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Home Decoration with 3 piece Wall Art

Nobody likes a barren wall in their homes, and so wall art has been a crucial part of today’s home decoration. Once you start searching and finding out which wall décor you would like to have for your walls, the process that follows is easy! All you need to do is decide on which type of decoration you would go for.

3 piece wall art is a new concept that has emerged after the framed wall paintings and canvas paintings were liked and appreciated by the people. If you are unaware about the framed 3 piece wall art thing, then it is time that you learn about it now!

3 piece wall art is nothing but a painting or a picture that has been done in 3 different frames hung together on the wall. The frames let out an artistic story or any message that the picture conveys. This type of artwork is also known as a triptych. Are you wondering why you should get such type of artwork in your home? Well, the best thing about three piece framed wall art is that it can be placed in any of your room walls!

Artwork Ideas for Framed 3 Piece Wall Art:

  • Portrait frames – Since 3 piece wall art comes in a set of 3, you can have portrait pictures or canvas paintings of human figures. Place it in your living room walls above your sofa or dining table to make it look vibrant. Each nude portrait artwork reveals a different story, so make yours interesting by picking up the best!
  • Photo corners – Have little photo corners in your room walls with a set of 3 frames hung together. Large 3 piece wall art of this sort makes the room filled with positive vibes, and when good memories are framed, it is always a pleasure to stare at them and remember those bygone days! Another interesting fact about photo corners is that it initiates conversation between people.
  • Miniature frames – Everyone goes for large framed paintings and they miss out on how beautiful and adorable miniature frames can be! Cool 3 piece wall art of miniatures put in your bedroom walls above your bed will make the room look not clumsy as well as it will catch the attention of the people who are coming over. You can have miniatures of beautiful animals or places that add a sense of subtleness to your room!
  • Abstract canvas – Having 3 piece artwork of abstract canvas art hung together gives another level of aesthetic vibes! You can grab the best set of canvas painting from Whispering Homes for you to decorate your empty walls.
  • 3D frames – To give your bedroom or living room the classy look and a look that is different than others in all ways, go for 3D frames! 3D art frames in 3 piece artwork looks amazing because that little corner gives you a realistic feel.

These are just some of the many ideas that you can incorporate in your home for having a better décor than the others!

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