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A Royal Touch with Luxury Curtains for Your Home

When we think about curtains and drapes, the first thing that comes to our mind is about cotton curtains or silk drapes hanging on the windows of living rooms and bedrooms. What we often miss out is that apart from cotton and silk, there are other fabric curtains as well that are as pretty as the others. If you are looking to add a royal touch to your home through curtains, then luxury curtains are the best choice for you!

What are Luxury Curtains?

Luxury curtains or drapes are the ones which are made up of premium quality fabric like sheer and velvet. They are generally heavy weighted, long curtains with bright designs and colours, so that it makes your room look classy and vibrant. 

Like all other fabric curtains, the luxury ones also have multiple designs and patterns. So, you are free to choose your favourite from them as well!

Different Types of Luxury Window Curtains:

  • Subtle print curtains – Curtains in a neutral and subtle print are more likely to suit your room than any vibrant coloured curtains. This is because for colours, you need to choose and select whichever goes according to your background. Subtle printed curtains are just for decoration and making your room look luxurious!
  • Vibrant coloured curtains – Bright and vibrant coloured curtains go pretty well in living rooms and bedrooms, if you do not have much items in your rooms. These type of curtains are good to look at as well as they make your room appear big because of their style and design!
  • Botanical printed curtains – Botanical printed curtains are one of the best luxury curtains for bedroom! They are subtle in nature and generally printed on light coloured fabric to reflect out the proper design of the drapes.

How to Mount the Luxury Modern Curtains?

When it comes to hanging curtains, the two very best options are:

  • Traditional – You can mount the curtains a few inches above the window casing. This is the most common and traditional way of hanging curtains and it always looks good!
  • Contemporary – In this style of mounting, you have to mount it below the ceiling. It is a popular modern way of drawing curtains in your living rooms or bedrooms because it makes your ceilings look higher!

Tips to Choose Luxury Curtains for Bedroom and Living Room:

  • Choose long drapes for your rooms always.
  • Select a style and maintain that style in all your room windows.
  • Choose the fabric according to your requirements like privacy and control of light coming in.
  • You can choose your curtains to be bold, patterned, neutral or vibrant. Just check that it matches the remaining surrounding of the room and décor.

Best Place to Find Luxury Curtains and Drapes for Your Home:

You can get customised as well as readymade curtains of your choice online from whispering homes and choose your pick! Having a wonderful collection of premium curtains with heavy discounts and offers, you will surely fall in love with them!

Do not miss this chance of making your rooms the prettiest with our curtains and drapes!