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Beautiful Wall Hanging Candle Holders

By combining calmness and beauty in your room with the perfect home decor, there are limited things that can come to your mind. Out of all things that you can name, undoubtedly wall hanging candle holders is one of them! The epitome of beauty and grace fills your entire room with lights and calmness. From a wide collection of shapes, sizes, designs and colours, you can choose the best suited pick for your walls and deck up your home with them!

When you want aromatic candle scents to be spread all around your home, it is essential to know what type of scents you should get.

Some beautiful scented candles are:

  • Vanilla latte candle
  • Soy candle in French lavender
  • Soy candle with Mogra essence
  • Vanilla scented candles
  • Jasmine scented candles

Types of Hanging Candle Holders:

  • Gold tea light holders – This is the most ideal wall hanging candle holders for festivals and occasions to decorate your place as well as for lighting it up! The metallic touch up of candlestick gives a pleasing fashion look. Being crafted from iron, the gold wall hanging candle holder looks contemporary.
  • Hurricane holders – Hurricane candle holder with multiple pots to hold candles makes an excellent wall hanging! If you want to make your home have a different touch than the others, then go for the uncommon yet pretty hurricane candle holders for that extra spark at your place!

Tip: if you have solid coloured walls, then go for the glass candle stand since they are an excellent decor item!

  • Vintage styled holder - Vintage styled wall hanging candle stand have a touch of traditional fashion along with modern fashion. This whole thing makes the vintage glass candle holder look exceptionally elegant at your place on the walls!

Tip: have the vintage styled wall hanging candlestick placed on the walls of the living room, opposite to the entrance, so that people can see that upon entering.

  • Brass candle stand – If you are fond of antique décor items, then brass candlestick holder is a must item for your home! It is a candlestick holder, which is made up of brass and the colour looks as dark brown. It is a proper example of vintage holder. This will give an extraordinary look to the walls of your home when hung at the correct place!

Ways to Clean Wall Hanging Candle Stand:

Wall hanging stands are easy to clean, as they do not need washing. Regular dusting off the dust with a soft cotton or linen cloth does the work perfectly. In case of heavy dust, a wet soft cloth can be used for wiping off the dust properly.

However, do not try to regularly bring down the wall hanging, as it can damage the hooks.

Where to Buy?

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Everybody has a canvas wall painting on their walls, why do not you have a candle stand?