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A fresh year with a string of festivals has already begun! North is all set to celebrate the cozy festival of Lohri with family and friends. Right from decorating for the get-togethers to arranging a warm Lohri party outside in your backyard - everything has a charm of its own making the joy of celebrating even more enriching. Whispering home's exclusive Lohri 2024 sale is a great chance to give your home decor a personalized makeover that justifies the idea of this festival and helps you create a warm & cozy vibe in your living space.

Lohri is one of the first traditional festivals celebrated at the start of the new year. What can be a better opportunity than this to give a refreshing new look to your home decor? Well, don’t let this opportunity go away and make the most out of it by setting up a cozy and warm theme in your living space. Make use of decorative home decor accents to customize different rooms in your home and adorn the style quotient by leaps and bounds. The new year vibe should remain on by decorating your space on this beautiful festival. This will help you make a mark in front of your visitors and stand out when it comes to affordable luxury decor. Adding lighting fixtures like table lamps, floor lamps, or oil lamps in the backyard will be a great choice to start from. Along with that decoration favorite blooms adorned in designer vases will also work. There are endless ways to decorate for Lohri, you just need to have a clear picture in your mind and execute.

Whispering homes brings you an ultimate Lohri sale 2024 that caters to all your desires related to decorating your home for this special occasion. Each category of home decor accent is a promising example of affordable luxury and works well with an array of interior palettes that gives a plethora of products to choose from. The whole idea of the theme of this winter festival is to create a space that radiates cozy vibes and makes you feel comfortable as well as relaxed. The product category on whispering homes sale also presents some of the best combo products that look amazing when displayed as centerpieces in any living space. Super fresh designs, trendy silhouettes, and eye-pleasing shades make your festival decor even more exciting and stylish.

Showing your love through gifts at festivals is one of the most exciting parts of any occasion. Putting a smile on your loved ones' faces and making them feel special gives you immense joy. This Lohri if you still haven’t figured out gifts for surprising your loved ones then worry not, you are exactly at the right place. Whispering homes brings an exclusive Lohri sale that helps you choose one of the finest home decor products as gifts online. The sorted categories and customized products give you a chance to choose according to your desire. The variety of designs and styles is spellbinding and instantly makes you fall in love with the idea of choosing home decor items as gifts for friends and family. Keeping the whole theme of the Lohri festival alive, this exciting sale will surely help you grab some of the best Lohri gifts for your loved ones.

  1. Lamps & Lighting

    Illuminate your home with a stunning selection of lamps and lighting fixtures, adding warmth and style to every corner.

  2. Dried Flowers & Pampas Grass

    Bring a touch of nature indoors with dried flowers and pampas grass, perfect for creating beautiful and timeless arrangements.

  3. Vases & Jars

    Explore a collection of vases and decorative jars to display your blooms or enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces.

  4. Decorative Objects

    Find unique and stylish decorative objects that add personality and charm to your home decor.

  5. Candle Holders

    Create a cozy ambiance with an array of candle holders, perfect for setting the mood during Lohri celebrations and beyond.

  6. Pooja Essentials

    Uplift your spiritual space with pooja essentials that combine functionality with artistic design.

Certainly! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Whispering Homes Lohri Sale 2024:

The Lohri Sale at Whispering Homes starts on [start date] and concludes on [end date]. Be sure to check our website for specific details and duration.

Yes, the Flat 15% OFF discount is applicable to a wide range of home decor products, including lamps, dried flowers, pampas grass, vases, decorative objects, candle holders, pooja essentials, and more.

The Flat 15% OFF discount is the primary offer during the Lohri Sale. Please check the terms and conditions for any additional promotions or discounts.

To place an order, simply visit our website during the sale period, browse the Lohri Sale collection, and add your desired items to the cart. The discount will be applied automatically during the checkout process.

We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, online banking, and other secure payment options. Please refer to our website for a comprehensive list of accepted payment methods

Our standard return and exchange policies apply to items purchased during the Lohri Sale. Please review our return policy on the website for details.

While our regular product range is on sale, we may also offer exclusive Lohri-themed items. Explore the collection to discover special products crafted for the festive season.

Feel free to contact our customer support for any specific inquiries or assistance during the Whispering Homes Lohri Sale.

Take advantage of the Lohri Sale at Whispering Homes to infuse your home with a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary elegance.