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  1. Lamps & Lighting Rowan White Ceramic Table Lamp
  2. Plants & Botanicals Sola Shasta Natural Flower Set of 5
  3. Lamps & Lighting Jabillo Brown Wooden Lantern - Large
  4. Lamps & Lighting Claire Lantern Silver - Large
  5. Plants & Botanicals Small Daisy White
  6. Plants & Botanicals Natural Wheat Grass White
  7. Lamps & Lighting Claire Lantern Rose Gold - Large
  8. Plants & Botanicals Preserved Babysbreath - White
  9. Plants & Botanicals Natural Dried White Leaves
  10. Lamps & Lighting Fibrous Brown Wooden Lantern - Large
  11. Plants & Botanicals Dried Fern Asparagus - White
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Christmas Collection To Make Your Heart Happy

The cheerful holiday vibes are on! Christmas is about to bring cherished memories of every year that you’ve spent with close family and loved ones. The decoration has already begun and jingles can be heard every now and then. From markets to homes, each place is brimming with Christmas vibes and celebrating the spirit of holidays through vivid themes and accents. Christmas time fascinates every generation out there. Whether it's about spending time with family, having delicacies, watching Christmas movies, or decorating your home decor with an eye-pleasing Christmas theme. If you’re still figuring out how to make a mark this Christmas season with affordable luxury accents in your home decor then you are exactly at the right place. Whispering Homes brings you an ultimate Christmas Collection 2022 to purchase one of the most exciting and finest home decor items online at budget-friendly prices. 

What makes our Christmas Collection so special?

Huge variety of home decor accents to make each and every corner of your home lively. The handpicked categories work well with an array of interiors and theme decors by adding a significant sophisticated appeal. Made of premium quality and finished with utmost precision, our home decor items provide a promising look to any living space and uplift the style quotient with leaps and bounds. You can choose from a plethora of colors, styles, structures, and designs to make the best choice for your home decor. The Christmas collection is carefully structured in a way that helps you find the absolute perfect picks for your Christmas decoration. If you’re looking for something quirky and out-of-the-box decor accents to experiment with this season’s Christmas decor then you should definitely explore your exclusive collections to match the suitable fit for your living space. 

Why choose our Christmas Collection to buy gifts for loved ones?

Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones and having a relaxed gala time while celebrating. Putting a smile on your friend's and family members’ faces by presenting them with Christmas gifts is a whole different feeling in itself. You can make them feel special and cared for by gifting something thoughtful as well as useful that reminds them of you. Whispering Homes' Christmas collection gives plenty of options to explore and choose the most ideal gifts for your loved ones. Quality home decor accents and customized art prints will instantly make you fall in love with them. Our products will surely prove to be the most special Christmas gifts of all time. You can check out the special Christmas-themed items to keep the spirit of this festival high!

What all you can buy from Whispering Homes Christmas Collection 2022

Our exclusive Christmas collection has been designed in a thoughtful way to make you available with the best Christmas and holiday season-themed products that add a luxury style and prove to be functional to your home decor. Here, let’s have a look at them. 

Table Lamps for Aesthetic Lighting

Designer table lamps exhibiting beautiful silhouettes and serene lampshade fabric on top radiate peaceful lighting into any living space. The intricate detailing on structures and premium finish look promising when displayed as centerpieces. The lampshade glows aesthetically and infuses a calming vibe into the ambiance. An ideal accent that only proves to be functional but highly decorative as well. 

Decorative Lanterns to Infuse Character 

Lanterns add a classical touch to any Christmas decor. The style and structure of lantern pieces infuse a character and enhance the look of home decor with leaps and bounds. Oil lanterns look stunning when installed in backyards or front gardens. Wall-hanging lanterns also help in setting up mood lighting and decorating the window panes as well as filling in the empty dull walls. 

Eclectic Vases to Adorn your Favorite Botanicals

Premium quality vases made of quality ceramic, metal, and glass are perfect to display your favorite colorful flowers and various other botanicals. Vases are engraved with beautiful designs and themes inspired from all over the world showcasing eye-pleasing looks in any theme decor. Versatile enough to fit in any theme or complement the existing ambiance of your living space. Match the color palette of your living space by adorning a set of eye-catching vase sets adorned with your favorite blooms and grasses.

Modern Jars bring Decorative Versatility 

Ceramic jars made of premium quality material and embossed with beautiful designs add a colorful touch to Christmas decor. The different sizes of jars clubbed together look stunning when displayed as centerpieces on the dining table or side tables. Jars are perfect pieces to store non-perishable items like goodies, candies, cookies, etc to celebrate Christmas parties and host dinners at your home. Jars are the perfect items to decorate your home this Christmas season. 

Quirky Wall Arts to fill in Empty Walls

Unique Christmas-themed wall art and paintings will be perfect choices to fill in the empty walls in your home decor. Choose according to your passion and display colorful wall art in your living space. You can even go for particular themes like conventional, industrial, boho, or modern wall art. Each art is crafted with utmost love and precision to bring lively vibes into your home decor. 

Dazzling Dried Flowers & Pampas Grass

A bunch of eclectic dried flowers and pampas grass works well in setting up a Christmas theme decor. Mix-match the different colors and textures to bring colorful happy vibes into your home decor. The pampas can be arranged in different corners to fill in the empty spaces and vanish boredom. Also, ideal for gifting purposes to surprise your friends and family. 

Eye-catching Candle Holders & Scented Candles

Christmas decor is incomplete without eye-soothing candles and candle holders. The unique candle holder structures are perfect to add a quirky look to the dining table set-up, side tables, or near the fireplace in your home. Perfect to set up mood lighting and create an aesthetically pleasing look in your home decor to host various Christmas parties or dinners. 

It’s time to gear up for Christmas 2022. Grab the chance to explore the most unique and promising Christmas collection on Whispering Homes. Merry Christmas Folks!