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Silhouette Wall Art – A Mesmerising Wall Art Décor

When someone talks about wall art, the first image that pops up in our head is a canvas painting, framed posters, textured wall art designs or simply artwork done on the walls. What people do not imagine is silhouette wall art! You know what is the best part about wall silhouette art? It is the classiest and the most aesthetic form of art décor that you can have at your place!

We are sure that not many of you is accustomed to the concept of silhouette canvas art or artwork. Let us give you a brief on what it actually is!

Silhouette is an image or a design that is done in a single colour hue. Generally, it is done in black and white to give that aesthetic vibe out loud. It can also be done in different colours, apart from black and white, but a single colour is used. It is usually an outline of any design or object. This is precisely why it is considered to be a mesmerising artwork!

Silhouette art prints reflect the personality of the individuals living in the house and describes their taste of art in the perfect way possible!

Silhouette Wall Art Ideas for your Place:

If you are planning to have silhouette framed art in your bedroom, living room or even your bathroom, these following ideas might help you get a better edge over it!

  • Human figure – Since silhouettes are outlines of an object in black and white combination, human figures represent elegance and classiness in a single frame! You can place this in your bedroom just above your bed, or at the entrance of your bathroom. 
  • City skyline – Having the famous part of your city in a silhouette form or the city skyline in the monochrome form makes it look bright and aesthetic. It gives a soul to your barren walls and makes your stare worthwhile!
  • Face portrait – Abstract face portraits as silhouette wall décor looks intimidating. It makes the people coming to your place curious about what it really is and makes them look at it with absolute awe! Side face portraits are everyone’s choice who thinks about putting up silhouette artwork on the walls.
  • Abstract – Abstract art can be as beautiful and meaningful as everything else. It is a great misconception that abstract art does not contain any meaning. The shape and the type of design speaks volume when you are talking about abstract art. Having it on one of your walls in the living room will help people stare at it for a good amount of time!

Since silhouette canvas art is a modern art creativity, people are not much familiar with it, but once you get to see what silhouette wall art actually is, you cannot help but fall in love with it! 

For getting ideas regarding what silhouette art you can have at your place, visit Whispering Homes and grab some amazing ideas! Make your own silhouettes and fulfil the little dream of an elegant home that you have always wanted!