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  1. Hearty Earthy Hues Mix Bouquet - Dried Pampas Grass Hearty Earthy Hues Mix Bouquet - Dried Pampas Grass
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    Hearty Earthy Hues Mix Valentine Bouquet
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  2. Ravishing Dried Botanicals Bouquet Ravishing Dried Botanicals Bouquet
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    Ravishing Dried Botanicals Bouquet
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Exclusive Mixed Flower Bouquets

Deciding on a gifting item for someone is not an easy task! You might get confused as there are plenty of gifting options available in the market. So, if you want to buy a gift for someone that is unique and vibrant too, then try out the exclusive mixed flower bouquets from Whispering Homes. 

Our online store provides a wide variety of dried flower bouquets. Our exclusive mixed flower bouquets are one of the best home decor items to use as a gift and surprise your friends and family on special occasions.

The mixed flower bouquets consist of naturally dried flowers, leaves, & fluorescent pampas that promise to enhance the ambiance around your apartment with pleasant looks. Whispering Homes brings you some of the best mixed flower bouquets that are perfect for your home décor and also as gifting options.

The exclusive mixed flowers bouquets

You will find a wide variety of flower bouquets on the online store of whispering homes. They come in an affordable price range and have a wide color palette. You can adorn the mixed flower bouquets in your apartment or at your working space. You can definitely without a doubt gift these beautiful bouquets to your loved ones or your co-workers!

Some of the exclusive mixed flowers bouquets are listed below:

  1. Billy Ball Stunner Mix Flower Bouquet,
  2. Lilac Magic Mix Flower Valentine Bouquet,
  3. Ravishing Dried Botanicals Bouquet,
  4. Apple Leaves Mix Flower Bouquet,
  5. Ruscus Mix Flower Valentine Bouquet, and many more.

Décor ideas with exclusive flower bouquets

Undoubtedly, flowers are the best decorating items. Their charming look enhances the atmosphere around your apartment or in your working space. Here are some of the mixed flowers bouquets décor ideas:

  • You can display the Apple Leaves Mix Flower bouquet in your living room. They are perfect for living areas. These large and beautiful yellow-colored flowers, when placed in a vase, act as an anchoring piece in your living space. The yellow color of these flowers will add charm to your room with its pleasant nature.
  • Got a dull atmosphere at your working space? You can add the Ravishing Dried Botanicals Bouquet to your working area. These flowers will add peaceful vibes in the ambiance. They will provide an elegant tinge to your area.
  • You can cast the Billy Ball Stunner Mix Flower Bouquet in your bedroom or your dining hall if you want to exclude the lonely look in the eating space or your room. The 'yellow and pink' flowers will make your room look attractive because of their eye-catching nature.

Is the mixed flower bouquet a perfect gift item for your loved one?

Flowers are refined gift items for your loved one on every occasion. You can try gifting the Lilac Magic Mix Flower Valentine Bouquet to your partner on your anniversary. This particular bouquet consists of purple flowers. So if your partner loves purple color then why not gift them the Lilac Magic Mix Flower Valentine Bouquet?

You can gift them the Ruscus Mix Flower Valentine Bouquet this Valentine's Day. Intact a romantic note with the flowers and present them with the bouquet. They are just going to love the white and red-colored flower bouquet!

Why choose the whispering Homes?

Whispering homes have long-lasting and affordable items! You can find the latest and uniquely designed items to decorate your house with a glittering look. The mixed flower bouquets are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, styles at our online store. You can explore and choose from a wide variety of mixed flowers bouquets available on the Whispering homes online store.

The whispering homes have a wide variety of mixed flower bouquets, lamps, cushions, lights, and other home decor items. For further information on any home décor or gifting item, contact us at +91-8695600000.