Garden Lanterns
Top Picks for Every Season
As spring blossoms and we relish more moments in our gardens, the idea of refreshing our outdoor sanctuaries may dawn upon us. Whether your space is expansive or cozy, garden lanterns serve as the ideal adornment. Offering an array of designs, there's a lantern to complement every abode. Here are our curated selections for the year...
Contemporary Look
Black lanterns are considered a timeless staple and remain a popular choice for decorating outdoors light.

These modern lanterns fit well in today's homes but can work anywhere. They have simple designs that blend nicely in gardens, on patios, or tables. They hold LED candles, giving off soft light perfect for summer parties or outdoor dinners. They create a cozy feeling and set the mood. Plus, you can bring them inside during colder months to make your home feel warm and comfy.
Rustic Charm
If you're looking for a more stripped back look within your garden, our rustic lanterns deliver on charm and style.

Using materials like wood, and glass creates a simple yet stylish setup, keeping things minimal but adding a decorative flair. For a rustic vibe, opt for wooden furniture and subtle decor to keep the ambiance relaxed. Add in some greenery for a fresh touch without overwhelming the space. Outdoor candles and lanterns further enhance the atmosphere, casting a warm glow. Consider crafting a cozy corner in your garden with these elements, turning it into a tranquil retreat perfect for unwinding and enjoying the fresh air.
Moroccan Twist
Moroccan patterns are also trending for this year and can easily be incorporated into your garden decor lights. Inspired by North Africa, our Moroccan lanterns showcase intricate designs that add a distinctive touch to your space, instantly evoking a summery vibe. Their cut-out detailing makes them stand out even when not lit, serving as pretty decorations during the day. Pair them with a water feature and lush tropical plants to create an exotic oasis in your outdoor space. For a complete look, consider our Moroccan-themed lights, perfect for adding a trendy touch among your plants and easy to stake into soft ground.
In the end, Garden lanterns are a fantastic way to give your outdoor area that additional decorative touch. You can count on our lantern lights to function when you need them most because they are all outdoor-rated.

Our garden lanterns can add a touch of flair to any outdoor area. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, forms, and colors among our selection of outdoor lanterns to discover one that you like.