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Glasses that You Must Have in Your Kitchen

Like having different types of crockery sets in your kitchen is a must thing when it comes to decoration and their use, the same way having a set of different drinking glass is also important. It is not just for the different purposes and their use, but also because of simple decoration. A glass cabinet in the kitchen full of glasses is indeed a treat to the eyes!

If you have the correct set of glasses for the specific items, you will be able to relish the drinking to the fullest. Starting from fresh cocktails to wine and juice, you can get all types of glasses just within a click!

Different Types of Glassware Sets and their Uses:

  • Wine glass – Red wine glass and white wine glass are both different. So, if you are looking for red wine glasses set, they have a wide mouth for easy sips and no spills! It has a long stem to hold, so that the heat of the hand does not affect the wine in getting warm.

For white wine, it is a glass, which does not have as wide a mouth as the red wine glasses. This makes sure that the wine is not aerated without oxidizing it too fast. This enhances the subtle flavors of the wine!

  • Flute glass – A slightly tall glass used in parties for pouring champagne! It is a glass, which does not allow the frizz to die down quickly. This glass can be used for drinking champagne cocktails as well.
  • Beer glass – Beer mugs or beer glasses come with a handle for holding the cold beer perfectly and also making sure that the cold outer surface does not make the glass slip off from your hands. The best part is that the handle of the glass does not let the beer get warmer or your hands colder! 
  • Cocktail glass – Cocktail glasses are shaped like an inverted cone, which are short in length and a big mouth opening. For retaining the exclusive blends of aroma and taste, the cocktail glasses are the best to serve delicious cocktails at parties or when guests come over to your place! Because of its wide mouth, one can enjoy the fragrance of the drink while sipping.
  • Whiskey decanter set – You can get beautiful decanter sets for pouring and storing whiskey in an elegant manner! The decanter set has a broad base and a small mouth, so that it makes sure the taste and fragrance of the drink remains intact. It is a beautiful decoration item for your dining table as well.
  • Straw glass – Glasses that are designed exclusively for your kids to sip and enjoy their juices! Straw glasses are easy to carry and reusable for future uses. If you want to get the café feel at your home, you can surely purchase some of these glasses!

Buying Guide:

For getting different types of drinking glass other than the ones mentioned, like amber glass, juice glass or martini glass, you just need to visit whispering homes and check out the variety of glass sets available there at a much affordable price!

The best thing is to keep all types of glasses at your place because who knows, who drinks what?