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Why choose Temple & Ginger Jars for decorating home?

Extensive and impressive is what our designer temple & ginger jars are! Literal Eye-Catchers and perfect luxury elements to add to home decor. Classic! Modern! Quirky! Simple - whatever your demand may be, we offer ideal handcrafted designer jars curated with inspirations from all corners of the world. Depicting Morocco and European culture, this exclusive range of decorative jars is adorned with a gleaming ceramic finish & beautiful floral carvings. Intricate patterns with a blend of hues boast their versatility and functionality as home decor products.

What are Temple Jars?

One of the most ancient and excellent choices for home decoration, temple jars boast a very unique and eye-catching silhouette. Beautiful grooves and magnificent bulging grandeur with dome lid provides it with a classic temple-like structure and radiates an old-worldly charm into the ambience of your living space. If you are a cherished lover of traditional designs and inspired motifs then temple jars are just the perfect choice for your interiors which will not only reflect your simple, sober and sophisticated personality but also add value and functionality to your home decor. Some of the most crowd-pleasing temple jar designs which are available at whispering homes include Locus Jar, Lucet Jar and Antilia Jar. Perfect eclectic designs to make a statement!

What are Ginger Jars?

Beautiful ceramic silhouettes traditionally in blue and white are called ginger jars. But nowadays, this isn't the only combination available in the decor industry. Many new designs and textures which are inspired by various things from all around the world have taken over the definition of ginger jars for home decoration. More artistic, quirky, out of the box designs with different colour combinations are readily available. Apart from their utility, ginger jars add a new dimension to the ambience of your place. Uplifts the style quotient with their eye-catching looks as centrepieces in the living room, bedroom or hallways. At whispering homes, you will get a wide range of ginger vases to choose from. Haflinger jar, Percheron jar, Velum jar and Maze jar are some of our favourite ceramic ginger jar picks.

How to add gripping visual interest using ceramic jars?

Who doesn't want to achieve a desirable well-designed look of their house? Adding new dimensions to home decor has always been a rising demand in business. The temple and ginger jars are the perfect picks for adding a character and quirky visual interest to your living space which brings in an essence of the old world and its simplicity and charm. You can customize your theme decor and fill in the empty spaces in your living room, bedroom, hallway consoles, cabinets or kitchen counters by adorning these beautiful decorative jars and give a new perspective and ambience to your living space.

What is the functionality of ceramic jars?

The absolute epitome of elegance and functionality, you can use these jars either to hold non-perishable items or display them on their own to give an aesthetic artistic touch to home decor. Beautiful combination of different hues and traditional as well as modern artwork, their majestic silhouette creates an aura of bonafide luxury. Ideal to integrate with other decorative items, such as figurines, candles and even floral arrangements, they will make a grand statement altogether. An amazing blend of contemporary aesthetic vibes incorporated into modern designs, arrange them on either side of a mantel, foyer console or bookshelf, in a pair of two or three to deliver an appealing symmetry.

What are the decorative aspects of ceramic jars?

Jars are one of the most versatile as well as functional decor accents of all time. Apart from being used to store various items, they can also be displayed on their own to add a nice decorative element into home decor which is aesthetic and personalized according to your liking and taste. A perfect pick to portray your love for ceramics, art & crafts and handmade.

How to colour contrast ceramic jars with an interior palette?

If you are a fan of colours and like to instil them in the ambience around you then one of the best options to consider will be the ceramic jars. A beautiful amalgamation of different colours and shades provide a very eye-catching refreshing look. You can easily contrast these with your walls and the furnishing of the living room, bedroom, kitchen or balcony mantles. Subtle colours will accentuate your furniture and empty corners in showcases, shelves or mantles.

Why choose ceramic jars as home decor gift items?

Different kinds of ceramic jars either inspired by modern-day trends or the traditional vintage ideas are perfect ceramic accents as a gift. Their artistic look and beautiful designs will elevate the look and also enhance the beauty of other elements like furniture and sittings. Quirky decorative style and functional aspects make them great for gifting your loved ones on a memorable occasion. Ceramic jars are considered to be one of the most useful and aesthetic gifting items of all time.

How to adorn ceramic jars in different spaces in home decor?

Ceramic jars when decorated in different unique styles and ways can uplift the style quotient of your home decor with leaps and bounds. Timelessly adoring structures when placed at correct places will add a new dimension and visual interest to your home decor. Let's have a look at some of the ways on how you can place and use these ceramic jars in different spaces in your home decor.

On Cabinets: Are you bored by getting used to the empty spaces on your furniture cabinets in the living room, bedroom or hallways. Well, one of the best decor accents to fill up your empty cabinet tops is to adorn a set of ceramic temple and ginger jars. You can either display on their own to give a nice texture and visually appealing look or you can also adorn your favourite bouquet to add a pop of colour and refreshing natural vibes.

As centrepieces: Go beyond the usual and try out the ceramic temple and ginger jars as centrepieces decor accents for your home decor. Proudly display on centre tables, entryway tables or in living room hallways to add a striking focal point into the ambience. When displayed in a set of two or three, ceramic jars also provide a touch of height and intrigue to your living space.

In the kitchen: One of the most functional aspects of ceramic jars is their ability to hold items. You can proudly display temple and ginger jars on your kitchen counter to store various items like dried spices, pickles, herbs etc. Attractive silhouettes with handmade intricate detail images and patterns will add a visually appealing texture to your kitchen furnishing and interior palette.

Dining room: Most loved on dining tables, decorative ceramic jars are perfect to display as dining table centrepieces to add a dash of contrasting hues. You can either display a bouquet or you can also fill up decor accents with non-perishable items like your favourite cookies, candies or nuts. Easy to grab and easy to clean, ceramic jars act as perfect holders for your snacks and munchies!

Bedroom: If you are a fan of collecting things or small items of particular categories whether jewellery, pearls or coins then ceramic jars are one of the most useful and decorative accents you will ever come across. You can adorn on your bedroom side tables, cabinet tops or the dressing table. Easy to clean and maintain these ceramic jars will be useful in storing things as well as giving a nice dash of colour to your bedroom interior palette.

Where can you find temples and ginger jars?

Nowadays you can easily find ceramic jars like temple and ginger jars online. You can easily explore various designs and pattern silhouettes while sitting at your home. Some of the most cherished and best selling temple and ginger jars offered by whispering homes are Fulgur Jar, Chameleon jar, Galah jar, Amare jar, maze jar and Antlia Jar.