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Brighten up Your Home Interior with Candle Holders for Wall

Walls are not just for putting up posters and hanging beautiful wall décor items. Candle holders can also be put up on the wall for an aesthetic vibe all over your home! Decorative wall candle holders are an excellent way to fill up your empty walls without much of a hassle.

For a hanging wall holder, all you need to do is have a wall and a beautiful candlestick stand. The different shaped and coloured stands will go against any wall background. If you have kids at your home or it is difficult for you to accommodate space for candle stands, then wall hanging candle stands is the best option for you!

If you are looking for some wall candle holders which is the best for decoration as well as lighting up that desired area, then take a look at the mentioned candle stands. From modern wall candle holders to antique wall candle holders, we have a comprehensive list for your home!

Different Types of Wall Candle Stands:

  • Vine shaped candle stand – It is a vine shaped holder with multiple candle places. It is best for holding tea lights. Often these vine shaped holders are made of iron and are easy to install on any empty walls. The best place to hang them is on the opposite sides of windows and entrances.
  • Holders with colourful votives – If you have a solid coloured empty wall with no wall hangings or designs on it, have colourful votives on the stand and hang it on the wall. The light from the votives will give a diffused glow, which will make your entire room look bright and warm.
  • Gold tea light holders – The most ideal wall candle holders for festivals and occasions to decorate your place as well as for lighting it up! The metallic touch up of candlestick gives a pleasing fashion look. Being crafted from iron, it looks contemporary.
  • Butterfly design candlestick – If you want elegance and beauty in one frame, then butterfly design candlestick is one such décor item for your home! Beautifully and delicately crafted, this is an excellent way to dress up your room. This wall hanging features tea light candle stands in the butterfly motifs. The best part about this type of stand is that it creates a beautiful shadow on the wall when it is lit up!

Candles that you can Have in this Stands:

An aromatic smell of the candles in a room is the best for a comforting and soothing ambience at home! You can have some special candles for this purpose in the stands like:

  • Vanilla latte candle
  • Soy candle in French lavender
  • Soy candle with Mogra essence
  • Vanilla scented candles

Places to Buy The Beautiful Wall Candlestick Holders:

Whether you want a set of 5 or 10 candles for your wall decoration, you can get them from whispering homes at an affordable price with discounts and offers. Starting from iron crafted holders to metallic holders, you will get to choose everything from their wide range of collection!

Have your walls adorned with beautiful stands and your room with aromatic candles!