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Home Decoration with Green Candle Holder

When uncommon colors are considered for our home decoration, the first thing that one needs to take care of is the room wall colors. Green color is an exceptional color that not everyone chooses for their home décor items. However, a green candle holder is a limited edition of candle stands, which changes the total outlook of your home!

Since green is a color that does not go well with all the colors like black and white, it is important to check and understand the position and the way it will look where placed.

Types of Green Candle Holder:

  • Hurricane candle holder – Green glass hurricane candle holder with multiple pots to hold candles makes an excellent centerpiece or a showpiece! If you want to make your home have a different touch than the others, then go for the uncommon yet pretty hurricane candle holders for that extra spark at your place!

Tip: it will look good against a solid light wall color, since green is a dark color.

  • Wall hanging candle holder – Green wall candle holder will go against a wall with a solid coloured paint or a textured wall with not much artwork on the wall. The wall candle holders are hanging on the walls, which makes it look elegant in its own way! If you do not have much space to accommodate a candlestick in your room, having a wall hanging green candle holder is the best choice for you!
  • Glass candle holder – Glass decor items have their own beauty! It is the elegant look and the subtleness of their way that it blends so perfectly with any room background. Green glass candle holders are a treat to the eyes because of its glass color. No doubt, this will look the best when it is kept on a high showcase or on the dining table!
  • Vintage candle holder – Vintage styled candle holders have a touch of the old fashion along with modern fashion. This whole thing makes the vintage green glass candle holder look exceptionally elegant at your place!

Tip: have the vintage candle holder stay up high on top of any showcase. Also, if placed on the centre table or dining table, this makes an excellent centrepiece!

  • Barn pineapple candle holder – Barn pineapple green candle holder is a candle stand of a pineapple shape. It is generally white in colour to spread the light of the burning candle in the entire area where it is placed, but also available in other colours as well! The candle is placed inside the holder, which makes it safe and easy to burn for a longer time. This is an excellent and a unique piece of décor item for your home!

Place to Buy Green Candlestick Holders:

Green candle holders are available in most home decor shops offline and online websites. However, in order to get the best quality home decor items, there is no way you can buy it from another site other than Whispering Homes! With amazing discounts and festive offers, you can grab some elegant pieces at an affordable rate.

It is time to go for something different, like some green candle holder. What say?