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Vintage Candle Holders for an Amazing Home Decor

In order to maintain the equation between vintage and modern, people usually prefer some vintage stuff over at their place. If you are looking for vintage stuff for your place, then candle holders vintage are an excellent way to decorate your home!

Vintage candlestick holders are not just pretty and extraordinary to look at, vintage stuff also have certain back story for their looks and style. The stories are a good way to strike a conversation with your guests, after they see the mesmerising vintage candlestick holders!

How to Clean Vintage Candlestick Stands?

Cleaning vintage holders is not a heavy task, since they do not need washing. In case of dust, you can use a soft cotton or linen cloth for dusting off the candlestick stands at regular intervals.

For getting the shine or polish back on your vintage candle stand, you can wipe it off with a wet soft cotton or linen cloth. This will get the shine back on your candle stands vintage.

Places to Keep Vintage Candlestick Holders:

There are many places where you can keep vintage candle stands according to your home interior décor. However, the best place to place them are:

  • On top of a showcase
  • On the dining table
  • On the centre table
  • On the bedside table

Different Types of Vintage Candle Holders:

  • Pillar candlestick holder – Pillar vintage holders with pillar is nothing but a candle stand that has a pillar for support. Once the burning candle is placed, the pillar structure protects it from falling down, hence making it stand strong! This type of home décor looks good in dining areas where you have large tables to have this placed.
  • Glass candle holder – Vintage glass holders are an unique thing to keep at your home for making it look elegant and royal! If you have a high place or a showcase to keep the glass candle holders, there is no way you can miss on having these vintage holders for your home! The elegance that this piece of décor item radiates beat every other thing, so do not miss this chance of having them.
  • Mercury glass candlestick holder – Vintage styled holders of mercury glass is an uncommon stuff to find at anyone’s home yet the best! This vintage candle holder is always pretty to look at, and when it is a mercury glass candle holder, there is no way that it cannot go with your home interior! The glass candlesticks are subtle and provide the perfect elegance in your home without showing off too much about it.

The types of candlesticks are pretty much the same, but what differs is the style and their build up material. Candle holders are an amazing way to deck up your home and there is simply no chance that you can miss it!

Where to Get the Vintage Candle Holders ?

You can find vintage candle stand in any antique shops or vintage decor shops. However, if you want to get rid of going to the shop and finding your choice, you can visit Whispering Homes at ease and select your suitable item. Do not worry about their packaging and delivering, since it is done perfectly, taking care of your delicate package!