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Kids Room Curtains

Selecting the appropriate window treatments for your child's bedroom is a crucial step in the interior design process, whether you are setting up the nursery for your first child or remodeling your teen's room. There are many options for kids' curtains, so it can occasionally feel overwhelming and challenging to locate the ideal set. We at Whispering Homes would love to assist you in finding the ideal curtains for your child's room. Shop all of our children's curtains online right now! 

We comprehend that having a few pointers might be useful in assisting you when you shop. We've evaluated a few elements that can be useful to take into account when choosing kids' curtains since we want to do everything we can to make sure you're completely happy with your choice. Learn more by reading on!

Five Things To Bear In Mind For Kids' Curtains

  • Safety

The most crucial aspect to take into account when selecting the ideal curtains for your child's room is safety. If you have young children, keep in mind that when they begin to stand or walk, they might tug on the drapes. For this reason, picking a lightweight yet strong curtain is crucial, as well as choosing sturdy rods and brackets that can handle the occasional tug. Additionally, check to see whether the curtains you are thinking about have any kind of tiny embellishments that could be a choking hazard.

  • Gender and Age

It's crucial to take your child's age and gender into account when purchasing curtains, whether you do so offline or online. The likelihood is that a three-year-old boy will favor bold, colorful designs. Girls who are 16 years old are probably going to have extremely different design choices than children who are younger. As a general guideline, if your youngster is old enough to communicate design preferences, it could be advantageous to consider them as you choose curtains.

  • Design and colors 

One of the best elements of buying kids' curtains is experimenting with various hues, designs, and materials. It's crucial to keep in mind that kids are similar to adults in that they probably don't want a dark space. Making the environment visually attractive by using vibrant colors and intriguing patterns can also encourage your child's imagination. A fantastic method to unify the space is to hang window treatments that go with the color scheme of the room.

  • Thickness and material

Adults have a tendency to favor curtains manufactured of distinctive and attractive fabrics. classy master bedroom, living room, or study may benefit from curtains made of a distinctive material. On the other hand, when it comes to curtains, kids might not be as fascinated as we are by unusual fabrics and intricate textures. Because of its simplicity, choosing children's curtains made of supple, flowing materials is appropriate.

  • Light-Blocking

While it's important to give your kids a room that's cheerful, light, and furnished with age-appropriate items, it's just as crucial to make sure they receive the sleep they require to learn and develop. You can easily create a sleeping-friendly atmosphere for your child by selecting window coverings like blackout drapes that block out sunlight during naps and nighttime. You may adjust the amount of natural light in the space by combining these curtains with additional layers of window coverings.

The majority of children's time is spent in their bedrooms. They enjoy having their own space, whether they are sleeping, playing, working on schoolwork, or even just watching TV. This means that the furnishings should be cheerful, cozy, and comfy.

Here are a few curtain ideas for kids' bedrooms in case you're redecorating a kid's room or are just looking for a quick way to spruce it up.


Why not decorate your child's curtains with adorable animal characters if they enjoy zoo trips and animals? We provide a variety of textiles with colorful animals, like lions, tigers, deer, birds, and foxes in the woods. You may use these fabrics to make curtains to go with a vibrant interior design. Visit our website to see all of our options for animal print bedding for kids.


Not just in children's bedrooms, but in every area, flowers add a lovely touch. They are vibrant, imaginative, and come in so many variations that they can fit any style. We provide a wide selection of floral textiles, ranging from huge and bold to delicate and exquisite. View our selection of florals here.


This is a fantastic place to find ideas for your child's bedroom curtains if they enjoy sewing and fashion design. You can pick something that appeals to them because there are so many pattern options. Choose drapes that go with their passion for sewing and fashion, for instance. To make colorful accents stand out, use fabrics like the one depicted below in a light, white, or pale-colored space.


Why not use fairies to adorn your child's bedroom if they enjoy playing make-believe and are frequently with them? Any child's bedroom would look fantastically fanciful with the addition of this lovely cloth. To make the fairies shine out, pair it with a bright, pastel-colored bedroom adorned with our Aqua Flower Fabric.

Why Whispering Homes?

Are you looking for children's curtains online at competitive prices? Don't look anywhere else but Whispering Homes! We're the newest one-stop-shop luxury home décor business prepared to dominate the design and decoration sector by constructing lifestyles rather than just things. We provide a comprehensive range of window treatments that are likely to match your style choices and financial constraints, from insulated curtains to sheer panels. It's never been simpler to locate reasonably priced, fashionable kids' curtains; shop now to get the ideal setting for your child's room!

Fun, vibrant curtains are the ideal piece of accent decorating in any space. If you're looking for the ideal gift for your child, check out our website as well. Do look through our extensive collection of curtains to locate the ideal item that suits your child's excitement for his bedroom.