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  1. Decor Maze Jar - Large
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  5. Decor Shire Jar - Large
  6. Decor Hetfield Jar - Large
  7. Decor Arkle Jar - Large
  8. Decor Coleus Jar - Large
  9. Fulgur Jar - Large Fulgur Jar Large
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Big Ceramic Jars for You

There is not one single item that anyone needs for their kitchen. Generally, it is a collection of items needed for different purposes. Like, you need a small container for storing pepper and salt whereas you will need a big jar to store oils or pickles. The size of the jars for storing depends upon the item that you are storing!

No matter what you store, you have to check another side of the jars as well! The beauty of ceramic jars is that it serves both the purposes – of storing and decorating. Filling your kitchen cupboard with decorative and pretty looking big ceramic jars is all you need with the minimum of effort!

A big ceramic jar with lid is often used to store oils, pickles, vinegar or other items that are needed in large quantities. When small and big jars are brought together and placed in a synchronised manner, your kitchen becomes more beautiful than ever!

Different Types of Big Ceramic Jars and their Uses:

  • Maze jars – With a touch of traditional ceramic decorative jar, maze jars are a wonderful piece of item that you can have at your place! The glossy white texture over the porcelain is the main attraction of these type of jars. It has geometrical designs and the jar is cylindrical in shape. The circular lid on top and the detailing of the artwork in the jar is something that you definitely cannot miss out!

Use: you can use this to store oils or other liquid items needed in the kitchen. You can also keep this as a decorative item in your living room or on the table to enhance the look of the room!

  • Percheron jars – With a magical touch of blue colour, percheron ceramic big jars is a classic example of grace and elegance! The jars can have different designs drawn on them with the utmost precision and care. The intricate artwork on the jars attracts the eyes of the people coming over to your place. It has a lid on top and the edges of the body are adorned with metallic details to compliment the artwork.

Use: it can be used as a large ceramic cookie jar to store cookies in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can also place this on the center table for its beauty.

  • Shire jars – A multi coloured, big ceramic jar that will add colours to your kitchen and fit perfectly well with your home décor! Crafted with matte finish ceramic and an eye catching hue, this jar features the artistic style of artwork of traditional and modern art blended together. It comes with a lid on top and is the best for storing as well as decoration purposes!

Use: best to use as a big ceramic pickle jar. Also, it can be placed in any corner of your room for that aesthetic feel.

How to Buy Big Ceramic Jars online?

For grabbing the best set of ceramic jars online, you cannot miss but visit whispering homes for the amazing collection of jars for making your kitchenware more beautiful!

It is time to decorate your kitchen with crockery sets and jars, are you ready for it?