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Fancy Window Curtains for that Fancy Look of Your Home

Everyone likes to have fancy things at their place. Whether it is some fancy décor item, fancy wall art or fancy curtains and drapes, it is indeed good to keep your place filled with such items! Fancy window curtains are solely for decoration purposes that people use when they have any occasion or festivals coming up. They do not help in proper functionality like providing privacy or allowing minimum light to come in.

So, if you are confused between what prints you would like to have for your living room curtains or what fabric you should have for that fancy look of your room, then this is just the right place for you! With a simple guide on choosing the correct fancy drapes, we are here to provide you the details.

Different Fabric for Fancy Curtain Design:

  • Silk – They are classic and traditional. They add a sense of formality and are generally in pleated and puddle form. They allow some light to pass through them. In case you want complete privacy, have them lined up.
  • Cotton – One of the easiest fabric to clean and a versatile one, which fits in all surroundings. They come in every colour and style and hence, they can be casual or formal. 
  • Linen – It is a light fabric and sheer in nature. If you want little privacy, then this is the best option for you! It is best suited for casual rooms with not many décor items.

Fancy Curtain Ideas for Living Room and Bedroom:

  • Matching curtains – You can have the prints of your curtains match with your pillow or cushion covers. These are one of the famous modern curtains for bedroom, in which the bedsheet and the curtains are of the same print and color. This type of room looks classy, if you have less décor items around!
  • Textured curtains – You can draw textured curtains on velvet fabric to have a luxurious feel at your home! Textured curtains with classy wall décor items prove to be a great idea for dressing up for living area or your bedroom.
  • Floral printed curtains - If you would like to have bright and colorful floral curtains for decoration, then you can go for the striking floral drapes and curtains for your kitchen as well as for the drawing room. The bright and vibrant colors of the curtains make the entire room look cheerful!

How long should the Fancy Curtains for Living Room be?

All curtains have different lengths and the length of the curtains primarily depend on their styles and designs. You can have curtains that are from the floor to ceiling, short curtains covering only the upper or lower part of the windows, café curtains or long curtains that just touch the floor.

You can even customize curtains according to your desired size for getting that perfect look to your home!

How to Get the Best Fancy Window Parda Online?

You can get the fancy drapes from anywhere but if you are looking for the best ones in all terms, then there is no way you can miss on visiting whispering homes and check out their amazing collection of different curtains and drapes!

The best ones are here with us, are you ready for taking it to your home?