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Beautiful Cotton Curtains for Your Home

Having curtains are as important as having windows in your home. Curtains are not just to protect your room from the excess sunlight from outside or to safeguard your house from getting seen from outside, they play a role much bigger than that. Curtains are the decorative things of a household on which depends whether your room will look brighter or darker. The wall colours will have to compliment the curtain colours in such a way that together both of them makes the room looks vibrant and colourful!


Nowadays there are many types of curtains and blinds available for decoration purposes as well as for functionality. You are free to choose your choice of curtains from the wide range of items available!

Things to Consider Before Buying Cotton Curtains for Your Home:

  • Colour of the curtain – Before anything else that you decide, the first thing that you have to consider is the colour of the cotton curtains and the colour of your room. Your room colour and position of the windows in the room will determine in which colour your room will look bigger, brighter and vibrant!

Tip: there are some colours, which fade over time because of the constant use and trapping of sunlight. Avoid such colours for having long lasting curtains. Use cotton floral curtains or pink cotton curtains for your rooms to have that aesthetic feel!

  • Patterns – The pure cotton window curtains come in various patterns. There are solid cotton curtains and cotton printed curtains. Since curtains take up some notable amount of space in your room, if you have the right set of curtains, it will be an excellent décor item!

Tip: there are different types of cotton printed curtains available like geometrical patterned, small neat pattern, bold pattern and many more!

  • Pleat style of curtains – If you are opting for linen cotton curtains, then you can find multiple options for the pleat style of the curtains. Whether it is that you want eyelet pleats, pinch pleat or pencil pleat, you can find every style in this fabric! 

Tip: some type of styles may not be available in pure cotton curtains because of their soft fabric texture.

Why to Choose Cotton Door Curtains or Cotton Window Curtains?

Cotton is undoubtedly the most preferred fabric for curtains because of the ease of handling it and customising it. The best part about cotton curtains is that it is perfectly suited for both modern home décor as well as conventional ones. 

Some Advantages of Cotton Window Curtains are:

  • They are long lasting.
  • They are cost effective and affordable.
  • They are easy to clean and wash.
  • They are easy to customise.

Tip: if you want curtains for tight privacy and no lights, then you should opt for wave cotton curtains whereas if you want soothing lights to come in from the outside, go for sheer cotton curtains.

Where to Find Cotton Curtains Online?

Whether it is that you want red cotton curtains, white cotton curtains or any other coloured curtains, you can freely and easily visit whispering homes and get your choice of drapes for your home!

It is now the time to adorn your windows with beautiful curtains, so gear up for it!