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Wine Decanter for Making Your Corner Beautiful

If you are one such person who likes to keep their home decorated with modern stuff, then you must have thought about having decanters at your place! Having a set of wine decanter does not refer to the point that you are into drinking, but it is one of the most delicate décor items of the modern time. Having a glass wine decanter is often a status symbol because not everyone has this kind of creativity while decorating their homes!

The best place to keep a wine decanter is on the dining table or the kitchen. Many people have a separate corner dedicated to items like these for making their home wholesome and elegant! If you are having second thoughts about having drinks decanter at your place, then it is time for you to drop the eerie feelings!

However, before making your purchase, you have to know the difference between the two serving vessels, and we are here to provide you with that piece of information.

Difference between Wine Decanter and Wine Carafe:

The basic difference between a decanter and a carafe is the way they look, their styles and shape. 

The body of the carafe is long and straight whereas a decanter looks much like a bottle. It is traditionally a bowl shaped bottle with tapered neck and a lid on top! There are many designs of a red wine decanter and a carafe, so you are free to choose between them, according to your desire and room décor.

Main Purpose of Having a Wine Decanter:

The main purpose of having a wine decanter is to serve the wine to the people coming over to your place. Apart from the decanter being an excellent decorative item, it treasures the true and authentic taste of the wine, when served. 

The decanters are usually crystal wine decanters, which holds the wine and lets it breathe! Wine generally have certain sediments in them, which settles at the bottom of the decanter, so that while serving the same, it does not pour down along with the liquid.

Process of Cleaning a Wine Decanter:

Since most of the wine decanters are made up of glass or crystal, cleaning them is easy. You can wash the canister once in a while, when the need arises with water and soap. Since the glass of these type of canisters are tough and hard, be careful of its weight.

For regular purpose, you can just clean the decanter with plain water and dry them well, before pouring the liquid into it.

How and Where to Buy a Wine Decanter?

If you want the full decanter set, starting from decanter glass to the best wine decanter, then all you need to do is pay a visit to whispering homes and select your choice of decanter for enhancing the look of your home and your kitchen! Do not worry about the delivery and the packaging, since they are a delicate items, everything is done with proper care and protection.


Whether it is for decoration purpose or for serving, wine decanters are the best set of crockery that you can have at your place, so do not wait to buy it!