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Drape Your Windows with Classy Long Window Curtains

When the world's home interior décor is moving on with short curtains for decorating their places, we would not be surprised if you are sticking to the old yet classic long window curtains! Long curtains have their own charm. The way they touch the floor from the panel of the window or the way they bundle up on the floor from the ceiling height, makes your room have that classy and elegant look!

The best thing about long length curtains is that they cover the entire window frame or the door frame, allowing full privacy and little light to enter the rooms. If you have to separate your kitchen from the living and dining area, the best way to do it is to hang long drapes to separate the two parts. With minimal effort, you can draw a different scenario of your home!

Types of Long Curtains for Living Room:

  • Blend in curtains – Curtains that will match the background of your room. The colors of the wall will blend in with the colors of the long curtains! This type of interior is a modern part of décor that helps you in making your room look complete and vibrant.
  • Matching prints curtain – Have the printed long drapes same as the prints on your cushion cover or sofa cover to have that matching feeling all over your place! This will not just make it look good but also have a different look than the other homes.
  • Grommet and eyelet style curtains – These types of curtains have large eyelets in the top of the curtains with grommets. They are especially designed for long curtains that hang from the ceiling to the floor. Have an additional valance on top of it to enhance the look of your existing room!

Styles of Long Curtains suited for Your Home:

  • Casual – Casual curtains do not have anything specific printed or designed. They are meant just for using it as a functionality.
  • Classic – Classic curtains are generally used with valances for the living room. They showcase a timeless beauty in your room and the design styles are traditional in nature.
  • Contemporary – If you want to have a fresh and new interpretation of the classical styles of curtains, then contemporary styles are the best for you! They come in shades of gray and earthly tones that are inspired from nature.
  • Modern – If you have a modern interior décor filled with modern home items, then your curtains should be of modern design as well! Modern styles of long curtains include bold patterns, solid colors, intricate design and abstract elements.

Where to Find the Best Floor Length Curtains?

You can get your desired proper length of curtains or any other type of curtain that you would like for your home from various websites. Since you are looking for the best one to satisfy your soul, then whispering homes is the best option for you! You can get a wide variety of items with great designs and discounts waiting for you to purchase them!

If it comes to having chic long curtains for your home, then there is definitely no going back! We are ready to have it done for you!