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Decorative Serving Plates

As humans evolve the homes should too. Home is one's treasure chest. Cooking and serving is an art and whispering homes provide the best options when it comes to serving plates. They are also known as décor plates. And that is why home decor is essential for every human being. The serving  plates are the big or large plates used for serving delicacies to guests or family. We are famous for our wide range of serving plates, decorative and serving bowls. One can serve plates which are typically oval or circular, used for serving a meal or course either in a restaurant or at home.

What Are Decorative Serving Plates

The décor plates are generally the platters that are often used to serve the main dish on a serve plate with one or more side dishes. The main purpose of decorative plates is traditional, such as to hold the plate for the appetiser course. But the decorative plate can be used to serve an informal meal as a dinner plate, buffet plate, placemat, or platter.

Whispering Homes has a collection of serve plates that ranges from blue serving bowls in dual-tone, matt olive green platter to red ceramic platter. These platters are beautifully handcrafted and increase the aesthetics of any place. We are listing some of the uses of serve plates:

  • The decor plates are used to carry all the food from a buffet table to the place setting of any guest at an informal meal.
  • Sometimes these decorative plates might be the placemat at the table in an informal setting.

Why Decorative Serving Plates Are Great Gifting Options

Decorative serving plates are great gifting options as they are 100% authentic and aesthetically jaw-dropping and come in many shapes and sizes. It allows customers to explore and enumerate great serving styles for their workplaces or homes. Whispering homes will be able to give a stunning look to your place with the addition of beautiful decorative maser pieces.

Serve plates can be gifted to friends and family members at weddings, inaugurations, or birthdays. They are not just high at looks but high at providing positive and happy vibes in a place. Serve plates are used to serve meals that can nourish one’s well-being. It is a great way to show manners and love for your guests or family and friends.

Why Choose Whispering Homes

Whispering homes add illustrations and personalised visual effects in decorating one’s dream house/workplace with the help of making sure that you can serve best with our collective serve plates. Our company crafts massive designs and products which are a must to have at one’s place. Customers can shop through our online website where we give a 5% discount to our customers for all the prepaid orders.

Alternatively, you can visit us at our store in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab. Whispering Homes is known for its 7-day delivery all over India. Our company has a great social media presence where customers get access to our wide variety of different products. Our team focuses on cultivating love, care, art, and science in all the decor plates including serving bowls to serving plates. This helps us in building trust with all our clients in the long run.