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  1. Ceramic Edan Wall Vase Large - Home Decor Ceramic Edan Wall Vase Large - Home Decor
    SAVE 13%
    Wall Decor Edan Gold Ceramic Wall Hanging Vase - Large
    was ₹2,299.00 Special Price ₹1,999.00
  2. Ceramic Edan Wall Vase Medium Ceramic Edan Wall Vase Medium
    SAVE 20%
    Wall Decor Edan Gold Ceramic Wall Hanging Vase - Medium
    was ₹1,999.00 Special Price ₹1,599.00
  3.  Edan Hanging Wall Vase Small  Edan Hanging Wall Vase Small
    SAVE 19%
    Wall Decor Edan Gold Ceramic Wall Hanging Vase - Small
    was ₹1,599.00 Special Price ₹1,299.00
  4. Ceramic Talia Hanging Wall Vase Grey Ceramic Talia Hanging Wall Vase Grey
    SAVE 25%
    Wall Decor Talia Ceramic Wall Hanging Vase - Grey
    was ₹1,999.00 Special Price ₹1,499.00
  5. Ceramic Talia Hanging Wall Vase White Ceramic Talia Hanging Wall Vase White
    SAVE 25%
    Wall Decor Talia Ceramic Wall Hanging Vase - White
    was ₹1,999.00 Special Price ₹1,499.00
  6. Luxury Ceramic Yobo Hanging Wall Vase Luxury Ceramic Yobo Hanging Wall Vase
    SAVE 14%
    Wall Decor Yobo Ceramic Wall Hanging Vase
    was ₹1,399.00 Special Price ₹1,199.00
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Why Choose Wall Art Decor Items to Decorate Your Dream House?

If you are done with deciding the final paint for the interior palette of your home decor and artfully arranged the furniture also then decorative wall art pieces are the best option to elevate the overall decor of your place with a touch of beauty and adding artistically visually interesting dimensions by experimenting with quirky ideas and designs. Trendy and inspired wall arts crafted with shiny matte ceramic material, engraved and embossed with different artistically inspired works are a perfect pick to liven up the walls of your house. The wall art will provide a correct texture, diverse colour palette, Finished look and create a striking focal point for your living space to embrace the decor with luxurious vibes.

Why are wall art ceramic vases becoming trending wall decor accents?

Sophisticated ceramic wall vases with designer silhouettes and muted colours change the way you look at your walls. Add flowers and create a small & subtle eye-catching botanical display to your walls. These unique works of art made individually with high-quality standard material will add a nice pop of colour to the walls. One of the best options to give a perfect look of contemporary modern charm to your home decor, showcase your taste for art through these eclectic wall vases.

How does modern wall art portray your personality in home decor?

The walls of your house are one of the best ways to exhibit your personality, likes and interests. You can create a magical ambience in your living space by creatively adding eye-catching wall art accents to your interior palette. Right from Scandinavian and boho to minimalist and contemporary themes, wall art accents will elevate the style statement of your home decor and add a lively aesthetic to the dull corners of the house. You can create a dramatic artistic theme on your walls or bring subtle minimalistic contemporary vibes into the ambience.

How do ceramic wall vases add colour to the interior palette?

At regular distances, you can easily experiment and try different colourful wall art vases to set a contrast with your wall colour and elevate its sober appeal to a nice quirky look. Displaying cute tiny ceramic vases with fresh green succulents can add a touch of foliage to your walls and create a refreshing and happy environment in your living space. Instilling an essence of nature through green and soothing succulents and cheerful vibes through different hues of vases is the best option to add a nice pop of colour to home decor.

How can decorative ceramic wall vases blend in with any theme of home decor?

Versatile ceramic wall vases handcrafted in eclectic designs and quirky silhouettes easily get contrasted with any interior palette and theme decor. You can add various chic tone vases on walls to add a glam element and give a luxurious vibe to the room. It's all up to you. Decorate your favourite blossoms on wall vases to create an aesthetic focal point in your house and attract a lot of eyes of your visitors. Make a mark and stand out in front of your visitors who won't be able to resist themselves from taking pictures with your ceramic wall decor as a background. Add a dash of drama on boring & dull walls and create a lively ambience whether inspired by boho, Asian art culture, European, Scandinavian or sophisticated minimalist theme style. Wall art like the Cebu wall vase in magical colours of blue, pink, white and golden with its eye-catching sea-shell inspired ceramic silhouette is perfect for creating a nautical theme display.

Where to buy the best ceramic wall vase online?

It's time to experiment and uplift the style quotient of your home decor by accentuating the walls of the interiors. After all, why should furnishing have all the fun! When you can create your own personalised space by decorating the walls of rooms with your personal favourite wall art decor items like ceramic wall vases and many more. The whispering home presents you with one of the best collections of wall art vases which include a Cebu ceramic wall vase, Edan Wall Vase, Talia wall vase, yobo wall vase and many more.

Why are creative wall art vases the best home decor gifts?

Think out of the box! Think modern! Think trendy! Choose wall art accents like wall vases for gifting your loved ones and make their day a little more special by putting a smile on their face. Go out of the usual trends and try gifting a beautiful wall vase to stand out and make a stylish mark. Perfect to carry along when attending a housewarming party or you can also present them as a gift to the lovers of minimalism and indoor gardening. Wall art vases are one of the most functional as well as decorative gifting items of all time. Your loved ones will surely appreciate the idea of gifting wall art and who knows maybe you are the one who introduces the trendy home decor industry to them!

How to incorporate ceramic wall decor vases in different spaces in home decor?

1. Balcony: The most refreshing and relaxing spots in home decor, you can adorn your balcony walls with eclectic designer wall vases and create a magical botanical display by displaying your favourite fresh blooms, herbs or grasses. A colourful and quirky balcony decor can be achieved by making the walls look decorative and glowy, which will also look mesmerising when witnessed from outside.

2. Bedroom: Personalised ceramic wall decor art pieces and vases are perfect decor accents to add drama and fulfilling aesthetic vibes into the bedroom decor. Contrasted with colour palette and curtains, you can create a colour coordinated and eye-soothing ambience in your bedroom. You can either adorn wall art vases with colourful dried blooms or display them on their own to add a new dimension to the walls of your bedroom.

3. Dining room: Perfect to adorn on the walls of your dining room- creative wall art and vases will look mesmerising on the wall just beside your dining table. Perfect decor accessory to bring a sunny side up of the dining room and to host breakfasts and brunches. You can adorn them with any flowers of your choice or use them as decorative objects on their own to add a nice eye-catching visual interest to the walls.

4. Entrance: Do not forget that entrances can't be neglected when it comes to home decoration. After all, it's the first impression of your house the visitors come across! So, one of the best options to add a sophisticated and eye-pleasing decor accessory to the entrances of the house is to adorn wall art and vases. Perfect pieces to add texture and colour to the entrance walls and accentuate the look of the house from outside.

5. Living room: It's always the living which is versatile and open for various additions in home decor at any time. If you think you are done finishing your living room then think again! Wall art and decor wall vases are suitable options to uplift the style of the walls of your living room with leaps and bounds. Perfect designer vases which are ready to catch the curious glances of your visitors and create a crowd-pleasing aesthetic ambience.

Buy the best ceramic vase online from Whispering Homes and give your house a touch of elegance and beauty.