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Things to Do with Glass Candle Holder

When someone speaks about candle holders, usually we think about candle stands. However, candle holders are much more than that! When decoration ideas are involved, you simply cannot miss out on candle holders. 

If you are just always looking for new ideas to make your home look pretty, then glass candle holder is the easiest way to do it! Do not worry, since it is not complicated or expensive.

Decoration Ideas with Glass Candle Handle:

  • Colored sand – Decorating your glass candle stand with colored sand is one of the most inexpensive way for you to decorate your home! You can choose contrasting color of the sand to match with your room background.

Tip: the best place to keep this glass candle stand is on the dining table or above any shelf of your living room.

  • Lanterns and lamps – Lamps and lanterns are an elegant way to style up your home décor. You can have small LED lamps placed inside the glass candle holder to make the light reflect back right and make your room bright!

Tip: since there are many shapes of candle stands available, for making lanterns and lamp shades, the perfect one will be the glass lotus candle holder. This will look attractive to the eyes, and also fit for romantic dinners!

  • Lavender – Fill your glass candle holder with lavender for having natural and beautiful scent at your home! You do not need to put extra flowers or room freshener before your guests arrive to make it smell good. All you need to do is refill the lavender when the scent diminishes.
  • Sea shells – Instead of putting just a candle in your glass candle stand, you can fill it up with sea shells to make it look different and decorative! This set up is a unique one that you would not be finding in many homes.

Tip: for filling candle stands with sea shells, go for the glass pillar candle holders because they are tall. Filling it up with sea shells and then placing a candle in between will make it look good against any background!

Other Things to Decorate your Glass Candle Holder With:

  • Beads
  • Lace
  • Decorative stone
  • Fabric threads
  • Dried flowers
  • Pampas grass
  • You can even paint your glass candle stand and make your own design

How to Clean Glass Candle Holders?

For cleaning your glass candle holders, all you need to do is take out the candles from the stand and put the holder in a sink full of water. You need to keep it soaked in the water till the wax melts off. After melting off, you can scrape off the wax and wash the candle stand with ease!

In case, you have decorative materials in your candle stand, before cleaning it, you need to take out all the items from it and go for the cleaning process.

From Where to Buy Glass Candle Holders?

For making your home decor unique with candle stands, get yours from Whispering Homes to have a great collection of glass candle holders at your home! With good discounts and offers, you can make your home filled with elegance!

Remember, when it is about candle stands, there is not just one thing that you can do!