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  1. Tulip Ceramic Vase - Small Tulip Ceramic Vase - Small
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    Decor Tulip White Ceramic Flower Vase - Small
    was ₹1,499.00 Special Price ₹1,199.00
  2. Tulip Ceramic Vase - Large Tulip Ceramic Vase - Large
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    Decor Tulip White Ceramic Flower Vase - Large
    was ₹2,499.00 Special Price ₹2,099.00
  3. Ceramic Anda Vase for Home Decor Ceramic Anda Vase for Home Decor
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    Decor Anda Ceramic Flower Vase - Orange
    was ₹2,199.00 Special Price ₹1,499.00
  4.  Banael Deco Ceramic Vase Peach  Banael Deco Ceramic Vase Peach
    SAVE 33%
    Decor Banael Deco Peach Ceramic Flower Vase
    was ₹2,999.00 Special Price ₹1,999.00
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Orange Series
Be inspired by our Bestsellers

Why choose orange series flower vases for home decoration?

Flower vase decoration at home might sound a little old-school, but is the best option for home decor and will be for years and years to come. Explore the magnificent range of vases in the orange series according to your style and taste. Exhibit your personality through exclusively handcrafted ceramic vases in eye-pleasing hues of orange complemented with a clean matte finish. Designer silhouettes embossed with beautiful patterns and artwork, orange series vases are just the right picks to add nature's earthy tone to your interior palette. Vanish all the boredom and liven up the empty spaces in home decor with these eclectic vases that will take over your home decor and add a new quirky dimension to the living space.

How do orange series flower vase decor items and more add minimalism to your home decor?

Unique silhouettes in eye-soothing earthy natural shades and glossy ceramic finish, orange series are the epitome of minimalism with an added touch of ancient and modern art. Classic bulging cylindrical silhouettes, pot-like body design, bottle-shaped tall tapered structures make them minimalistic decor accents to add sophisticated yet chic vibes into the ambience of your living space. Right from subtle colours like white, brown, peach to eye-catching bright colours like orange and pink-orange series vases contain an essence of natural shades that perfectly blend in with any furnishing and theme decor.

Why are the ceramic modern vase and more from the orange series perfect for adding a pop of colour to home decor?

If you have got bored of the colour palette of your interiors and want to add a nice hint of colour without any hassle, then one of the most crowd-pleasing decor accents are handpicked ceramic vases from the orange series. Hand-crafted in beautiful earthy colours like brown, grey, white, and different shades of orange. Ideal for livening up the different corners of the house and create a colourful and cheerful positive ambience in your home decor. You can adorn your favourite bunch of blooms to accentuate their minimalistic looks or add some green succulents to create a fresh botanical display. Talking about plants, vase for plants adds the feel of sereneness in the house.

How to incorporate ceramic decorative vases from the orange series in different themed decors?

1. Contemporary: Most minimalistic and trendy theme decor of all time is the contemporary home decor design. This style beautifully defines a minimalistic approach to decorating the house of your dreams. Perfect for adorning decor accents that have a clean matte finish and eclectic designer silhouette. Orange series vases like Deniz deco vase, Rey deco vase and Amida Vase are the perfect charmers to add a sophisticated touch with an essence of handcrafts to your contemporary theme decor.
2. Bohemian: As quirky is the name, as quirky style is. Bohemian theme decor is all about combining colours, textures, and different patterns from all over the world. It is a perfect theme style that enables you to blend in whatever decor accent you wish. The whole bohemian decor gives a nomadic vibe through its artistic and playful nature. Bohemian theme decor gives a chance to add warm-colored vases like Anda vase and Amida vase, which are in eye-catching orange tones. Ideal to add lively colours into the ambience of the interior palette, vases from the orange series are just the aesthetic deals!
3. Traditional: This decor theme is one of the oldest yet renownedly used in living places. Perfect theme style that allows you to add decor accents inspired by Asian and European art & culture. Vases under the orange series like Amida vase, Nica vase, Ata vase and Cherie pot- all have classic silhouettes radiating the essence of traditional craft vibes. These vases are perfect to set a traditionally inspired theme in your home decor.

Why are our orange series vases that also include the best flower vase online perfect as home decor gifts?

You can never go wrong with handpicked vases from the orange series as gifting options. Who isn't in love with old worldly charm! Designer ceramic vases from the orange series are just the right home decor accents you've been looking for your loved ones as a gift. Celebrate the green fingers of your loved ones and gift them an orange series vase as a memento of your love and care. Make any occasion extra special and acknowledge the love for minimalism and aesthetic home decor styling by gifting eye-pleasing vases like an Anda vase, grace and hope vase, nica vase, and johnson vase from the choicest options provided under the orange series.

Where to buy orange series vases online?

Now shop at comfort from any corner of the world and get your favourite decor accents delivered at your doorsteps. Give your home decor an edgy style statement and upgrade the style quotient of your living space with leaps and bounds. Whispering homes presents you with a fantastic collection of ceramic vases under the orange series handcrafted in stunning eye-pleasing shades of orange and prominent earthy colours like shades of brown, white, grey, peach. One of the best-selling orange series vases includes bubbled vases like the banael deco vase, Deniz deco vase and Rigo vase, Ata vase and many more. These vases are just absolutely stunners and crowd-pleasers which are lively, aesthetic and an affordable deal.

What are the different ways to adorn orange series vases like vases for plants and more in different spaces of home decor?

1. Balcony mantles: Grand in size and style radiating eclectic eye-catching orange hues and earthy colours- orange series vases are perfect to create a lively botanical display on your balcony mantles. Adorn them with fresh flowers or green succulents to add a natural aesthetic vibe and close to the natural environment in your balcony area. These designers will add to the look of your balconies even when witnessed from outside.
2. Hallway consoles: Add lively hues to your hallways with flower vase decor objects presented under the orange series. Beautiful silhouettes with a modern matte finish make them just the right decor accents to adorn your favourite single-stemmed dried blooms. Accentuate your side tables and corner tables along the hall pathways by adorning these vases in a set of 2 or 3 to create a striking focal point.
3. Study room: Quirky designer silhouettes embossed with handcrafted patterns and designs-vases like Cherie pot, monarch vase, camellia vase have unique body structures which add intrigue to the decor of your study room. Adorn on the study table, bookshelves or side tables to add a new interesting dimension to your study space.

If you’ve had enough glimpse of our flower vase online India collection, decide what you want for your space and redo it like never before.