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  1. Tulip Ceramic Vase - Small Tulip Ceramic Vase - Small
    SAVE 20%
    Decor Tulip White Ceramic Flower Vase - Small
    was ₹1,499.00 Special Price ₹1,199.00
  2. Tulip Ceramic Vase - Large Tulip Ceramic Vase - Large
    SAVE 16%
    Decor Tulip White Ceramic Flower Vase - Large
    was ₹2,499.00 Special Price ₹2,099.00
  3. Ceramic Hogan Vase Large Ceramic Hogan Vase Online
    SAVE 15%
    Decor Hogan Vase - Large
    was ₹1,299.00 Special Price ₹1,099.00
  4. Amaya Ceramic Flower Vase - Pink Amaya Ceramic Flower Vase - Pink
    SAVE 39%
    Decor Amaya Ceramic Floor Vase - Pink
    was ₹6,599.00 Special Price ₹3,999.00
  5. ALAIA DECO Geen Ceramic Vase ALAIA DECO Geen Ceramic Vase
    SAVE 11%
    Decor Alaia Deco Ceramic Flower Vase - Green
    was ₹4,499.00 Special Price ₹3,999.00
    SAVE 35%
    Decor Ivana Ceramic Floor Vase - White
    was ₹5,499.00 Special Price ₹3,599.00
  7. Farina Vase - Green Farina Vase - Green
    SAVE 48%
    Decor Farina Ceramic Floor Vase - Green
    was ₹4,599.00 Special Price ₹2,399.00
  8. Dune Ceramic Vase Dune Ceramic Vase
    SAVE 25%
    Decor Dune Vase
    was ₹1,199.00 Special Price ₹899.00
    SAVE 17%
    Decor Jillian Vase
    was ₹1,199.00 Special Price ₹999.00
    SAVE 17%
    Decor Arman Vase
    was ₹1,199.00 Special Price ₹999.00
    SAVE 15%
    Decor Ember Vase - Large
    was ₹1,299.00 Special Price ₹1,099.00
    SAVE 47%
    Decor Simonia Ceramic Flower Vase - White
    was ₹4,299.00 Special Price ₹2,299.00
    SAVE 45%
    Decor Simania Ceramic Flower Vase - Black
    was ₹5,499.00 Special Price ₹2,999.00
  14. Juna Ceramic Vase Olive Juna Ceramic Vase
    SAVE 29%
    Decor Juna Ceramic Flower Vase - Olive
    was ₹2,799.00 Special Price ₹1,999.00
  15. marlee vase white marlee vase white
    SAVE 40%
    Decor Marlee Ceramic Floor Vase - White
    was ₹4,999.00 Special Price ₹2,999.00
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Be inspired by our Bestsellers

Ceramic Vases

Ceramic vase is a never dying ornamental artefact which has a great value in our lives. Be it for decorative purposes or impressing our guests, a ceramic vase never ceased to amaze us. It’s a beautiful example of a vase with timeless beauty.

We can say that the history of vases started with this gorgeous earthenware. When we use the term ceramic, it has a deeper meaning. Ceramic flower vases also include Terracotta and Porcelain.

Ceramic is never out of trend due to its classic and practical application. Ceramic Flowers Vases are one such example. We display these flower vases in our living room, bedroom, bathroom, and Kitchen. A ceramic flower vase can help you add an earthly tone to your living space.

Blend A Classy Ceramic Flower Vase In Your Home Décor

Ceramic flower vase is a classic ornamental piece used for a long time. Available in different shapes and designs, ceramic vases are our first choice for using them as flower-cuts holders.

Ceramic home décor is on the rise due to its versatility and natural appeal. Ceramic flower vases like Terracotta can add a raw and bright accent to your living room. Their earthly look keeps you close to nature.
The warmth of Ceramic flower vases without any gloss makes them an ideal option for planters and flower holders. Ceramic flower vases are available in different sizes. Small ceramic vase is a perfect fit for your window sill or your empty bathroom shelf. You can also display an elegant small ceramic vase on your coffee table or bookshelf to give them a stylish look.

Blend in a natural appeal to your traditional home décor with Classic Ceramic vases available at Whispering Homes. We have a wide range of ceramic vases online to match your taste and style.

You can also give an eclectic look to your rooms with the help of Ceramic vases. Put different sizes, colours, and shapes together to give your living room a classy look.

When it comes to home Interiors decoration, there is no definite rule. The ultimate goal of home decoration is to create a place that makes you comfortable and happy. If you are a home décor enthusiast and want to expand your home décor collection of Ceramic flower vases, you can visit our online store.

Whispering Homes: From Homes to Hearts

We have different types of ceramic vases online; Terracotta and Porcelain Flower vases. Ceramic vases for living room are available in large, medium, and small sizes. You can purchase our special edition of Ceramic vases available for online purchase.

These Ceramic vases are matte finished, giving them a mute and neutral appeal. If you are looking for a ceramic vase for living room that can give your living space an organic and earthy vibe, then check out our “Orange Series”.

Our other Ceramic vase collection is for our customers and their creative spirit. It includes Nordic Vases, Modern vases, Vintage Vases, and the “Inspired edition”.