‘ginger jars’ because they carried gingers from one place to another. Since then, it has been used more as a decorative item rather than a transportation thing!

How Do Glass Ginger Jars Look?

Usually, ginger jars are painted with white and blue to give the touch of royalty as well as aesthetics. However, in modern days, they are found in multiple colors and designs to have the perfect blend of traditional and modern decor items! 

The decorative glass jars have a round and curvy structure – being wide at the upper portion, and smaller at the opening and base. The lids of the ginger jars are often dome shaped, hence sometimes they are even called out as ‘Temple Jars’!

What is a Mercury Glass Ginger Jar?

Mercury glass is known as silvered glass, but to everyone’s surprise, it is neither made of silver nor mercury! It is named so, because of its color and the way it looks. It is a ginger jar made from clear glass and coated with silver texture to give it the authentic look and feel.

Can Mercury Glass Ginger Jars be Washed?

When you are using these types of decorative glass jars for decoration in your home, it will evidently need to be cleaned. For cleaning on a regular purpose, it is recommended to dust it with clean dusters. Washing the mercury glass ginger jars too much can wash off the coated layer of silver color on it and make it look pale. However, the washing can be done with plain water once in a while!

Where to Buy these Decorative Glass Jars?

To have these unique pieces of decor items at your place, buy the best ones from Whispering Homes after checking out their wide collection of aesthetic items!

After walls and rooms, now it is time for each corner of your home to be decked up!