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A Complete Guide – Window Curtains for Your Beautiful Home

There is no doubt in saying that curtains are an important décor item for your home! The style, fabric, colour and pattern of the curtains determine the precise look of your homes. Selecting the right type of curtains can be a real challenge because of the obvious fact: there are many options to choose from, and getting confused is worth it! 

So, if you are the one confused with what to choose from the wide range of curtains, then you have come to the right place! With the different styles of window curtains for making your home beautiful, this will definitely be of help for you!

Difference between Drapes and Window Curtains:

The prime and the foremost important thing that you need to know while shopping for home curtains is that whether you would like to have drapes or window curtains at your place.

The only difference between drapes and curtains is that the latter is made up of lighter fabrics, which allows certain amount of light to enter the room, and drapes are made from thicker fibres to block out light completely from the outside.

Difference between Curtains and Blinds:

The main and the major difference between curtains and blinds is that the coverage of their window. While blinds cover the windows directly, curtains are drawn in front of the windows.

Like curtains, blinds also come in different styles and patterns.

Things to Consider Before Buying Window Curtains for Home:

  • Room – when you are looking for window curtains for living room, you should make sure that it gives a cheerful and wholesome feeling and at the same time, it should allow enough light to pass through them! For kitchen curtains, you should consider something in dark colour, so that there is no stains of spillage.
  • Purpose – If you want curtains for complete privacy, you can go for curtain covers that blocks out light completely. They are made of thicker fibres and are heavy in nature. If your curtains are for decoration as well as you want some little light indoors, then cotton or linen curtains are the best for you!
  • Colour – Choosing the colour of the curtains is one of the most important and tough job because the right coloured curtain will complement the entire room! If you already have other eye catching décor items at your place like wall posters or murals, then it is advisable to go for neutral tones of colours.

Tip: for door curtains like kitchen door curtains or bedroom door curtains, you can opt for darker shades for better room appearance.

  • Fabric – The type of fabric plays an important role in changing the whole outlook of your home. There are different characteristics of different fabrics. You can choose to go for silk, linen, cotton or velvet according to your needs and purposes.

Where to Find the Best Curtains for Your Home online?

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