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Beautiful Short Window Curtains

Curtains are that beautiful element of a household that gives a complete look to your place. Along with that, it also makes your place look good and decorative. Curtains are not just for functionality purposes, some of them can be solely for decoration purposes as well. 

When we do curtain shopping, the first thing that we check on is the fabric of the curtain, followed by its color and design. The last yet the most important thing to check is the length of the curtains. Nowadays there are drapes and blinds available at different lengths as well. Some people like to keep their rooms decorated with short window curtains that cover either the top or the bottom of the window frame. This type of short drapes are purely for decoration purposes. If you want to make your room look extravagant because of some guests coming over, then have these beautiful yet short curtains hanging on your window frames and doors!

Types of Short Curtains for Living Room:

  • Panel pair curtains – These types of curtains come in two different curtain panels. It is a famous classic and a contemporary décor style for your living room! The vibrant colored short curtains will make your drawing room look bright and charming in its own way. You can close one side of the curtain and keep the other side open to have that view and vice versa.
  • Valance – It is a type of short curtain, which hangs on top of the big curtains. Sometimes, people use valance without any big curtains as well. It works as an additional décor item for your room and it suits any type of room interior décor! You can pair these up with blinds for getting a little privacy.
  • Window tier – This type of short kitchen curtains are mainly used to cover the lower portion of the window frame, so that some amount of light can enter from the top uncovered part. If you want privacy and still want some light to come in, this is the one for you!

Types of Short Curtains for Bedroom:

  • Window scarf – It is a long and thin piece of fabric, similar to a valance, which is hung from the top of the window frame. It is a great way to add a dramatic look to your bedroom!
  • Sheer drapes – No one wants to have a lot of light coming in through the windows in their bedroom! Sheer drapes are the best for opacity, if you want just a bit of light entering your room even when the curtains are closed. 
  • Net curtains – Curtains that are made of net fabric are the best for providing privacy and allows minimum light to enter the room. Short white curtains for the bedroom are the best, since it goes well with all kinds of styles!

Where to Find Short Windows Curtains and Drapes for Your Home?

Apart from the mentioned, there are a lot other types of short drapes and curtains available that will suit in the best way in your rooms. Whispering Homes provides a wide range of items for making your homes stand out from the rest of them, simply just by its decoration!

So, do not miss this chance of draping your homes with lovely short curtains and drapes!