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Whispering Homes is here to revamp your Republic Day 2022

One of the three national holidays in India, Republic Day honors the adoption of the Indian Constitution on January 26, 1950. On August 15, 1947, India declared its independence from Britain, a day recognized as a separate national holiday; However, the colonial Government of India Act of 1935 continued to be a key component of the nation's governance for the first three years following its independence.

A constituent assembly was chosen by provincial assemblies and set about crafting the constitution that would govern the newly independent country not long after independence was declared. After more than two years, the Indian Constitution was completed, strengthening the basis of India's autonomous democratic government. As a nod to the Indian National Congress' Purna Swaraj (full self-rule) independence proclamation from 1930, which is seen as the first tangible step toward independence from Britain, January 26 was chosen as the formal enactment date. The Republic of India, a "sovereign socialist secular democratic republic" that "secures all its citizens' justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity," was the name given to the nation by the 1950 constitution.

How is Republic Day in India witnessed?

The holiday's centerpiece is a sizable parade that features cultural, historical, and military performances and is held in the capital city of New Delhi. Prior to the march, the prime minister pays tribute to the fallen troops by placing a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti, an arched war memorial.  The majority of businesses, schools, and government offices are closed, although there are still some smaller parades, cultural events, public festivities, and private parties held across the nation. The Beating Retreat Ceremony in New Delhi, where bands from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force perform, brings the celebrations to a formal finale on January 29.

What are Republic Day festivities?

The main Republic Day celebration is conducted on the Rajpath in front of the Indian President in the nation's capital, New Delhi. On this day, ceremonial parades are held on the Rajpath as a tribute to India, its unity in diversity, and its illustrious social history. On the occasion of the 67th Republic Day in 2016, the Protocol Department of the Government of Maharashtra performed its first parade along the entirety of Marine Drive in Mumbai, following the format of the Delhi Republic Day parade.

What is Republic Day's significance in India?

Since 1950, India has commemorated January 26 as Republic Day. The Indian Constitution was established on this date in 1950. It's significant to remember that India gained independence from British domination on August 15, 1947, which is commemorated as Independence Day in India. However, the Indian Constitution was initially ratified on November 26, 1949. But it wasn't until January 26, 1950, or the day the Indian Constitution went into effect, that this vast nation was integrated and its many diverse cultural traditions were brought together.

Who do we celebrate Republic Day in India?

The Republic Day Parade is the day's primary event. Attendees at the parade on Rajpath in Delhi. Despite the cold, a large crowd of Delhi residents converges to view the breathtaking show. The Paramvir Chakra, Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra, and Children's National Bravery Award are among the bravery awards given out by the Indian president in recognition of the country's heroic residents. The Indian Prime Minister honors the valiant individuals who perished in battle. He pays tribute to the fallen soldiers by placing a wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate in Delhi. 

The three divisions of the Indian Armed Forces—Navy, Air Force, and Indian Army—lead the Republic Day Parade. In addition to this, there will be a number of cultural displays, a troop parade, military bands, air exhibitions, and astonishing skill and daring on display by military vehicles. On this day, schools in India are closed, but students still attend classes to honor this national holiday by flying the flag, performing plays and dances, and eating treats.

What can we gift on Republic Day?

  • Lamps

A lamp is a very versatile present that works for every occasion. They make wonderful Christmas gifts as well as ideal wedding and housewarming gifts. Even for someone you are meeting for the first time, it might make a wonderful gift during the Diwali celebration at the company or family.

  • Vases

If you're planning to give someone flowers as a present, you might also think about giving them in a vase. Things can become pretty exciting at this point. You can show a little additional thought by giving a vase in the host's favorite color or pattern, and it won't cost a fortune. 

  • Wall Paintings

A painting becomes a constant and permanent part of your life, and you never get tired of having it there. A painting is therefore the ideal present if you want to give someone something that will always remind them of you and hold its worth over time.

  • Jars

Giving gifts in a jar may be done in so many creative ways! Cookies, money, bath salts, barbecue sauce, body butter, brownie mix, candied nuts, candles, and many other items are all available for gifting. Pottery jars can be used as a multipurpose storage jars to hold everyday trinkets. Additionally, the jar lid has a cork placed inside to seal the jar's airtightness.

Why Whispering Homes?

One of the most stunning parades in the world is the Republic Day Parade. People from all over the world travel to India around this period in particular to see the splendor of the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi. Whispering Homes is a veritable treasure trove of giving options. Whispering Homes offers a wide range of personalization and customization possibilities. Whispering Homes helps you choose the best gifts for all the key people and occasions, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Diwali, Christmas, and others. We deliver smooth international and domestic online gift delivery in addition to providing awesome customization possibilities that you'll enjoy. We cover India with a huge network.